Calamity on Sky costs Forest dear..

Nottingham Forest – 0
Carlisle United – 1

As sure as eggs is eggs, when Forest play infront of Sky Sports’ cameras, you can be sure that some sort of calamity will ensue – and tonight proved to be no exception.  It was a game that will leave a sour taste for many Forest fans, to the point where they will forget the positives that did come from the game – and there were some.  Unfortunately a dogged and hardworking Carlisle side were gifted the chance to score, and all that good work was undone in painfully familiar fashion.

Rather than toasting our re-ascendence to second place, we are looking up at a five point gap to reach tonight’s opponents.  We are looking at our fine run of results at the City Ground coming to an end, and frankly – I believe – we’re looking at a playoffs-at-best finish to the season unless something changes rather dramatically on the field for us.  Pivotal was this game, and unlike this time last season, we have two would-be second place competitors rather than just the one.

So, the game – Forest lined up with a back four, with James Perch coming in at rightback for the injured Chambers, the suspended Breckin was replaced with McGugan in midfield as Smoulders opted to defy the logical formation and instead go for his widthless and shapeless 4-3-3 formation, with Clingan in the holding role, Cohen and McGugan further forward and Holt, Agogo and Commons alternately drifting into isolated wide positions.

Carlisle were quickest out the blocks and had both a freekick and a corner within the opening minutes, culminating in a shot wide.  Beyond this the first half was mostly about Forest, our first chance fell to Agogo from a Bennett cross – alas the striker was unable to do much other than shoot straight at the ‘keeper.

Commons went for the spectacular, which at the time I didn’t blame him for, however Grant Holt was unmarked on the back stick and would’ve been better placed to convert – had his effort gone in, of course, we would have immediately forgotten about his greediness.  Probably the best spell of football in the game followed this, we won the ball in midfield and eventually the ball was deftly flicked on by the heel of Agogo to Commons, who sadly spannered his shot well wide.

A foray forward for the visitors saw Wilson unusually let an opponent get the better of him, fortunately his lay-off to a teammate was spooned over the bar to spare our blushes.  After this Commons whipped a superb corner in, Bennett rose brilliantly to meet it – only for Westwood to rise to the challenge and tip the goalbound header over the bar.

Forest at this point applied the pressure to Carlisle who were content to defend in numbers and close down the ball very quickly – despite a series of corners to the Reds, the away side defended valiantly which meant chances weren’t exactly numerous or clear-cut.  Holt was the next culprit for missing one of these chances, hotting over from a Commons cross.

Probably the chance of the game from our point of view came in at the death of the first half, Bennett put in a wicked cross which practically dropped onto Grant Holt’s head at the far post, but the striker seemingly headed the ball backwards rather than goalwards preventing the net from bulging.  So at half time we were quite pleased – we’d had the best of the game and restricted Carlisle to relatively little possession nor attacking play.

As the second half began it was again Carlisle who started the brightest, taking a freekick quickly and – fortunately for us – Bridge-Wilkinson missing the target.  Their best chance of the game came shortly after – a cross from the right went right across the face of goal but luckily again under the foot of Bridge-Wilkinson when a goal looked a certainty.

Forest, however, were much more fragmented this half.  The insane one’s formation looked even more shapeless and purposeless, and succeeded only in overcrowding midfield without providing any outlets out wide – except for our opponents, of course, often leaving Perchy and Bennett with two opponents running at them.

When we did get forward, Carlisle were back in numbers – they closed down, harried and threw bodies in the way of practically everything that we tried to fashion – increasingly the fans, who had got behind the team well in the first half, started to resort to the usual chuntering and moaning (self included, it has to be said!).

The goal came from an unfortunate error of judgement by Paul Smith, who came a long way to claim a ball from the right which he fumbled, as it fell to Danny Graham the defence and Smith alike seemed absolutely dumbstruck as the hardworking striker stroked the ball into the open goal from a tight angle to give the visitors a rather fortunate lead.

