Have your say about football… and get to meet Frank Clark!

Check out this email I picked up from a lady organising quite an interesting event, the best bit – it’s one I’m sure at the forefront of many football fans (particularly after the Premiershit tried to add their nonsensical international tour concept recently!), and it’s free… if that’s not enough to tempt you, former Reds manager Frank Clark will be there!  Details below:

Nottingham Forest fans are being offered the chance to have their say over the future of our national game.

The Speakers’ Corner Trust, supported by Forest, are staging a debate, The Future of Football, at Nottingham Council House next Friday (7.30pm) … and Reds supporters can join in the debate.

Among the topics likely to be up for discussion on the night will be:

What’s right and what’s wrong with football?

Do the fans get what they’re paying for? Are the authorities selling the game out?

What will it take for England to win again?

What changes would make football a better experience?

Is there too much money in football?

Are foreign owners good for the English game?

Do overseas players improve the entertainment value or keep home-grown talent down?

Is diving gamesmanship or cheating?

Do players set a good example?

Should we trust the referee or do we need touchline technology?

And why does no-one ever listen to the fans?

Airing their views will be a panel of experts, including former Forest player and boss Frank Clark, but above all else the organisers want to hear from supporters.

Admission is free but places are limited and admission is by ticket only so please apply as soon as possible by email to lynn.richards@nottinghamcity.gov.uk or phone Lynn on (0115) 915 4190.

So there you go, we all like to have a good old moan about the state of the game – here’s a rare opportunity to have our moaning listened to by people who might actually do something about it… well, come on, you never know, they might!

Even if it doesn’t, at least we’ll be able to book a slot on Speaker’s Corner in the future and have a good ol’ fashioned rant about it!

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