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  1. we need to judge him at the end of season, it would unacceptable if Forest did not get promoted,playoffs or whatever. The position can change by just a couple of wins, this league is very poor.

  2. It is a very poor league and so are we!!!!

  3. Please please let CC get us through this season.

    The reason wea re so shit and low now is coz of all these managers. Lets have someone stick it out for a few years.

    We are still in third and lets just get promoted – if not well……

  4. I’m afraid we’re down to fourth now. If you look at the ‘form table’ then we’re around 12th… we’re falling fast, can Smoulds halt the decline? I’m not sure he can..

  5. No one actually believes he will get us promoted this season so what’s the point of keeping him on. A new manager will in the best case provide the necessay impetus for promotion this season, and in the worst case he will fail to deliver promotion but will have had the chance to get a feel for the squad and then be able to make the necessary changes in the summer.

    I don’t think that CC will actually get sacked before the end of the season, so I hope that he goes on to prove me (and most others wrong) by sealing second place, but I just know that it won’t happen – this is Forest, nothing good ever happens.

  6. Second!?! How the f*ck are we going to get second when we get one shot on target against the second bottom team? Why is it always so bloody difficult? 17,000 people can see it each week – we have the makings of a good 4-4-2 team, it’s how we would play naturally. If we did that week in, week out with the same 16 (bar injuries) everyone would know what they were doing and why. A defender should play in defence. A winger should play on the wing. The ball should be passed along the ground (that’s why we pay groundsmen to cut the f*cking grass), and should only be hoofed when aiming for row Z when clearing an attack from the other team. Oh, and players should have a spine that is strong enough to support their wallet.

  7. Well said Forest Forest, spot on
    my view is that he will go soon and another CC will take over
    Perhaps that idiot Arthur will make a good decision for once

  8. I’ve said it before, if we bring in Paul Ince that WILL get us over the line. He was a prick in his playing days but that’s what we need – someone who hates losing!!

  9. It’s not rocket science is it? 4-4-2 with players playing in their natural positions. How can we get the message thru to CC?? or is that a stupid question?!

  10. Should CC go now, mmmm, I’d love to say yes yes yes but what good will it do?? WackoJacko that should be ….nothing ever good happens …anymore. Don’t ever ever forget our glory years. I don’t know about the rest of you but all I want is out of this retched league and into the Championship to steady ourselves at a higher level with the players (but not the manager) we have. If we don’t go up, say goodbye to Commons, Agogo for starters (as well as CC – yes!!) Tyson, McGughan, Clingan could also be on their way out… Who’s left – a bunch of ace kids with little or no 1st team experience at the City Ground because of a naive CC sendng them out out & about & that’s it…..

    The trap door beckons for 2008-9 season if we fail to get up…

  11. 1 more thing, Jack Lester – why oh why did CC let him go – 2 old? if so why did he bring in Lennon? too costly – foolish move by the club, didn’t get enough goals? How’s 21 league goals this season sound? Too many cards – Heck, if he get 23 goals in a seson do we realy care that much? If he can get 23 goals what the heck with the cards, he gets GOALS!!! Now we read Bastinas is looking at another loan move, who blames him? CC stop mucking us around, stop making excuses & not including yourself in – his match comments he couldn’t admit he got the tactics wrong. START WINNING AWAY OR DISAPPEAR!

  12. Who plays where in this magical 4-4-2 formation with players in their natural position 17,000 of us can see is what we need?

    I’ll give you Smith in goal, Bennett at LB, Wilson at CB, Cohen in CM, Tyson and Agogo up front. What about the rest?

  13. Morgan/Chambers at CB
    Clingan in CM
    Commons LW (when he’s available again)
    Davies RW (maybe McCleary if he gets fit and impresses)

    Right not we don’t have a proper RB – I’d put Perch there personally, or consider recalling Moloney who’s playing well for Chesterfield by all accounts.

    The gaps (there are certainly gaps in cover) are down to the manager not filling them!

  14. Attention, Sam the Eagle will speak up his mind. If I am not wrong, a certain Mr Brian Clough got us promoted just on his 3rd season… And I can imagine people screaming at him at the time for playing Burns or Lloyd “out of position”.
    Chill out. Nothing is lost yet.

