The window closes with a wheeze and a whimper..

Hundreds of you were up late tonight, judging by the stats for this site, and looking at the “who’s online’ sections on numerous forums – alas, unless they are very late in making any announcements, Forest have once again spectacularly failed to bring anybody in at this critical point of the season.  To rub salt in the wounds, they’ve allowed the influential Neil Lennon to bugger off on a free!

The Leon Best saga never transpired owing either naive mindgames or a fixed idea of what the player was worth from Forest, and from downright greed from Coventry – who had only just got their hand in their not-particularly-deep pockets to pay up what they still owed for him to Southampton. 

Why on Earth we targeted Neil Danns, a man who has rejected us more times than I care to remember in the past, I’ll never know.  I imagine Neil Warnock is even now drafting a thank you note to us for making the groundwork in establishing the player’s availability, just as Gordon Strachan probably is as we kindly revealed Dundee United’s breaking point in selling their captain Barry Robson.

As for the ‘plan B’ and ‘plan C’ options, well, I can’t see them either – the late rumour of Billy Sharp had a few folk going, but it never seemed massively likely – unless it was on the cards should Bolton come in for Tyson, but to be honest, I can’t really see that happening either.  We need to add a striker, not swap one.

So we’re left with our signing from Bromley FC – and of course, the inevitable comments from Smoulds tomorrow about his cunning plans to make use of the loan system which is available from 11th February.  Yeah, I can’t wait to see what surprises you have in store for us there!  So now I’m tired, grumpy and will be shattered at work tomorrow – all for absolutely sod all!

Still, at least we got namechecked on the BBC rumours page during our vigil, greetings Jonathan!  At, because I don’t like to sound like a big fat whingebag, I found this video of our sole arrival in January on YouTube via a Forest forum, and it did cheer me up a little bit.  Garath McCleary certainly looks to have a bit of talent.  Chins up!

Some nice goals (and dubious celebrations!), but it doesn’t get me my lost sleep back – if anyone at the City Ground is reading this, I realise that we should have realised that absolutely naff all was going to happen this evening, but for future reference, if you could just remind us of this – in an official capacity – at about 10:00pm, it would be much appreciated.

NB. If it transpires that Forest refused to pay their webmaster double-time for a nightshift, and announcements of lots of juicy signings appear in the morning, then I reserve the right to retract my grumpiness!

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  1. one word………Disgraceful

  2. Harewood on loan??? Anything? Anyone??

  3. CC has lost the plot. There I’ve said it, unless we can get Hoskins in on loan in the next two weeks with the option to loan still there, we will see.

    I am completely stunned that we haven’t signed a striker of good quality of the very least.

    Its ridiculous, and for once CC has failed in the transfer market.

    If Hoskins does not come in very soon, kiss promotion goodbye

  4. At least it was an entertaining evening on the blog nffc! The irony here is that not only am I knackered now, but I have to get up early in the morning (doh! Later on..) & travel to Coventry! Maybe I should pay Mr Dowie a visit………must go now, feeling very slee……zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  5. Absolutely pathetic.

    We have 16 senior players at the club, one is in Africa and another is suspended for Bournemouth.

    The short-sightedness is absolutely astounding. What happens when we get an injury, especially in forward/midfield areas? Can’t they remember last season when Clingan, Tyson and Agogo all missed the run-in? What shape will we be in if something similar happens again this year?!

    I thought the managers idiotic tactics would keep us down but this will probably be the nail in our promotion coffin. With a tough run of away fixtures coming up it wouldn’t suprise me if we missed out on the top 6 all together.

  6. Indeed, another January slides by with no activity, another 4 months of nail biting matches, results, predictions on future fixtures, etc. to go before the end of all our hopes (or indeed failures) is realised. For all our moans and anxieties (I include myself as a loyal Forest Fan), I would love to be a fly on the wall in some of those meetings where “Officials” of a certain club meet with other “Officials” to discuss business. Were we just a bit crap and amateurish in the conference room, or was it more that Dowie was indeed the W*nk*r we all put up with on the BBC ever now and again. Well I for one hope that something does turn up tomorrow, if not lets hope Hoskins “comes home” as it were. Otherwise we could well be playing Swindon (seemingly good at the moment and again from the West Country, the only link I could think of) in the playoffs and you know how good we are at them. Good night NFFC, sleep well (right)!!!!!!

