Tyson hit for six?..

As reported previously, Tyson scored then hobbled off (one has to wonder if he’d come off when he started hobbling it might’ve been better, he had another blistering run to tee up Agogo after I think he sustained the critical knock).  Reports from the City Ground are suggesting that the striker could be out of action for 4 to 6 weeks, which is really bad news.

Nathan is notoriously injury-prone, and indeed, it is not uncommon for sprinter players to pick up regular and recurring injuries – one only has to think back to Michael Owen in his formative years, and indeed, ongoing.  His injury is still being assessed, but it would appear that we must do without him for a good length of time, and must address our away form without him.

This means Agogo, Hoskins and Holt have the opportunity to shine in his absence, and let’s hope they take the chance.  And let’s also hope that the diagnosis on Tyson is overly bleak and the previously fast-healing player can confound us all with another fast recovery.  I really do wish that we had withdrawn him from the action earlier though, whether Tyson indicated to the bench the potential extent of his injury or not isn’t clear.

The next three games see us up against Carlisle away, Orient away and then Carlisle again at home – to give us a realistic chance of getting an advantage over Doncaster we really need to be looking at seven points from these games, which is a big ask from three games featuring two away from the City Ground against sides in the top half of the table…

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  1. De ja season vu, Hoskins is carrying a injury, G holt couldnt hit a cows arse with a banjo and I heard CC say Agogo been carrying an injury. What a ffing mess again.

    When will CC learn we needed strikers purchased in Jan, again we will be left leightweight up front.

  2. I don’t think it’s that bad and I think we will win tomorrow. Most of the team are playing ok. McGugan and Commons are well due a goal each. Grant did well when he came on at Leeds. Agogo will want to keep his profile high in order to get away. Hoskins…..not sure yet. I like Tyson but six league goals coming into the end of Feb playing in a team that’s 3rd in the league is not great. OK so you can say he has been injured but its still only six goals. We have many players capable of scoring. If they play with the same effort as they did at Leeds and we the fans get behind them, like at Leeds we can get promoted this season.
    So if you’re going tomorrow like I am, sing up and cheer the boys on!!!

  3. I’m heading up to this one too.. I’ve just packed my scarf… it’s gonna be a cold one!

  4. I’ve packed my shorts!! Me and the lad coming down from Scotland, so I’m hoping for better weather!!!

  5. 😆

    If I see any Reds in shorts and t-shirts I’ll be sure to say hello!

  6. Don’t fear, i’m sure the club prepaired for this well in advance. NOT!

  7. If Grant Holt is picked he might have a blinder in front of his home crowd.I’m sure we’ll pick up at least 1 point.Come on you REDS !!!!!!!

  8. Tonight’s match is off due to a frozen pitch. Just seen it on the official site.

  9. Yeah guys, unpack your scarves or shorts, it’s been called off for the second time!!!

  10. its not funny, i have boy who is expecting me to pick him up in an hour from school and get going. like me he will be gutted.

  11. Well that’s made me very grumpy!

  12. At least they informed people relatively early, rather than wait til everyone had travelled half way up the country (or even further)

  13. Might be a good thing this…..we played at the weekend and they didnt.

    Plus we now have more time to prepare for Orient giving Hoskins even more chance of overcoming his back strain.

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