Ling is scared of rested Forest?

I was just contemplating leaving for Carlisle when news filtered through it was off.  What a pisser.  Still, I’ve enjoyed a lazy afternoon of nothing-in-particular, and spotted this story in which Leyton Orient manager Martin Ling bemoans the postponement.  What a strange move by him, he’s basically saying “Well I reckon we had a chance if they were tired and grumpy from all that travelling!”

The fact remains that Forest travelled up north yesterday, so will still have that particular inconvenience to deal with – but of course, they will be resting rather than playing this evening.  Whilst it’s frustrated my plans, I can see a bright side to Carlisle’s apparent lack of ability to keep their pitch warm enough to be playable.

Hoskins is recovering from a back injury, and will now have the rest of the week to get himself fully fit before heading to Orient, and whilst it may be unlikely, depending on when the replay is scheduled for we might even have Tyson back in contention.  The recently postponed Doncaster Rovers vs. Leeds United game has been rescheduled to 1st April – how apt – it looks a likely candidate for the trip to Carlisle to be played too, looking at our fixture list.

That’s in a little over 5 weeks time – for a game originally scheduled to take place back in November!  By the time it does get contested it will be clearer what is and isn’t required in terms of points to get to our desired league placing, it could still be a massive game.

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  1. Yeah – and we need the win. In the next 5 games we play half of the top 8 sides – Orient, Carlisle, Southend and Walsall. All are 6-pointers if we want that second spot, and we need a good 7 or 8 points out of the 12 to be credible play-off material too. I know it’s a long way off, but I can’t help thinking that having Yeovil last game at home could be a great fixture now. They will have nothing to play for by then, and maybe we can erase last year’s demons by sealing 2nd spot against our nemesis. Thankfully the teams around us are dropping points in an audacious bid to be as profligate as we are, so we would have to go some to drop out of the play-offs with our games in hand. Even so, a few defeats to our play-off contenders would seriously weaken our position, to say nothing of denting our chance of automatic promotion. Smoulds wasn’t popular for saying it, but I have to agree – with Swansea 14 points ahead and only 15 games left it would be some shock if we overtook them.

    I hate this part of the season – I spend every waking moment studying the league table and recent form to try and work out all the permutations of what will happen, in the certain knowledge that it’s all pointless as we will lose 3-0 to the bottom team and then win 3-0 away at the in-form home team. My nerves, my nerves…

  2. 10 points from the next 15 available would be a decent return imo.

  3. Guys, I was going through the Player Profiles list in the official site trying to find something about Garath McCreary, and instead of him I found the No 31 allocated to a 25-year-old former Burscough player named Mark Byrne!!! Anybody know anything? Because taking his age into account, he shouldn’t be a youngster that plays in the reserves…

  4. Been away for a while, so missed both the Leeds and Swindon games. Have we improved? Are we still persisting with the long ball game for the first half?
    Other searching questions…I see Lockwood played on Saturday, how did he get on? I am one of the few Forest fans who rates him above Julian (100% passion and committment, but is gonna get found out by good players next season if we go up), so I hope he played well. And looking at the photo I notice the players are wearing black armbands. Why?
    I am asking you guys these questions because I gave my tickets to my bro-in-law and he was so bored at the Swindon match he spent most of the first half at the bar.

    Maybe that should answer the questions!!

  5. Leeds saw an improvement, but no luck as a dodgy penalty lost us a couple of points.

    Swindon was a dull match. Your bro-in-law had the right idea!!

    Lockwood looks unconfident, but he played two good throughballs, including an assist for Tyson’s goal… he looked good aerially, shaky on the ground.

    Black armbands were for a member of the backroom team who passed away – the wonderfully named George Trout.

  6. There’s no question. If we do not get near max points from the next few games we are in the playoffs, and only in the playoffs if Calderwood deciedes to use more agressive tactics. The same situation deveopled last year, I can only hope this man learns from the extraordianry capitulation that was witnessed, the embarrasment and shame was almost entirley because this man is devoid of ideas. Otherwise it’s bye bye time

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