  7. I read something about Harewood on one of the forums… apparently conversations were had, but his wages were rather prohibitive, and Villa were rather unprepared to cover any of them. So highly unlikely.

    Although he was at the game on tuesday night. I am 99% sure he won’t be seen in a Forest shirt this season. Happy to be proven wrong, but doubt I will be.

  8. Right. Regarding the Hoskins thing, or any other potential loan…

    The longest we can loan anyone for outside of the official Transfer windows is 3 months.

    If we were to bring someone in on the 11th of Feb (when the loan window opens) then their deal would expire on May 11th, thus missing out on any potential play-off games. So, if we are bringing people in on loan then it probably won’t be until the very end of Feb, so their deal would cover the Play-off final on May 25th.

    Which means missing; Bournemouth, Millwall, Leeds, Swindon, Carlisle, Orient.

    I’ll say it again, Absolutely pathetic.

  9. join the yellow card campaign

  10. This club is pathetic…..we are going to get the same old crap from the club about how they tried to sign players but the deal wasn’t right…………why doesn’t th club grow a pair and take chance!

    Automatic promotion is a no goer and I personally think we’ll struggle to stay in the playoff positions as we are bound to get injuries!

    Sometimes I really can’t be arsed with this club!

  11. OK, I know it’s well past all of our bed times and we have sat up in the vain hope that something interesting was about to happen, but let’s get some perspective here.

    If we take Tuesday night as an example – Breckin, Agogo, Davies, Cohen, Lockwood and Perch were not in the starting line up. So as a club, we are not exactly short of options are we?

    Look at how many players Leeds have signed in January and look at the downturn in their results that have occured at the same time. New signings at this time do not signify success (remember Darren Huckerby anyone?). I don’t here many Man U or Arsenal fans complaining because they have not signed anyone whilst Chelsea have make 2 or 3 additions.

    The only area where I would have liked an addition was up front where I felt Sinclair made little impact when he came on on Tuesday and maybe the club will address that with a loan at a later date. In all other areas, I am happy with what we have got.

    To me, the club deserves (some) credit for keeping Commons, Tyson etc despite supposed interest from higher division clubs and the fact we have not rolled over and paid silly money for Best seems sensible to me.

    As always, the proof will be whether we get good results in the coming weeks. Despite not making any additions, I still maintain that our squad is the best in the division and if CC cannot get us out of Division One with the players he has already then I’m afraid he should be sacked.

  12. I have to agree with Barow on this one. Best is a good player, but certainly not worth breaking the bank for. The Bromley lad looks pacy, which is a good thing for when Tys gets injured next week.
    My only gripe is that we saved 18 grand a week at 9pm last night letting Lenny go (big mistake IMO) so why didnt we spend that on a top strikers loan wages? If prem reserve striker had come in and notched 10 goals in 3 months that wouldve been money well spent.
    But in all other areas of the pitch Barrow is right, we have good enough PLAYERS to get promotion, in spite of the manager.
    Off to work now, no doubt I’ll have a blazing row with an imaginary Calderwood sitting next to me in the car over tactics again though!

  13. Club is a joke, haven’t they learned from last season.

    Deadwood do us a favour and leave, nobody likes you, your tatics are shit, you team selection is shit, your formations are shit, your spin is boring and you can’t even strengthen the squad when it clearly needs strenthening. Bloody shambles i tell ya

  14. Barrow Red is right. We are not short of quality players when you look at who wasn’t playing on Tuesday. I would have liked Best to join but if Coventry aren’t going to sell for double the money they spent, sod em.
    I know we are all disappointed that new blood wasn’t bought in but Colin is here until the end of the season at least, so lets get behind the team on the pitch for the rest of the season.
    3 points on Saturday and life will be good once more.

