Smoulds lays into home fans..

The Mexican stand-off between Smoulderwood and the fans looks set to rumble on, after the manager decided to criticise the support levels in his post-match comments at the weekend.  Whilst I do have some sympathy with his sentiments, I do think he’s unwise to ruffle feathers any more than he need to right now, with many supporters teetering on the brink of whether they want to back his tenure or not.

“What I found surprising was the real lack of appetite and apathy of the fans when we didn’t score in the first 20 minutes, it was minimal support to the team and can’t happen.  We’re sitting with a promotion run going and they should be urging the team on.”

So whilst he’s talking a lot of sense, it’s an ill-advised move for him to be critical of fans who have never been particularly famed for generating a cauldron of noise.  Brian Clough criticised it, and he was within his right to, he was producing wonderful football and delivering silverware.  Smoulderwood is delivering neither, despite having what most fans agree is a squad capable of producing the goods at this level.

If you want vocal backing, Smoulders, then you need to send the team out to attack from the off – but you will never get the kind of vocal backing you get away from home (which is odd, as generally the performances are worse away from home!).  While you’re at it, you might want to consider lobbying the powers-that-be to move the away fans from the loudest bit of the ground – put a bit of unreserved seating down in the Lower Bridgford for supporters who want to chant – you’ll notice the difference.

So I do have some sympathy with him, it infuriates me when there is booing at half time, I often wish we could have more atmosphere at home matches, I wish that our fans came up with more imaginative chants – but the fact is, a combination of dour football, the wider contribution of all-seater stadia and ridiculously draconian stewarding and general malaise makes this unlikely.

However underpinning all that, it’s generally a bad idea for a manager to bad-mouth his fans when they turn up in their thousands at this level of football – to generally watch a standard of play that is below the capabilities of our resources and players.  If you want to do something realistic to help the fans back the team, Smoulds, then have a word with the security teams who patrol the fans – I’ve known people banned for 3 games for the heinous crime of standing up and singing a song to back the team.

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  1. Any chance this could be forwarded on to Mark Arthur?

  2. I second Ben’s comments. Please send these comments to Mr Arthur.
    As far as I’m concerned this man lost the fans at the Bournemouth match & now he starts criticising us. His team is grossly underperforming & only has a chance of automatic promotion because of the 15 point deduction to Leeds Utd. With the squad available Forest should be up & alongside Swansea as a minimum requirement, any half decent coach could get this squad promoted out of this division; Charlie & Frank could.

  3. What is it with managers that they cannot believe that we fans know anything about the game. How dare he criticise us when he puts out a team that in the first half produces the worst display i have witnessed at the city ground for many many years.
    He even turned around and laughed at a supporter who in frustration shouted out albeit alone “Calderwood out’

  4. Here Here Gary, you said it in 1 – Charlie & Frank could & they would had if Mugson was chucked out earlier… Then what happens – Frank goes @ the end of the season & Charlie the next because he upstaged CC. (That’s my opinion). So if the reserves do it again should they get rid of Pemberton 2??

    As for CC himself, instead of asking y the fans r on his back, he turns around to criticise them. Shut up CC & get us out of this div. starting with 3 massive points tommorow anyway we can!!

  5. on a role now
    Another thing for that idiot Arthur
    i heard on Saturday that ticket prices for the Carlise match are £5
    Now whilst i would like a bumper crowd it is a kick in the teeth for us loyal season ticket holders who forked out the full amount before the season started. With all the discounts it is hardly worth buying one -not economic. I have no objection to kids for a quid as this introduces new potential supporters (if they come back is another matter as even kids appreciate attacking football) and if it was buy one at full price and get one free it would not be so bad. This means that my seat has been devalued by £15 on one match. Pathetic once again

  6. beestonred – I sympathoise with you. I agree it’s not fair for you season ticket holders but you must also see it the other way around, Since average crowds this year are 3-4,000 down since last year NFFC have to find a way to create the deficit into a profit, which is what they have done. What would be nice, but unlikley to happen, would be some kind of refund or credit for next season. That would provide an incentive for next season for those who renew if we don’t get up. I don’t even want to think about it @ the moment. Let’s get Leeds out the way & we’ll see…

  7. Get this for a headline, Coventry’s manager has been sacked… There is possibly another twist in the Best saga

  8. Maybe CC would appreciate all the corporate fans that got all the Chelsea tickets last season????? Rather than the die hards that get humiliated (and soaking wet!) at Gillingham, Brighton, Swindon….. do I need to continue?

  9. Haha! Yeah, I heard the ugly one had been sacked… I can’t see his replacement coming in, seeing they have bugger all strikers, agreeing to loaning Best to us, though!

  10. BeestonRed: You knew before the season started exactly how many “quids for a quid” and “all seats a fiver” home games there would be this season. That information was very clearly stated on the website under the season ticket section so you could make an informed decision on whether to renew/purchase so please don’t start whinging, it only makes you look pathetic, not the club.

  11. I understand that CC should choose his words more carefully but, I have to agree with him. If Forest haven’t scored in the first 5 minutes the atmosphere changes to one of fear, moaning and abuse of our own players. We are playing into opposition teams hands everytime, as they know that if they set out to frustrate us for the first 20 mins, the home crowd will turn on the team. That is what Milwall did and every other team will do the same between now and the end of the season. The players we have are good enough but if people keep telling them they are crap, they will start to believe it !
    Whether you want CC or not or you don’t agree with his tactics – and you may well be right, BUT save it for the END IF THE MATCH.
    Get behind the team for the full 90 mins no matter what.