For all their effort and endeavour that followed, Forest just couldn’t seem to find any penetration and all their attempts at getting back into the game were confounded by the large numbers in defence for the visitors.  The best opportunity we had was from a freekick after Bridge-Wilkinson had almost taken Sammy Clingan’s head off – Commons struck it brilliantly, but frankly, their keeper didn’t really have to move to tip it over (he did, for the cameras – but he was practically stood on the post Commo went for).

Davies was introduced for McGugan but struggled to get involved, and eventually Garath McCleary made his debut from the bench, replacing James Perch and taking position on the left wing.  He had a few touches, but little chance to impress in the time he had on the pitch, and ultimately the game fizzled away – the only remaining chance being put wide into the stantion by Grant Holt after good work from Davies.

So, I think it’s fair to say we were unlucky – however, we were very wasteful too.  Carlisle are to be admired for their workrate and taking their chance when it came (not that it was difficult!) – we really are more often than not our own worst enemies and tonight was no exception, both on the pitch and off it, as well as in the stands.

Which brings me to the fans – we were decent in the first half, but frankly, if the tickets-for-a-fiver deal brings some of the morons who came out of the woodwork, then stop doing it.  The abuse levelled at Paul Smith (yes, he made a mistake – generally when that happens to a goalkeeper, it involves a goal!) and James Perch (who had a decent, if nervous-looking, game I thought) was ridiculous where I was sitting – I hope these people don’t come back any time soon.

Naturally I’m gutted – and I do think that this result, unless followed by a rather spectacular change in form and results, is a significant nail in the coffin of automatic promotion for us this season.  We have a certain amount of control of our own destiny with so many games against teams towards the top of the table, but frankly, it’s when we have control of our own destiny that I’m most nervous!

So – and I’ve not checked out the message boards yet, but I can predict their contents – it’s not quite the End Times that I’m chronicalling this evening, but it could rapidly become a dent in our aspirations.  Just as our home run has been ended this evening, we need to be starting an away run – and we certainly need to return the favour to tonight’s opponents by getting three points against them on 1st April.

Just a reminder for those £5 ticket wielding people who perhaps haven’t seen as many games this season – Paul Smith is a fucking good goalkeeper, the error he made was from him doing precisely the thing that people like you harangue him to do every week (ie, come out for crosses when he’d be better off staying on his line).  Just because you’ve read on a message board somewhere that James Perch hasn’t been playing well, slagging him off when he’s been okay is a pretty pointless endeavour.

Finally, is it possible to abstain from being featured on Sky Sports?  Please?

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  1. this game was not won by carlisle it was lost by forest and soorry i blame calderwood again once again fairly negative football i could see very soon in to the game that there was going to be no threat from our front two men agogo and holt. IF PORTSMOUTH ARE Keen on agogo then let him go on this performancehe gave the ball away to many times tried to do hard things when he should have stuck to the simple aproach and looked very lazy to me.HOLT DOES NOT Belong in this league and his performance was poor,to bring on the new lad with ten minutes to go was a joke calderwood should have bought on the lad soon after the compleate blunder by smith .Had forest had some decent forwards on it would have been a different story and if the formation been different we would have won this game. For me mr calderwood has no balls we should have put them on the back foot from the word go and gone for the jugular.I HAVE PREDICTED ALL SEASON THAT WE WONT GO UP again we never learn by our mistakes we are in the same position has last year and that will get to the players. please resign calderwood and take that lot at the top with you

  2. I certainly hope that we can still make the second place but it is now out of our hands and we can only pray for lapses of form from our rivals.It sounds like A tale of two goalkeepers tonight.Their keeper was obviously inspired by the crowd,and I hope that is Paul’s last mistake for the season.We do have a squad good enough to win our remaining matches with Tyson back so lets keep fighting for that second spot !!!!!

