Hoskins to check in?..

I found myself really biting my tongue before posting this, because you have to be wary of the comments Forest make in the media about signings these days.  However, the Evening Post is suggesting that the former-Rotherham hitman has agreed a loan deal to join us, with the option to buy come summer, as the striker finds himself out of favour at Watford after joining them in a joint deal with Lee Williamson.

Also mentioned are Matty Fryatt, Billy Sharp and Freddie Eastwood – so, basically, every striker we coveted last season who had opted to move elsewhere rather than Forest.  So double the reason to be dubious, we’ve not exactly been brimming with luck when it comes to chasing players who we’ve failed to sign in the past already.  I guess basically I’m saying that I’ll believe it when I see it, I can’t bring myself to be excited by anything now after the January saga!

Assuming a deal is all but done, when the loan window opens on thursday that should mean we can conclude quickly and have the player available for the Millwall match at home.  Certainly I can understand Forest’s panic, after the reaction of the supporters at Bournemouth they will be keen to bolster the squad and try to appease increasingly irate fans rather than face their wrath at the City Ground – particularly if a Bournemouth-like performance is forthcoming on saturday.

At the end of the article Smoulderwood does offer typical words of caution, that we won’t rush into the transfer market (no shit!), and that our ‘heart and spirit’ is okay – well that’s alright then, if you think the heart and spirit of our abject showing last weekend is okay, Smoulds, then you have a serious blind-spot!  So keep an eye on the news, you never know, we might… just might… maybe… actually sign a striker!