  15. Oh, and if I remember well “that” promotion was obtained on the last day of the season, and not with a championship title.

  16. vassilis as mentioned the great 1,no surprise there being he is in greece were all gods originate.so now the name clough as been spoken why dont we try and get nigel in?at least he would play football possibly even positive attacking football with people in the right posistions…please sir brian send us a sign of hope.

  17. Yep, it really is last chance saloon for CC. We’d all love to be positive because we ALL want the team to be successful and gain promotion but this is Deja Vu. CC is losing the fans big time and if we don’t perform against Milwall the calls for his head will grow louder.

    When we look back, it will once again be the failure to strengthen the team in the transfer window that will be cited as the reason for his downfall. Allowing a key, experienced player to leave and failing to bring in any notable signings is very disappointing.

    I totally understand not wanting to pay over the odds for Best but the club clearly believe he would be a great signing so why didnt they put their money where their mouths were?

    I feel that the team needs a couple of more experienced heads at this time and Lennon was just that. He can bring Brecks back into the team but the last throw of the dice may be to capture a couple of experienced players from the prem or championship on loan. I’m not sure what the loan rules are but we need good players who are going to be up for the fight.

  18. Strange to think that this time last week I was constantly checking Sky Sports News or this site for news on any impending transfers.
    Now I’m checking to make sure Calderwood has resigned.

    Mind you, it’s funny how earlier in the season there was a 50/50 split of opinion regarding Lennons’ value to the team. I couldn’t believe that half of my fellow trickies doubted him. Yet here we are and suddenly 100% think that without Lenny we’re doomed.
    Not quite, but certainly the longer CC stays the harder it’s gonna be to get in the play-offs.
    Let’s be honest here; Commo may be out for a while, Agogo will not fancy 3rd division football when he comes back, Tys is due an injury, thus curtailing his rampant run of goals(!), Chambers is suffering an “out of position” disease, as is Perch and Holt. Although to be fair both Chambers and Perch reckoned they’d be shoe-ins for center half and rightback at the start of the season.

    Just think, no promotion = players leaving.
    Agogo, Tyson, Commo, Sammy, Perch, Smith, Wilson, Cohen, all gone. To leave us with Wes, Benno and Mcgugan. And they’d only stay cos they’re local lads…

    We can all see the problems, and seem to be able to solve them fairly easily, so the Manager must see it too. The fact he hasn’t addressed it yet smacks of incompetence.

    One more thing, is David (“we’ve got him because he knows all the premier league clubs and will advise us of potential players” etc – Mark Arthur) Pleat still on the pay-roll?

  19. Shit.
    Just had a guesstimate as to how much money I’ve spent over the years following Forest home and abroad. (although the abroad bit seems a long time ago!).
    I’ve had some fabulous times, met some great people, and have memories that fans of a lot of other Clubs could only dream of. But if we dont go up this year my renewal decision will be made for me, I’m afraid.

  20. Who would have dropped out for Lenny is he’d still been around? Davies? Not been impressed with him at all. No place for McGugan? He’s not a RW though so where does he fit in?

    I just don’t see how 4-4-2 really works with the players we have. Commons is NOT a LW! We will NOT play 4-4-2 if you put Kris “out wide” on the left. He drifts in and you end up playing 4-3-3 or more like a 4-3-1-2 or 4-3-2-1.

  21. Tell him to stay on the left – he’s at his most effective there, in my humble opinion. easy!

    McGugan is cover for centre-mid.. I didn’t list all the players we have, just the positions you left vacant…

    Bastians is back from Notts too, who provides additional LW cover.

  22. I love u guys here. Still, the news is running all over the web that Hoskins is joining us on Fri unless CC shoots himself in the foot again (or is it as usual!!) so we see. What a result for the reserves, not one senior player in the team, only our GK coach, they win 3-2 away & guess who score? Sinclair (2) & McCleary. Sinclair’s 2nd was a rebound off Bastinas shot “fumbled” by the goalie. McCleary goal was a super top corner volley. How long b4 he hit’s the 1st team? I’ll keep saying it until it happens, these kids need 1st team experience @ the City Ground, not being shipped out on loan for it. CC must stick to his words & act on them 2.

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