  3. If anyone can possibly explain the roles our midfielders, bar clingan, had tonight they are a fucking genius! Clingan looked to be the only one with a defined role, actually played decently but continuously had to cope with too much of the ball, mcgugan & cohen, especially the latter were anonymous and were all over the place, commons is an excellent crosser of the ball but you cannot whip a ball in from where he played, and to be honest looks as though he doesn’t give a shit, holt…well is truly awful, tried my best not to slag him off but tonight is the last straw! Agogo is playing for a move, but needs to play easier and get in positions to score rather than try all himself, but then again with the zero width and invention i can hardly blame him. This really was shocking after a first half that had me convinced this game would be won with ease in the second half, what the hell did CC say at half-time? I will not blame Smith, he is an excellent goalkeeper and even giving Carlisle a goal we should have put them away with ease. It was terrible, i could not see any form of cohesion in our approach play this evening and its certainly not the first time, it really must boil down to CC ‘cos the talent IS there (apart from Holt), and good riddance in the summer, he is finished. Terrible atmosphere i must say, much more noise at millwall game, and credit to carlisle fans who embarrased us in my opinion. BUT Forest ’till i die, and will continue to go as no rangers scum for a manger will prevent me from cheering on my team, as much as he contrives to make us play shit, widthless, un-inventive nonsense football! Come on the reds, we can still get up! One more thing sorry, McLeary looked ok, big shame he wasn’t given at least 20 mins, but gave one piece of drive that was encouraging, we need wingers, full stop!

  4. as i’ve said time and time again this club will go nowhere with calderwood and ESPECIALLY Nigel Doughty and Mark Arthur,

  5. Not going up guys…keep telling you this…not this year anyway…maybe not this decade…or even century. Never mind.

  6. I don’t know what amazes me the most.

    a. We had a goalkeeping coach on the bench
    b. We have a goalkeepeing coach.

    It was a must win, and we lost. I think it’s play-offs for us.


  7. This Forest team (and Manager) cannot handle pressure games, unfortunately it looks like the play offs unless the away form changes-we did play well at Orient, but can it continue. If it is the play offs we need a huge change in confidence and ability to perform in the big games.
    Last night Forest had no shape, particularly in midfield. Yes a lot of hard work from Cohen and Clingham in particular but no real pattern. The strikers had a poor game, Grant Holt was poor and lucky not to give a penalty away and Agogo had little spark with few decent passes given to him.
    Smith is a great shot stopper but he does not dominate his 6 yard box, he seems to lack confidence and crosses he should take easily he stays on his line. His kicking is woeful. I am not blaming him for last nights defeat but someone needs to get him more confident and braver.
    Again it seems that Calderwood’s prime objective is not to be defeated, Why not start with Davies on the right last night? He also waits too long to change things-the same happened at Milwall away-yes we got a draw but could and should have won that game if he made changes earlier. I almost(not quite) felt as low last night as the Yeovil play off defeat, come on Forest and Calderwood in particular, take the remaining games by the scruff of the neck, go at teams and make them more concerned about us rather than the other way round. If !! we can, than we have a chance of second place, and if it means the play offs then we will have a run of games behind us where we are in a confident and determined mind set.
    Finally the crowd last night was bigger than 4 premier league games at the weekend-I know the tickets were reduced and yes we do have our fair share of fans moaning – but that is great backing from people who want a team to go for it! Come on Calderwood just F*****g do it!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Maybe I was more drunk than i thought, but i thought we had a cracking first half and if we’d put a couple of the chances away we;d have walked it.

    And if we hadn’t suffered a dreadful defensive mistake, we’d have ended up with a comfortable draw (with Grant almost bagging a goal at the end). I agree we lost our shape in the second half, but as that was prior to any substitutions, i can only put that down to the players (especially after the way they played in the first half).

    Ryan:- Why call Calderwood “Rangers scum”? What’s that got to do with anything Forest?

  9. I hope this proves to be a turning point for Forest. Either we sack Calderwood now or the muppet wakes up and realises that we have to play like we did in the last 15 minutes for the whole 90, Davies gets a regular start ahead of the way out of form McGugan and Holt is never allowed to set foot on the right wing ever again.

