Lennon: Wycombe team-mates could walk into the Forest team!

It kinda rubs salt into the wounds, but after making his first appearance for the Chairboys, short-term Reds midfielder Neil Lennon has positively gushed with praise for his new side, stating that a number of them impressed him so much that he thought they could walk into the Forest team.  That said, that’s rather a veiled compliment given the standard of football our lot have been serving up of late.

Of course, Lennon himself should have been walking into the Forest side in my opinion – Smoulderwood himself said in the post-match comments I’ve just caught up with that our side at Bournemouth lacked experience.  Well no shit, Sherlock!  You let our most experienced player leave on a free because for some godforsaken reason you didn’t want to play him despite tangible evidence that we did better with him than without him!!!

I had been racking my brains to try to come up with something to post to cheer folk up a bit, because it’s been heated on the comments, scanning around the forums it’s still pretty heated on them, and BBC Radio Nottingham’s Matchtalk made grim listening this evening as well.  It seems we are approaching that point where our wits are pretty close to their end, and generally when that happens, it’s not a nice time to be a Forest fan.

But anyway, should any of the numpties purporting to be our scouting team be reading, according to Lenny it would be worth checking out Wycombe’s side for potential additions – you might still even have the directions in your SatNav from when you were scouting Tyson.  Perhaps I shouldn’t point them in that direction, knowing our lot they’d just come back with Gary Holt! 

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  1. Sergio Torres sounds like a good player. Sign him up Colin, I’m sure you could find a position for him and if not you could just make one up!

  2. And in our darkest hour there is still hope for a brighter future. For cometh unto us from the footballing mecca of Bromley is one Garath MacCauley…

    3rd paragraph from the end.


    He is the messiah! He is the messiah!

  3. He’s not the messiah! He’s a very naughty boy!

    In all seriousness though, that was very pleasing to read – I hope it doesn’t mean Smoulds rushes him into the first team before he’s ready (as he arguably has been doing with Thornhill and Sinclair).

  4. nffc, obviously you wrote this b4 the reserves report came out, Sinclair & McClearly both score…

  5. Dobie used to score in the reserves, though! 😆

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