Hoskins to check in?..

I found myself really biting my tongue before posting this, because you have to be wary of the comments Forest make in the media about signings these days.  However, the Evening Post is suggesting that the former-Rotherham hitman has agreed a loan deal to join us, with the option to buy come summer, as the striker finds himself out of favour at Watford after joining them in a joint deal with Lee Williamson.

Also mentioned are Matty Fryatt, Billy Sharp and Freddie Eastwood – so, basically, every striker we coveted last season who had opted to move elsewhere rather than Forest.  So double the reason to be dubious, we’ve not exactly been brimming with luck when it comes to chasing players who we’ve failed to sign in the past already.  I guess basically I’m saying that I’ll believe it when I see it, I can’t bring myself to be excited by anything now after the January saga!

Assuming a deal is all but done, when the loan window opens on thursday that should mean we can conclude quickly and have the player available for the Millwall match at home.  Certainly I can understand Forest’s panic, after the reaction of the supporters at Bournemouth they will be keen to bolster the squad and try to appease increasingly irate fans rather than face their wrath at the City Ground – particularly if a Bournemouth-like performance is forthcoming on saturday.

At the end of the article Smoulderwood does offer typical words of caution, that we won’t rush into the transfer market (no shit!), and that our ‘heart and spirit’ is okay – well that’s alright then, if you think the heart and spirit of our abject showing last weekend is okay, Smoulds, then you have a serious blind-spot!  So keep an eye on the news, you never know, we might… just might… maybe… actually sign a striker!

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  1. A striker – wonder if he’ll play left wing or right?!

  2. NEP get something right shocker!

  3. Indeed! It’s confirmed!


    Although that says ’til the end of the season – I thought you could only loan players for a maximum of three months?

    Either way, welcome aboard Will!

  4. What about the “heart and spirit” of us, the supporters??????? Or isnt he sensing the frustration on the terraces????

    Managers, players, even Chairmen come and go but we, the life blood of the club dont appear to be relevent!

  5. Yeah, I remember all that rubbish last season about delaying James Henrys transfer so he could potentially play for us in the play-offs. Or was that for little Wrighty. Speaking of Henry though he’s signed for Norwich this transfer window. I’ll be keeping an eye on him no doubtly blosseming into a fearsome right winger for them as he didnt for us.

    Still all the heart and soul rubbish – you have to admit that I’m sure that moral is pretty low in that dressing room right now and the last thing that the ‘group’ will want to hear is there head teacher spouting off about how we need to bring more quality because we simply arnt good enough at the moment.

    Perhaps the new signing will be the freshening up we need to kick start that promotion push. We’ll see!

  6. It makes no difference who Calderwood signs he will not get the best out of them or play them in the correct position. Doughy will again learn the hard way and we fans as per usual will be the ones who suffer.

    We will not get promoted this season, I have lost all faith with them, and I think the players have either lost faith in themselves or the manager.

    RIP…. NFFC! (We are a footballing joke)

  7. Seems like a Jack Lester type to me, in that he likes to roll the ball into the net. A few headers and long-range strike too. God, I really hope this gives us the necessary shot in the arm for promotion this season.

  8. Jason, we are not a footballing joke yet, Leeds are worse – a fact – look & see. We will become that if we don’t go up & next year we look at the trap door (if these reserves don’t get vital CG 1st team experience). I know I’m sounding as a broken record but my beliefs are there.

    As for losing faith in themselves, I think not, maybe it’s as you said – in the manager & also management.

  9. never lose the faith !!! i was gutted after the result on saturday but today i paid 24 quid for a restricted view ticket for the leeds game !! it took 35 mins to get through on the phone as they were not selling them on line. I will now book customer visits on the tues and weds in the yorkshire area and travel down from scotland on the tuesday !! btw i am in Aberdeen on the monday !! its just the way it is.

  10. Some good goals in that clip you supplied Wacko Jacko – looks like an old fashioned centre forward to me – so no doubt d*ckhead CC will play him on the left wing then!!

  11. I read with alarm elsewhere that Boothroyd had apparently played him mainly on the wing for Watford… one of the reasons their fans hypothesised he hadn’t quite cut it there.

    Oh dear!

  12. Agreed NFFC. It’s not theat Boothroyd played him out of position that is the concern, it is that you can almost guarantee that CC will do the same!

    He looks like a good, natural finisher from those clips so he MUST be employed up front, with a strike partner in a proper 4 – 4 – 2. And not the diamond formation either!

  13. i heard that he was bringing hoskins in to replace lennon in defensive midfield. striker? you’re having a larf!

  14. No wonder we are all aprehensive.We want our players to relax and enjoy their football and show us what they can do,but if we drop points against milwall then smoulders days must be numbered…

  15. so never having seen Will Hoskins play can anybody tell me what kind of player he’s like???

  16. It’s not with intentional tongue-in-cheekedness that I liken him to Jack Lester…

    Check out the link below to see for yourself:

  17. Just watched Hoskins’s video clip. It’s apparent that the lad knows a million ways to put the ball in the back of the net and has an excellent composure in front of the goalmouth (something our strikers seem to lack of late). He knows what to do when it comes to a clearcut chance on goal.
    I’m not worried at the very least about where CC will play him. A good scorer always finds a way to unveil his art.
    And yes, nffc, on the pitch he looks pretty much like my ex-main man Jack “there’s only one decent” Lester!!! Plus he’s young, hungry for football having failed at Watford and if we get promotion he can go for a big contract, either for us or somewhere else. For all these reasons, I’m confident he can make a difference.
    Nathan and Grolt have been too unchallenged lately, I think some competition will do them good. In addition, Junior is having a fantastic ACN, and don’t be surprised if someone comes knocking at our door for him. I think he has already come to believe that he belongs in a higher league himself.
    So Will, welcome aboard and I certainly hope you open your Forest account against Millwall this coming Saturday, and/or vs Cheets on Tuesday.

  18. following Mark Arthurs comments…Why is HE still here??We can’t afford to wait until the end of the season to decide calderwoods fate.After the leeds game a decision should be made based on the performances in the next 2 games.We just CANNOT risk another year in this division losing money and our best players.TWO GAMES MR CALDERWOOD TO DECIDE YOUR FATE.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Bombshells!!1)Hoskins has now signed. He will not be available for the play-offs,2)we had already agreed a fee with Birmingham 4 Danns But when we got into negotiations with him and his agent, we did not get the impression that he was desperate to come to Nottingham Forest, therefore we pulled out of that.

    As repoted in the EP.

    What do we make about that now Forest Fans? Not that I’m suprised over Danns at all.

  20. So nffc, you are spot on – he will not be available for the play-offs if we fail to go straight up. Souds like this to me, – all or nothing. I think that sums it up, whether this is a smoke screen or not that what it sounds as – all or nothing & I believe at this moment in time that is exactly what we need since anything else hasn’t worked.

    By the way, how many local lads are now in the squad??? Probably more than the no of foreigners at the top Premiership clubs!!!! All we need now is Agogo to hurry up & win the AFC & get back 2 the City Ground asap 4 the Leeds match if possible & I hate the cliche but it’s a 6 pointer which will make or break either club. A draw will break both of us. Remember, I said Leeds will be found out just like we were & it’s begining to show.

  21. I’ve read somewhere that there is a loophole for loaning under 24 players that means we could actually truly have Hoskins to the end of the season, including playoffs. I can’t confirm that, and don’t have time to investigate it right now.

    So all hope is not lost!

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