  10. haven’t managed to see any of Forest this season and this blog is where i go to hear how we are playing, I am obviously disappointed at the result last night and where it leaves us, but I didn’t see much of this negative football you guys speak of, I saw a lot of good attacking and some incredibly good defending from carlisle.

  11. I agree with most of the comments. I thought we played ok in the first half and on another day would have scored. The worrying fact was that after half time Carlisle adjusted tactically and we stopped creating anything at all and went very stale. This went on for 25 minutes until they scored – CC should have changed things on the pitch before they scored. We needed width on the pitch and CC refused to adjust tactics. The team played ok but it was a tactically inept performance from the manager.

  12. If we played that game again ten times we would win more than five. There were positives last night and with some better finishing we would have won. The team needs to keep positive and start winning again from Saturday onwards, they are capable. We have five points to catch up and we have tough games to play. However if we win the tough games we will not only be getting three points but also taking points off teams around us. Everyone knows Calderwood is a joke, but he is going nowhere for the time being. How the team reacts to what happened last night is the most important thing. I could not make it last night but will be setting off from Jockland early doors for the game at Crewe. Let’s keep the faith and keep supporting the team. One last thing, I though bringing on McCleary for four minutes at home when we were one nil down was unbelievable. The lad comes from non-league football and this was his first introduction!!! Must have done his confidence the world of good.

  13. JC – I apologise for bringing Rangers into it, there was no need, i am just a celtic bhoy and was slightly distraught and drunk after last nights display, and i blame CC. I appreciate there is no need for secularism on this site when it comes to Forest, don’t take offense.

  14. JG I agree with you on the first half. I thought we were controlled and kept the ball fantastically well and were really patient in our build up. The key to us playing so well in the first half was down to Commons receiving the ball in the dangerous hole area quite regularly all over the pitch. Now for the second half this did not occur! As the Carlisle manager pointed out in his post match interview: “All we had to do was stop the supply into Commons”. So he changed it around second half and we stuck to our guns. Well 10mins into the match it was pretty easy to see that they had sussed us out, but CC famous inability to change a match was shown up again. Once they stopped Commons the system broke down: Agogo isolated (though I thought he still played well), McGugan and Cohen drawn out to the wing too regularly (did not look comfortable), and I have no idea what Holt’s role was for the whole game. Thought Sammy, Wes and Julian were brilliant for the whole match.

    For the record I do not blame any player as I thought the commitment was there though for the next game I would drop Kelvin as he was not 100% concentrated and needs a rest + Brecks has not put a foot wrong really over the season. I know everyone repeats this till they are blue in the face: 4-4-2; back four + keeper at present are great and everyone knows the strongest players; our strikers really depending on fitness with Agogo and one of either Hoskins or Tyson with Holt being a good replacement for Agogo; but it is our midfield that is the real problem. Lw: Commons (not a central player but great coming in off the left) CM: Clingan and Cohen (was 1 of the best CM in the league last year; McGugan can replace him) RW: Davies (Not had a sniff yet and should be given a run in the team with McCleary as back up).

    Can someone not PLEASE create a banner at the city Ground telling CC what formation he should play and the players who should play those positions in the hope of him taking it in!

  15. As I said last week – We should have put the reserve team out. They would have played with passion and commitment !!!

    Come on you Forest Crowd – Get more vocal – Stop singing “Stand up if you hate Derby” WHO CARES A SHIT ABOUT DERBY. Stop booing and start cheering.

    Come on you Reds.