  12. Radgie
    like name like attitude if we start falling out amongst ourselves what chance have we got
    i don’t look at a other prices at the start of the season i just pay up and have done for nearly 50 years. obviously you study the forthcoming seasons prices in detail before deciding to buy one (if you do)
    Ok i respect your opinion but i don’t deserve to be called pathetic, if you read my reply above you would appreciate that i did not know about the statement made pre-season

  13. What Calderwood cannot seem to get into his head is that the majority of fans can see why we won’t get promoted – BECAUSE HE WILL NOT PICK PLAYERS IN THE RIGHT FORMATION/POSITIONS!!!!! – and that’s why the 4-4-2 chant started in the Trent End, that’s why there was a lack of atmosphere and that’s why there is general apathy around the ground on the match day. I’m not advocating booing or getting on the players backs, that doesn’t help, but why can everybody in the ground except for Calderwood see where we are going wrong?!

    Its not that easy to get excited when you know that even if they do win, they will loose most of their away matches due to poor management and lack of spine and that we will be left with the inevitable play-off finish and routine bottling exercise at the end of it. Play 4-4-2 Calderwood and you will see results improve and the fans that pay good money and waste their weekends on this rubbish may begin to salvage some faith in this team and this season.

    Also, can anyone remember at the end of last season, when the ground was packed and the atmosphere was incredible for a must win game against Rotherham who hadn’t won an away game all season? Well, if not, I will remind you that the players forgot that it was a must win game that would have put us ahead of Bristol and instead played out a goaless draw like it was a testimonial, and don’t even get me started on the Yeovil game!! I concluded last season that becuase these players are so incapable of playing under pressure or dealing with expectation, that they would be better off if no one turned up and that they could play without a care in the world! They have great backing from our huge and loyal away support, but that hasn’t been reflected in performances has it?!

    Despite my negativity if we can get six points from the next to away games (or even 5), I will take all of this back and Calderwood would have shown that I am the idiot and he is the football genius!! Not bloody likely though.

  14. well cc you take the biscuit you really have some nerve having a go at the fans you should really step back and look at the drivel that your team the team you pick every week dishs out insted of trying to deflect the situation on to the fans. Your style of football is pathetic and the sooner you realis that by scoring more goals than your opponents wins games. You were a defender when you played the game and my god how it shows in the dyer perfomances that Forest dish up week after week

  15. Oh dear. I was reserving my judgement on this man until the end of season,
    But no, he underlines his attitude by having the balls to actually critisise the fans, teh same fans that have to endure such horrendously negative tactics, despite have a reasonable crop of players. I think its rather symbolic that attendances have dropped this season and yet he considers it the fans fault for not getting behind the team!
    Now, I ask CC, would you part with 25£ to watch Forest produce spinless, passionless, digracefull football? 17 games and counting. Stop winging and earn your money, do the jon you have been paid to do. You will be judged on results

  16. I meant THREE away games – proving that I am indeed the idiot.

  17. I was wondering! 😆

  18. So the master plan is revealed

    “We are built to be a threat on the counter-attack. Our performances have shown that we are okay when things are level, but when we are behind we have not had enough strength or determination to get back into the game, apart from at Millwall.”

    Two immediate thoughts. 1 – we should be trying to dominate teams from the start, we have better players, better support and surely given our status opposing teams will be trying the old counter attacking routine,
    2 – given our appalling away record i would suggest that the master plan isn’t working – how about changing it?
    We dont actually need a great strategist to win this league. A great leader is prepared to review stratgey and change approach if it isn’t working. Come on Colin all the answers are in front of you.

  19. Beestonred, the reduced price games have been going on for years now, it’s nothing new. And as someone else pointed out they are always publicised. You need to read your terms and conditions before signing up!

  20. 1865

  21. I am trying to see both sides of this arguement with not a lot of success. I get the impression that a significant number of fans want Forest to win and get promotion whilst hoping they loose so they can have a go at Calderwood and the Board. This makes no sense. There must be a unity of purpose and that is surley to get out of this
    division. All this is giving ammunition to any team that visits CG. We must get behind CC and have the post mortems at the end of the season. The patient is a long way from deaths door and everyone must to all the can to ensure it remains healthy.

  22. Wacko Jacko – you’re not an idiot, just confused. I think u meant 6 from 2 or 3 from 5, oh well. Blam it on CC -)) 😆

  23. i’m sorry but deflecting the poor performances towards the fans is both an insult and shows very poor judgement.

    He needs to leave our club immediatley. I would have wished him to stay until the end of the season but it’s clear smoulders has slopy shoulders.

    The players are playing at well below their potential, and that in itself is a disgrace

  24. Excuse me but am I missing something here?
    Should we accept the fact that well, CG has never been “a cauldron of noise”, and make it last forever?
    Then what’s the difference from the corporate yawners we all criticise and fill up Stamford Bridge and the Emirates night in night out?
    As I saw the statement, CC does not deflect poor performances towards the fans, but is blaming the ones who are always ready to moan and groan and boo even before halftime and with all respect, I am backing him on this one.
    Like someone has already pointed out, this clearly gives a goal to any opposition: Play 11 men behind the ball for 20 minutes, and if u manage not to give away a goal, then their own fans will turn against them. How does that grab ya?
    How can we possibly ask the players to be patient and still look for the goals til the final whistle if we are not?
    Like a column that I like here in Greece reads, these are “questions by a stupid football fan”.

  25. I have a cunning plan… infiltrate the Coventry message boards/blogs/websites and blather on about how good a manager CC is. They snap him up, we get Hoddle and life is good.

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