Good striker news just keeps on coming…

Hot on the heels of Will Hoskins making good progress with his injury, comes the great news from Forest that Nathan Tyson’s hamstring isn’t nearly as bad as first feared – scans undergone by Nathan have revealed there isn’t a tear there, and that he should be good to return to light training next week – given he’s only had a limited time out, hopefully he should pick up fitness quickly.

I’m a bit relieved I didn’t succumb to my first instinct and join the doom-mongers when both strikers appeared to be out for a significant chunk of time.  The calls for Smoulds to rush out and sign all and sundry to cover for players whose injuries were clearly not as bad as first feared – having both Hoskins and Tyson back sooner than expected are, after all, pretty vital to our aspirations of hitting second place.

Speaking of strikers (in the loosest possible sense!), Dobie isn’t able to play against us on Monday, and Carlisle also have an injury setback to Joe Garner too – which is of course sad for him – but he’s apparently impressed of late for our forthcoming opponents.  Back on Dobie, I was always under the impression that if a player is permanently transferred then the selling club can’t stipulate any ‘you’re not playing against us’ clauses except by a gentleman’s agreement.

That said, if I were offloading Dobie I would probably stipulate that he MUST play against me when the sides next meet!

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  1. Yeah, right. Just like Neil Harris. 🙂

  2. The way I understand it is that if a club are directly selling to another team in their division, they can request as part of the terms and conditions that said player will not be able to play against them. The difference with ‘Arris was that we released him from his contract, and Millwall signed him as a free agent – therefore the club could not have made such a stipulation.

    That is in the past now – as I said before, I think the top brass are finally starting to show signs of learning from past mistakes.

    Annoyingly, I have to work until 9pm on Monday, so will be trying to catch the last half an hour in the pub. Come on U reds!!

  3. well i’d say this is good news if my mind did not recall countless other injuries that “porcelain boy” seems to obtain. His rate at catching these injuries is only just more remarkable than his reluctance in his finishing. I have to say that in hindsight would forest have purchased this guy knowing how delicate he is? I do hope to pitch is dry when he makes his next appearance…I simply don’t see the obsession with Tyson at all. OK he has a little pace but so does a Whippet. If he’s never on the pitch what good is he at Forest?

  4. Fast off the blocks on monday like dony did at tranmere…Come on you REDS !!!!!

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