  16. Lets be positive. Everytime we lose us forest fans are sooo negative.

  17. I wanna take positives out of this defeat, are there any? I’ll find them, I texted my friend – who neither of us could make it to watch the match live on Sky in Cyprus – before the mess up & I said we needed a sub. It was far too late when he made the first, As for the newcomer – why? – first contribution a handball, erm… Why didn’t he throw on Thornhill instead. As for the GK coach, did u (Chris) think of that b4 or after the defeat. We don’t have another experienced goalkeeper at the club – Roberts is on loan at Diamonds until the end of the season to gain first team experience, hopefuly not for next year, in accordance to CC’s policy (or is that s’one elses up in the office?)

    I had no choice but to follow it over the net via live text, via 2 sites, and we weren’t that bad. Just Carlisle threw everything at us to stop us scoring. I’ll say it again, if we don’t get up this season, there’ll be a mass exodus with CC and KC 1st out the door.

    It the event we do get up, it would take great guts to say thanks for taking us up but your fired!!! CC is strugling in this division so how will he cope in the next?

    Furthere more, with regards to the goal scored, where was our defence to give cover to Smith since he raced out? I wonder…

    Someone correct me but how many shots on target did Carlisle have, 20 or 2? Sporting life says 1, Forest 10 and 9 off target to Carlisle’s 10. Does that say we were rubbish last night? We can still go up but we must win away at all our rivals to get back into that driving seat again. 1st April isn’t far away…

  18. In previous crticism of cc, it has been concluded he is too negative (especially with the stadium and players at his disposal), last night my criticism was not that he was too negative against a team, which pains me to say (considering its carlisle), deserving respect, but that he was tactically out of his depth. He failed not only to be pro- active in decision making but also failed miserably in reacting to not only conceding a goal but to their general tactical set up and mentality. All succesful managers at whatever level appear able to adapt to gameplay situations, something cc showed a serious lack of in last night’s performance.

  19. Ryan, no worries, were you pleased when Lennon signed for us? What’s your views on him now?

  20. Carddff Red, i thought that tackle Bennett made in the second half in front of A Block was pretty passionate and committed…..if he hadn’t got the ball i think we’d have seen a red card!!!!

  21. I watched it on TV last night, first home game I’ve missed for a while, and it was interesting to see the players faces close up on the TV shots. It really seems that they are still playing with the weight of the world on their shoulders and a lot of the players look like they are just waiting for things to go wrong. I suppose that we, as fans, are always waiting for things to go wrong too. This is the consequence of over a decade of under achiemvement and failure. I don’t think that we will get promoted and if there was poof needed that misfortune haunts our city, the attached link is it.

  22. JG – I thought it was a wind-up when he signed as i was in asia at the time, and i thought it was an amazing coup for us, just the sort of composure and cool distribution needed in front of the back four for this level. I mean the man was playing in the san siro just months earlier, and i;m certainly not a person that looks down on the SPL at all,and to be honest i have no idea what the hell went wrong with us. I have only recently returned to england so have only been to the last few games, but i have been reliably informed that we looked ALOT better with him in the team, composed as i said, now i’m not really down with paying people the sort of wages he’s on when we’re playing where we are but when it comes down to a player of that class and EXPERIENCE then we take them. Very disappointed how it all ended up, guessed something might happen ‘cos of the old firm rivalry, but shit happens, i do rate sammy c highly and he can do the job for us as long as the rest of the team know what they are doing. All in all i am just annoyed that a player of his class came here and has left with such a bad taste of Nottm Forest, he obviously respected the club to come here and he has so much to offer still and its a shame he has gone to wycombe… no coincidence its
    martin o’neills old club, he probably told him its a well run club. To be honest i wasn’t overly fussed with him going but i just assumed we would be playing more cohesive football than we are, so it is pissing me off yes! But such is life & football and we have to move on, and like i said before we do have the talent, we just need to, excuse the cliche, play 4-4-2, it really is as simple as that, and getting a better tactically-ept manager would help, but then again a whole new board would help, don’t get me wrong but the whole lennon episode just sums up the problems at forest. I am not negative, always positive, its just starting to grate at me the constant spin & shenanigans at all levels (bar the academy & pembos reserves performances) Defintely still can get that auto if we play attack but getting scared now.

