Have we loaned another crock?

Having offloaded the football league’s most notorious warmer of treatment tables in Scott Dobie, it appears that we’re in danger of losing our latest loan acquisition – Will Hoskins – to the back injury he’s be struggling with lately.  Of course, this injury was caused by actually playing, rather than tripping over his shoelaces, but all the same it’s very disappointing – particularly given Tyson too being injured.

There’s a chance he may return to Watford for treatment, or not – we have to wait and see on that front, however it leaves Smoulds with some work to do in sourcing a replacement, in my opinion.  We haven’t had a great deal of joy out of the loan system under Smoulderwood – I think the only other player he’s loaned in was James Henry from Reading, who lasted all of two minutes on the pitch as a late sub before being sent back again!

Hopefully the injury to Hoskins is less serious than seems to be feared – he looked useful in the short spells we’ve seen of him, and add a bit of match fitness and sharpness to those performances and he would be a real asset to the side.  If it is more serious then I seriously hope Forest will mobilise themselves quickly to secure a decent replacement loan signing… hope being the operative word here, because we don’t have a good track record of dealing quickly in the transfer market.

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  1. Wee Alan Wright did alright until that own goal. But I got the impression that Hoskins was very much Plan B after the ehm, Best Plan. I doubt there was a Plan C!

  2. Lets hope that McLeary turns out to be quality like we all hope, although there really is no pressure on the lad

  3. Of course! How could I have overlooked Wright so easily?

    Sorry, couldn’t resist!

  4. CC spounted garbage on the radio when asked specifically whether we would delve into the loan market to secure another striker. He response, as usual, was a total cop out but to come out with the line “Im not sure we need another striker as we dont want to upset the harmony of the dressing room” drives me to distraction!!!

    Two things Colin……remember this time of the season, last year, when we didnt have a fit striker to shake a leaf at and, it could be argued, this cost us a play off final spot?????

    And secondly, (and this INFURIATES me) you are the f*cking manager so its your job to manage the dressing room and make sure another striker comes in and does the job. After all, we arent talking marriage here (!!!!) just a short term loan to provide back up and, if we are lucky, get us an odd goal or two to make sure we finish the job in hand.

    I hate f*cking bullshit!!!

  5. Webber, Stead, and Michael Bridges all offered and/or considered.

  6. I hope mcleary is quality too but we need to remember he’s a winger not an out n out striker. I hope there ain’t no pressure on the boy but I think there will be the way he’s being hyped up. I get the feeling fans are expecting big things from him this season!

  7. Now I know I’m here to be shot at for saying this but CC states he is worried about bringing someone in because they may disrupt the squad. Therefore, why doesn’t he go back for a player the squad already knows and who has been told he is available for transfer today.

    Yep, Neil Harris has been told he can leave Millwall.

    Let’s get him back!

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