An April fool’s date with Carlisle..

The second attempt at rearranging our game with Carlisle United at Blundell Brunton Park (my bad!) has been confirmed as the evening of tuesday the 1st April according to their website (no mention on Forest’s just yet, though!), so with a bit of luck I might get a bit further than the centre of Nottingham as I did a few days ago before heading back home again!

Just prior to the rescheduled game, on the friday, we travel to Doncaster – so it’s a pretty damn important few fixtures.  Of course, we’ll have a chance to familiarise ourselves with Carlisle prior to that with their visit to the City Ground early in March.  With a month and a bit before the game, it also gives us valuable time to either get a striker fit, or perhaps one in on loan.

Carlisle of course did us a favour at the weekend by beating Doncaster at their place, although that of course means that their formidible home run is still intact.  Whether or not it remains with visits from Brighton, Luton and Northampton remains to be seen, before we eventually contest a match with them which was originally scheduled for November!

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  1. Come on you reds! Please for the love of god play Davies more often.

  2. Do you mean Brunton Park or are Carlisle playing home games in Grimsby ?

  3. You spotted the April fool joke.. ahem… *oops*

    I did, of course, mean Brunton Park.

  4. URED – it’s a minor technical point, but important to us folk who hail from the place …

    … but Blundell Park is in Cleethorpes [remember the old quiz question, ‘which team never plays at home’?

  5. At least it won’t be live on Sky like the home game on monday. It’s about time we broke the dreaded Sky curse…

  6. If I set the video to record any game Forest get televised, I always end up deleting it without watching it coz invariably we played shite!

    So, good news folks, Monday night, Im NOT setting it….!

  7. vassilis and other non uk visitors – how do you watch/listen to the games?

    I’ll be spending the next 8 weeks in Germany and want to know the best way to follow the midweek matches as I won’t be able to pick up Radio Nottingham. I will have an internet connection. Thanks for any suggestions other than the BBC website.

  8. You can listen to Radio Nottingham’s commentary through the ‘Forest World’ service – I’ve never tried it, though. The BBC Nottingham website stops streaming coverage during games…

  9. Oh yes, and whilst not live coverage, you can generally see the goals from League games via Virgin Media’s website a couple of days after…

  10. Forest World is a very good service, I would recommend it to anyone who cannot make the game.

  11. Don’t worry chaps, Forest haven’t conceded a goal at home since my 2 sons and I have been using the turnstile “on the left, boys, on the bloody left!!” as we enter the lower trent. Couldn’t make the Swindon game, so I even made sure my replacements knew which entrance to use. Also, whilst emptying my mums loft recently I came across an old Shipstones shirt I wore to great effect in the late eighties. I shall be squeezing into that, too.
    Victory assured!

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