It’s time for the BBC predictor widget..

I’m amazed it’s taken me this long to succumb to the charms of the BBC online League One predictor.  That said, it’s getting late and I’m about ready to hit the hay, so I only predicted until the end of March.  Admittedly, such things are meaningless – if I were any good at predicting football scores I’d be a rich man! 

There’s the usual considerations to factor in – there will be the freak results that none of us predict, like Millwall actually winning a game, or Swansea losing – but I’ve tried to apply what limited knowledge I have and have come up with a surprisingly pleasing league table.  Obviously I’ve built in the necessary improvement in away form, which – resultswise at least – is yet to materialise.

So if you click the link above, you’ll be able to have a bash at it yourself – I think it’s quite interesting to see what you all come up with.  In my scenario, with five or six games to play, Swansea are runaway Champions, but the battle for automatic is still very much open – with us and Donny fighting it out – but the playoffs are open too with Walsall and Orient just sitting outside.

What does your league table look like?