Can stronger Forest tame the Lions?

After last week’s disappointment, is that too weak a word?  Let’s call it a shambles.  After last week’s shambles, the pressure is on Smoulders and the boys to deliver a boost to our bid for promotion, and there’s a decent amount of good news to give Forest fans good cheer in the build-up for this pretty crucial game.

Of course, there’s the well-publicised loan signing of Will Hoskins from Watford, giving us a different dimension in the striking department.  As Smoulderwood has more options on the striker front it leaves many of us hoping that he sees this as a good reason to actually play two of them, in a striking position – well, you never know! 

Other good news is that McGugan has recovered from a slight injury, and Commons has declared himself available again after personal issues kept him out of contention last week.  This is a big boost to our midfield, which struggled in Bournemouth (understatement!), with very little shape or creativity.

Millwall actually only seem to have Harris on their books to play (and score!) against us.  The forward has been out the side since we drew 2-2 with them at The New Den not all that long ago, but is back in contention to return to his old stomping ground where our defence will need to be on its toes to prevent him continuing his record of scoring against us.

All in all, I’m almost excited about going to a match for the first time in a long time.  Almost.  I’m certainly looking forward to seeing Hoskins in action in a Forest shirt, and as ever at least partially live in hope that perhaps finally we’ll see a decent performance that can restore a bit of faith in a realistic promotion bid.

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  1. Everyones at home praying,but as usual you are spot on with your comments.We have to win tomorrow and I’m sure we will and I expect a draw at leeds,although a win would be justified after they robbed us of 3 points here.Lets hope we are all smiling tomorrow night……..

  2. I’m sort of excited about todays game, bit nervous though. If we lose, CC’s gone, but automatic promotion is a distant dream. However if we win everything is rosy and CC get a few more games to conspire to fuck-up our season.

    Each week there are 6 of us that watch forest. Today there are 3. The others “can’t be bothered while Calderwoods there”. Thats fair enough, I suppose. I’d rather they didnt go, than boo all game, which doesn’t help.
    But here’s the rub…I have tried and tried to persuade other people to use the 3 spare season tickets, but no joy. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY wants to give up their spare time to watch our team, even with a free ticket.
    And that my fellow trickies, is the sad truth these days.

    See y’all later; I’ll be the fat lad going mental when we score. (Or indeed going mental if Harris scores!)

  3. Mattyboy,

    Don’t let the club hear you say you would offer your ticket to someone else. In the words of Graham Taylor “Do they not like that?”

    They would rather it be empty and not filled with someone who would buy a pie, pint and add to the general atmosphere. (i’m still trying to work out the reason behind this)

    On a similar subject, I know someone (my dad) who would have had a half season ticket at Christmas if Forest saw fit to offer one like every other club. When we looked into it we were told they would be full price for the remainder of the season. Excellent value for money.



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