  15. After hoping & hoping & hoping, well should have konown better, CC fails again. Lennon goes (the Leicster git as another Red in Cyprus puts him), no one brilliant comes in, only an ace kid from the conference (& he ain’t that young either) so it’s time for CC to put his words into action – he’s not been sending out our kids to get 1st team experience for nothing – The time is now to start throwing them in & seeing how they cope. We have no choice now because if he doesn’t & we fail to get anyone on loan (most likley) then we will fail again and CC will go & get lost. B4 you start calling for Pearce – forget it, unless he’s RED as his blood I don’t see him coming to take over the hotchair. Ooof, @ least I can now concentrate on work….. (it 11.01 CY time by the way, 9.01 over there)

  16. The failure to strengthen the squad (given our managers stated need to add a striker even before Dobie was sold) is unforgiveable. Our squad is now weaker, lighter and at the risk of being made impotent if we start picking up any injuries.
    Calderwood is a negative manager who is holding back this team rather than moving it forward. Players are constantly played out of position and he will keep flogging the 4-3-3 system even when it is obvious it is not working in a particular match. We are 11 points behind Swansea & if Leeds hadn’t had their 15 points deducted we would be 13 points behind them (albeit with 2 games in hand). That means that in real performance terms this season, we are actually no where near an automatic promotion place on merit, and that alone should see the manager sacked right now.
    Given our position in the league the lack of transfer activity is a total failure in managerial performance & by the board. If we do not get promoted this season (& I have my grave doubts) then this failure in the transfer window can be cited as one of the main reasons.
    Piss Poor Performance by a Pitiful Plonker.

  17. It’s 2.39 here, I’m still in a bad mood but I’m getting over it, the fact CC has failed again to bring anyone in except the kid.

    That’s the problem, we have 2 many kid’s & all we do is send them out for experience & bring them back in only to send them out again for more experience.

    Ruddy heck, when do they get 1st team experience at the CIty Ground. Look at this way, if McGughan, Thornhill & sinclair can make positive impacts, what about the rest.

    How many of you follow the reserves or the kids, I can only follow them over the web but I can see already that they can & have produced the goods. We send them (the reserves) out to a top-of-the-table clash with WBA with only 1 senior player & they come back with a 5-1 away win & WBA are a league above us. There also unbeaten drawing just 1 game. The kids go to places like MAn Utd & Liverpool & give them a run for their money. The under 18’s are top, clear of Sunderland in 2nd & teams like Newcastle & Middlesbrough in the league.

    CC, I’m not going to call him names, yet!!, but he brought in Lennon for what? He came for the challenge, found out the kids are better than him & ran off 2 Wycombe!! Does CC take note, er no I believe.

    We need a new signning just to give us an edge, nothing else I believe. We’re 3rd with games in hand on most teams who are challenging us. Only the Swans & Carlisle are on the same games as us so we know where we stand against them. As for Leeds, I’ll say it again, if there 15pts behind promotion they can feel unlucky BUT it’s the administrations fault they have that deduction but do they believe if they didn’t have that deduction@ the start, they’d be where they are???

    Enough said, I believe we need the kids to be thrust in b4 it’s 2 late & a new experienced face just to push us in the right direction.

    I want to get to a promotion party – OURS – but is CC capable of doing so??? I want 2 be proved wrong….

  18. Yes another striker is essential if only to allow the ball to stick up front, CC insisits on playing a 4 3 3 system which from a defencsive point of view might work but from an attacking P O V it prevents us from keeping hold of the ball. The Swansea game was the perfect example, in the second half not only were Swansea the best team to come to the C G for years with the fast, switching game without giving the ball away but every time forest did get hold of the ball we just gave it them back. CC has to relise that playing 2 strikers next to each other gives us more chance of allowing the rest of the team to join in….and we’ve proved that once on top in a game we tend to score and go onto win at a canter. Forget trying to accomadate, Cohen, McGugan and Clingan..please have the balls to play a 4 4 2, play Davies and lets attatck teams from the start. C C has admitted himself that when we get ahead in games we generally go on and win (SO LETS PUT A TEAM OUT THERE PLAYING A FORMATION THAT ALLOWS US TO GET AND GET THE GOAL!!!!)
    One last thing if we are to add to the Sqd by loan then lets look at a forward who’s strengths are keeping hold of the ball with his back to goal, mobility and the appitite to succeed.

    OK thats me done but come on we can all see wht needs to be done.

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