A fly on the wall for the half time team-talk?

Courtesy of Stress and Pie – this made me chuckle away a good portion of my lunch break, much to the consternation of my colleagues when I tried to explain it!  Worked wonders for lightening my mood, then making me feel annoyed again because it’s probably not all that far removed from what really happens!  Still, enjoy!

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  1. Frightening truthful me thinks!

  2. Brilliant!

    CC clearly needs a lesson in PR. First rule of management – don’t bite the hand that feeds. Even if they spend all game screaming for your head, you offer nothing but praise and thanks for their continued brilliant support!

    I note that the evening post are highlighting the car park protest story, which only adds fuel to the fire. CC will learn his lesson and perhaps reflect back on it when he is warming the dugout in a lower league – not with Forest I hasten to add!

    Leeds will be up for it tomorrow night, there’s no doubt about that. Beckfords last game before suspension. Hmmm…

  3. It’s the Kinnear diaries all over again….. Methinks he’s lost it.

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