  23. JG – I mean passionate and committed as a team. Bennett was acting in frustration on that occasion I believe. Having said that Bennet is one of the few committed to the cause. Wes is another one.

  24. Forest Resrves 3 – Walsall Reserves 0. Hope the First team were made to watch to pick up some tips how to play together as a team !!!!!!

  25. Wacko Jacko – I am moved and I owe it to you, even though my emotion sounds a little childish. Thanks for reminding me of that old cartoon that was one of the reasons I picked Forest as my team in England about 30 years ago, as Robin Hood was my childhood hero, plus Forest wore the colours of my home club Olympiacos (let’s beat Chelski tomorrow lads!). That, of course, was the time of the “ups”, and now it’s been “down” for a frustratingly long time… But I am keeping the faith and so do you I imagine. You can switch wives, nationalities, political parties, even religions, but never the club you chose to support as a kid, not true?
    Now a question to everyone about yesterday’s game… I just saw the goal on Freeview in the official club website. Instead of some of you being harsh on Paul (I’m sorry but as a goalkeeper too in my youth I am always inclined to stand up for the man between the posts), did it cross anyone’s mind that he might have been fouled by G Smith while going to collect the ball? Because that’s how it looks from that TV cam’s perspective.
    Let’s just put this one behind us, we can still go for automatic promotion, we will play both Donny and Carlisle in the near future, there are 13 games remaining for God’s sake. CHIN UP U REDS!!!

  26. Hmm, chin up indeed Vassilis. Trouble is, of the 28 and a half thousand there last night only one man failed to spot the bleeding obvious. And that does not bode well for the rest of the season. At the end of the game we had 3 wingers on the field of play. And still no width!!!! McGugan needs a rest (or a kick up the arse and a lesson in easy passing). After 5 minutes last night most people around me were saying the same. He is a very talented player though, no doubt.
    But last nights “where shall i play? no, you go there, ooh i’ll play here for a minute, bored now where else shall i jog aimlessly into” shambles proved beyond question that Calderwood doesn’t have the tactical know-how or leadership qualities needed to take Forest up a level.
    And his pathetic post-match interview was embarrassing! I’ve played for better sunday league managers than this fool.
    I do accept that in the first half we played some very nice football. But I believe that is DESPITE Calderwood. Those players SHOULD play well, they’re good players. But given the right tactics, teamtalk and formation we would have buried the mighty Carlisle.

    Sorry, I know he’s here for the season, but if he continues in this fashion I believe long-term irreparible damage will be done to our Club.

  27. Listening on the radio didn’t sound too bad but after reading all your comments I’m getting worried again.We know C.C>is sacked if we don’t go up,but not going up is unthinkable as we would lose all our best players and the ones left have to start again with a new manager who hopefully would have a knowlege of tactics and be able to motivate the players.CC has enormous respect for the carlisle manager……..Lets hope we make it this year.Great comments from you all Thanks!!!!!

  28. Loads of comments, which is brilliant – I do think a lot of people are still stung from the result and seeing the negatives… the highlights are up on Virgin Media, and are reasonably extensive… very much a game of missed chances for us 😦

  29. Interesting comment from Sammy in the match programme: “Switching positions is not a problem just as long as I know what the formation is and how the manager wants me to play, which he’s very thorough about.”

    So it IS deliberate! Sack the tw@ now.

  30. God point Radgie. I have to agree whether we go up or not he has to go …..

  31. NFFC – You are right, a lot of the negatives are stemming from the result and the importance of the match. In the cold light of day and having watched the match again, the better team lost and sometimes that happens in football. People complain about the 4 3 3 system, but it does create lots of chances (Mondays game was a prime example, but other games have been the same). The real issue isn’t the system its the lack of clinical finishing and has been all season. This is down to the players not the manager.

    Also are people being a bot harsh on Perchy ? I thought he did alright ?

