Leeds United vs. Forest preview…

There’s no denying that this was amongst the first fixtures I looked for when they came out, and it’s proven to be a pretty cataclysmic encounter in the making.  Our hosts are without a win in five, we couldn’t win away from the City Ground if we were playing against eleven jelly babies, and the pressure is on the boss who has all but burned his bridges with the fans.

Leeds of course began the season on negative points, and early doors were spurred on by what they perceived as a misjustice to make short work of getting into the black and surging towards the top end of the table.  But since losing Poyet to Tottenham it seems Wise realised he was out of his depth, and he promptly jumped ship to help Keegan further make a mess of Newcastle.

Gary McAllister is the new man at the helm for the Yorkshiremen, and has so far lead the side to a defeat at home to Tranmere, and a draw away at Northampton – which is heartening from our point of view.  Given that Leeds haven’t won in five, and Forest haven’t won on their travels in five games – it has a draw written over it, really, doesn’t it?

We’re unlikely to be able to welcome Junior Agogo back, although there is a possibility that he’ll have returned from the African Cup of Nations in time in time.  We’re likely to have an unchanged lineup from the side that limped to victory against Millwall on saturday, whilst Leeds may be stronger with the return of Richardson and Kilkenny from injury.

I do think it’s fair to say the pressure is on Leeds more than us, since our expectations on our travels are generally pretty low!  Leeds had a much speculated about press-release this evening, which many followers thought would be an announcement about the Football League giving them some points back; it turns out they have a new kit manufacturer!

We need to watch out for dangerous striker Jermaine Beckford, of course – we know only too well from our encounter earlier in the season that he is a threat upfront for Leeds.  We also need to ensure we keep playing for the full 90 minutes, whilst it’s been a while, Leeds do specialise in late goals – that said, Wise could be credited for this to a point as he’d chuck late attacking subs on to help this process if the result wasn’t going their way.

All in all, I can’t say I’m massively looking forward to this – we owe them one for their daylight robbery at the City Ground, but how often do we claim what we’re metaphorically ‘owed’ in situations like this?  The pressure is on both sides, and perhaps the vociferous 2,800 Forest fans heading up the M1 might be able to shove Smoulderwood’s comments where the sun don’t shine and be the 12th man for the travelling Reds.

No predictions from me, it will either be a rip-roarer of a game or (more likely) a tense exchange between two sides terrified of losing.  If Forest approach this game with the right mentality (and formation) then we could profit from taking the game to them, whether our uber-cautious manager will instigate such a mentality in the side remains to be seen…

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  1. >If Forest approach this game with the right mentality (and formation)

    That’s hilarious! You *know* we’ll be playing an overcomplicated ineffective 6-3-1 diamond with wingbacks or something and half the team out of position of course.

  2. Well we all know that, but we can live in hope, can’t we? 😦

  3. I was supposed to be a travelling fan to the biggest game outside the premiership today, yet due to unforseen circumstances i am unable to attend. I thought that i would be annoyed at this.. yet when i think about it, i cant be bothered to watch my team (who could romp this league with attacking tactics) play a negative style of football in probable defeat, despite my negative approach there is always hope for a cracker-jack 1-0er.

  4. Whats this I hear about Portsmouth coming in with a 2m bid for Agogo?

  5. Tyson to Lincoln City. 20k apparantly. Bad news

  6. CC = TWAT

  7. Will someone explain 2 CC that when 1 up & 10mins 2 go DON’T change the team!!!

  8. Yiannaki iremise (cool off).
    I bet if he hadn’t and Leeds had equalised anyway you’d moan about him not putting in the extra defender.
    We should have had increased the lead anyway, and the ref finally gave them a penalty at the third time they asked.

  9. I’m tired of your moaning, people… Sorry, but I’m too optimistic as a person to go on reading this blog. It really breaks your psychology… The team played well (and not with 6-3-1 I understand), not defensively at all, and earned a good result away from home, being just 7 mins away from a big win. If you want to still go on shouting Calderwood out, be my guests, but I can’t take this anymore.
    And please, don’t tell me that I’m too far away to be concerned, I am closer than Yiannaki (lol) and I have been a Forest fan since 1977. I follow EVERY SINGLE Reds game nailed on my laptop, scream at every goal and biting my nails like you, who have a chance to watch the team live and either you squander it or are ready to boo. Sorry… I used to really like this place.

  10. I thought that was quite a positive (and strangely accurate!) preview.. suggested it had a draw written all over it, and to watch out for both Jermaine Beckford (okay, so it was a peno, but still!) and late goals!

    I should take up gambling…

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