Win the chance to meet Larry Lloyd and John Robertson!

It’s a first for me to offer prizes for a competition, so I’m quite excited that the lovely folks at The Approach in the centre of our fair city have offered me a couple of tickets for their forthcoming ‘Evening with..‘ night – featuring none other than the legendary pairing of Larry Lloyd and John Robertson.  Two men who need no further introduction, I’m sure!

So, check your calendars, and if you’re free on the evening of 20th March then read on – below is a picture of John Robertson celebrating after Forest had won the European Cup, all I want from you is a caption for the photo – please email this to me, along with the two names you would like to be added to the guestlist on the evening.  I shall pick the one that tickles me the most.

Deadline for entry is this coming friday (7th March) at 10pm, after a stringent judging procedure I shall email the lucky winner confirmation and arrange for them to be included on the guestlist for the evening – so get your thinking caps on and make me chuckle, and should you miss out on the prize, then of course you can book tickets for what promises to be an excellent evening’s entertainment – click here for the full sized flyer.

It will be a welcome chance to relive a few past glories given our ongoing struggle to haul our arses out of League One, and if the previous nights at The Approach I’ve attended with past Forest players are anything to go by, it will be a cracking evening.  So without further ado, the picture is below – get your captions emailed over to me, and I’ll announce the lucky winner on Friday evening!

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  1. ” Who the f*** is Errol Flynn compared to me now Mr. Clough!”

  2. Can’t make 20th so I’ll post my “just for fun” entry here…

    Thank fk Calderwood wasn’t in charge tonight or I’d have been playing right back.

  3. Excellent! 😆

  4. Even though I can’t be there (distance!!!) I am giving you my entry:
    “Hey boss, it’s over, hand me back my pack of Marlboros”.

  5. […] £12.50 you can still order tickets directly from the venue.  See full details for the night by clicking here – my past experience of these evenings at The Approach would suggest that it will be a top […]

  6. […] I’m going to have a few days unplanned offlineness so I’ll be quiet over the next few days due to a short-notice trip away – which will at least give me time to think about something other than Forest with no internet access to keep up to date with the rumours and what’s going on, sadly it also means I’ll miss the reserve game on Wednesday and the Evening With John Robertson and Larry Lloyd on Thursday. […]

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