We’ll see McCleary now Tyson is gone…

Smoulds has been bigging up his non-league signing, who was due to be in the squad for the abortive game at Brunton Park, apparently.  Indeed, it transpires he was very nearly on the bench for Swindon at home only to be replaced at the eleventh hour by goalkeeper coach Barry Richardson.  Which lends credence to a worrying rumour about Paul Smith.

So perhaps those of us braving the trip to Leyton Orient on the quest to see us crack our poor run of away form, there will be a spot of potential interest in seeing the new lad in action.  Certainly Smoulderwood seems excited by the prospect he brings, but is keen – understandably – to get him up to full fitness and used to training fulltime.  It also adds extra ammunition to his comments that we apparently aren’t going to look to the loan market to cover for the injured Tyson.

Given his apparent reluctance to field Arron Davies other than as a substitute, the right-wing berth is still apparently very much up for grabs (when he doesn’t shove Commons/Holt out there, of course!), and an attack-minded player with pace and a bit of flair is the kind of thing that could give our attack a new dimension, which is quite exciting.

Back to the Smith rumours, if it’s true then it’s a massive worry – our very pleasing-looking goals conceded column in the league table is thanks in no small part to our ‘keeper – and frankly, whilst many of us worry about where the goals are gonna come from, the last thing we need is a reason to start shipping them at the other end.  Let’s hope it’s not too serious and can wait ’til summer.

Obviously I also really wanted to use the pathetic pun in the article’s headline!  But hopefully we do get to see Garath McCleary given a chance to shine in the near future, I could use some Forest-related excitement right now!  In other news, Will Hoskins is undergoing fitness training to get himself into contention for Saturday’s Orient trip – fingers crossed!

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  1. Just thought how much Barry Robson will regret not signing for us as he could have had the night of last night instead of being at work scoring against Barcelona, He could have been sat on the sofa watching it on T.V.

  2. He could have played right back for Forest at Leyton Orient, instead of in midfield for Celtic against Barcelona!!

  3. I am a little tired of this playing-out-of-position mumbo jumbo appearing in EVERY topic nffc opens… Should we please take a break…? I would appreciate, and I think I wouldn’t be the only one. It was good as a joke in the beginning, but it starts becoming a little boring in my humble opinion. I’m not talking about just you Wacko Jacko – please forgive my outburst.

  4. And since the topic was about Garath McCleary, I think we’d all like to see a young lad as promising as his youtube videos were. Although CC looks largely interested in him, the official site doesn’t, since there is nothing about him in Player Profiles, and we don’t even know whether or not he has been allocated a squad number yet.
    Repeating my question from another topic: Looking for Garath in Player Profiles, I found No 31 allocated to someone named Mark Byrne, apparently 25 year old, whom we got from Burscough or something. Too old to be just a reserve lad isnt he? Anybody know anything? NFFC maybe?

  5. I’m going to Leyton Orient on Saturday, so hopefully I’ll get to see what McCleary can do 🙂

  6. I’ll be going too – since I live in London. I’ve been to most of the London and southern games. The only win I’ve seen this season was against Brighton 😦

    Must book a trip up to Nottingham soon!

  7. … Grant Holt will dive over alllll obstacles in his waaaay!

  8. … Perchy the sub will look uncomfortable,
    But it’ll be a bright (bright!) bright, sunshiney day!


    Maybe we should sod the news and match reports and just rewrite song lyrics for comedy value!

  9. I think this boy will be the man to spark some life into us… he seems to have the skill, speed & composure that will scare the hell out of players at this level. Now maybe i ask too much but he looks class and in no way will i be disappointed if he doesn’t turn out to be that good, but i’m pretty sure he’ll make the rest of them scared about their starting place, which we need! praying we beat the orient, u-reds!!!!!

  10. Sorry guys but it seems as we got 2 wait bit more for him

    Wasn’t even on the bench tonight

    still we got a vital 3 points 2night & now we await Tues game ­ Crewe vs Carlisle 2 see if we dop out of the top 2

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