  32. I meant a bit (not bot) harsh on Perchy !

  33. How many of the £5 paying fans will have been inspired to start going more regularly?! Nice to see the City Ground full though.

    We’re a well educated lot us Forest fans because we learned from watching the best. We know how football should be played. Cloughie taught his players and teams to keep it simple. Individual players knew their jobs and stuck to it – otherwise they would be subbed / dropped (and occasionally man-handled!)

    If only Calderwood would follow the ‘keep it simple’ policy we could still get promotion but I just cant see it happening. It’s true that we did pass it well at times the other night but with this system the players are all over the place. Commons was on the right as much as the left. How could anyone ever play Grant Holt as anything other than a centre forward?

    Calderwood should’ve gone after the Yeovil defeat. I’ve previously thought that if you’re going to give him another season then he should be allowed to see it through to the end but I just can’t see us going on the run we need to get second place as things stand now. But is there anyone who could come in now and steer us to promotion?

    A management change worked when Charlie and Frank took us on that great run a couple of years ago so I think it would be worth a try.

  34. Is Davies going to start instead of Holt until Holt rediscovers his goal touch in the reserves or maybe the reserves dont want him to spoil their run….

  35. Aylesbury, we all know that CC will stay to the end of the season. One of the reasons being who else is good enough (or would want the job anyway?)

    My personal opinion is that ND will stick with him regardless, then offer the job to Nigel Clough. That would be a masterstroke, because if we go up we all re-new our season tickets. But if we don’t go up most of us wont. Unless of course we sign a bright young manager like Nige who its fair to say will encourage lots of ‘will we/wont we’ supporters to re-new.
    As a life-time fan who has spent a fortune on our once great club, not just on tickets/merchandise/foreign trips, but also the time involved (I’m not from Nottingham and the journeys home are usually very long and very depressing!), I’m not sure if I can stomach another season of Division 3 football next year.
    Unless CC goes and someone like Nige can re-kindle the buzz for me.

    Of course, Calderwood could solve this problem immediately if he wanted to. All he’s got to do is play 4-4-2 utilising the talents of Commo and Davies out wide and letting Holt and Junior play up front. Until Tys and Hoskins recover, anyway.
    Pace, Mr Calderwood. As a former defender you should know that old adage ‘you can’t defend against pace’.

    Rant over. Oh, except to say I was slightly disappointed to see Grant having a laugh with their centre-halves in the box on Monday with 10 mins to go. I have a great seat in the Lower Trent, and let me tell you that is one player who doesn’t give a shit about Nottingham Forest Football Club.

  36. Vassils, I’m glad someone else loves that cartoon as much as me! Playing that song for some reason always helps me to get over Forest losing. I’m glad to see that you can always look on the bright side, the City Ground could do with more of it (including me)! Shame about Olympiacos tonight, still chin up!

  37. Why am I watching the video of Forest res. v walsall reserves? Because I like to see a Forest side winning….15 games unbeaten,and after a young Forest side had beaten a more experienced walsall side 3 0 away,John Pemberton says Of course we shall be loooking for improvements in our next game !!!!!!!! How refreshing to hear what our first team “coach ” should be saying …………………….

  38. Aylesbury Red, CC = unable to take NFFC up unless a miracle happens (win the PO!). If Mattyboy believes even for a minuite what he wrote then I’m dissapointed, very dissapointed. I hope he’s being ironic because that’s all I can say for now. A managemnet change – don’t forget Charlie & Frank missed the PO by drawing their last games. That was after taking over from the forgettable Mugson & already knew the club. Saying that, only an internal management change would work.

    We must beat Doncaster & Carlisle away to even beging to dream about 2nd spot. Oh well…

  39. If only our reserve team coach was delivering great performances and results, eh?


  40. lol!! Anybody know when was the reserves last defeat? Tried searching the web but to no real avail…

  41. & also the last time we won on TV!! How many TV games ago was that?

  42. Well, I do not know if that is going to work for me, but definitely worked for you! Excellent post!

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