And so the excuses begin…

Some actual soundbites from the Forest officialdom have appeared in the Evening Post – so my initial suspicions that Messrs Arthur and Smoulderwood had a couple too many drinks and nodded off at around 9pm are perhaps unfounded and a little bit mean – predictably, our attention is inevitably drawn by our chief executive to the loan market, and the infuriatingly predictable ‘Matt Thornhill getting in the side is like a new signing!” rhetoric.

“We will discuss our options on Monday,” said Arthur. “We will look at other potential targets after discussing with the manager who they might be.  Arthur said:

“The transfer window might have closed, but we can still sign players on loan in a week’s time.

“We made what we felt were two very good offers for two players. But we knew that if Celtic showed an interest in Robson we would be fighting a battle and we made what we felt was a good offer for Leon Best.”

Now, I do agree that we made good offers for decent players – what riles me is that we left it too late.  If we had made these offers earlier in the month we would have known sooner whether they would be successful, and been able to revert to a plan B.  As it is, we waited, and waited, and ended up with nothing.  Less than nothing, because Lennon has gone as well – fed up that he can’t get in the side when he clearly gives us much needed stability.

We do, on our day, have a very good squad – and if Agogo comes back revved up from the African Nations then great – but once again a mid-season transfer window opens, Forest honestly admit they need to strengthen in key areas, and once again they completely fail to do it.  Our transfer dealings have been made to look spectacularly unprofessional with the misguided use of the media to stir up interest.

What’s worse is, I didn’t get nearly as much sleep as I need so am feeling absolutely shattered.  If the Best bid was turned down, which was reported long before the window closed, and Forest opted not to pursue it, then why didn’t they mention they were giving up for the night?  We all could’ve had a bit of a moan and then got some sleep, rather than waiting up like hopeful idiots until the deadline.

Right, now that’s out my system let’s get back to the bread and butter of the matter – we go to Bournemouth tomorrow, who are struggling.  It is imperitive that we get something to cheer about, and a convincing win here will do just that – so I’m going to focus on that now I’ve had a chance to moan.  Tomorrow will be an all-too-rare away trip for yours truly, so updates will be sporadic now until Sunday.  Peace out.

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  1. Nothing new here – Mark Arthur – possibly the biggest bullshitter in world football, remember the “we’re serious about promotion, are you?” rubbish – doesn’t know his arse from his elbow. I heard a vicious rumour that Notts cricket were glad to see the back of him? Anyway the point I’m trying to make is as the chant goes, we’ve seen it all before and in this case heard it all before. The mans a buffoon and to be fair to players playing in better leagues, would you really want to come down to Forest to play the teams we get at the City Ground these days?

    Excellent site by the way. Came across it via Left Lion and as I’m stuck out in Oman its a great source of info about the once mighty reds – keep up the good work fella.

  2. I am sick of the clubs excuses, they have taken the p*ss out of me and many others for too long, I for one do not believe a word that comes out of any 1 of those 3 muppets who feed us this bullshit. The two clowns who run the show never have and never will truly care about the welfare of this club; every piece of crap that comes from the club is perfectly timed with the dramas that they themselves create in the first place. “Serious about Promotion” “New Stadium,” “We Have a Good Enough Squad to go UP,” “5 Year Plan” and the best of all, the all new “Premiership Within 3 Years” it’s all just propaganda, and the sooner people begin to realise that this club is going nowhere while these buffoons are in control then the quicker we can move on and maybe get someone in who does care.

    We may be third in the league but I am not naive enough to see what’s looming, we’ve been playing average at best for the last 2 months and have only managed 1 away win in 10 games, tell me is that promotion material? We bring in someone of Lennons experience to steady up any crumbling nerves when it counts, what do we do, let him go. I fully appreciate he was on a big salary, I am also aware that he went awol but didn’t Calderwood himself say he would not be judged and would be given time to sort his problems out. What follows is that the club decide to not play him again, probably designed to unsettle him into wanting to seek pastures new. Lennon, given a run in the team would of had a huge impact on the team, but he was never given the chance. I don’t buy into the “legs had gone” theory, pace simply was never his game anyway, he was never a box-to-box man, we all no what is game was about so I won’t go on. Case example, Swansea bullied our midfield until he come on and then it steadied, tell me is that coincidence?

    I personally feel the Lennon capture was more a design to get ticket sales up again, once realising this was not working they start making life awkward for him until he decides enough’s enough.

    Don’t be fooled into thinking the club did us a huge favour when bringing in the likes of Wilson, Cohen and Davies, we all know where that money came from, and if that money hadn’t of come in, the chances are they wouldn’t have been playing in a Forest now.

    Doughty has run this club into the ground, and if it weren’t for the trend in buying clubs and seeing the rewards, he wouldn’t be showing a mini revival (impression of ambition) in using the clause fee’s to get out of this mess. A tiny amount of investment here and their leads people into thinking that he’s doing a grand job, and will eventually lead us to glory, when in reality it’s nothing but a stunt.

    This club needs a clear out from top to bottom, a fresh input with healthy investment, ok, doesn’t all clubs want the latter, but come on, we’ve got many things others do not have, and that’s history, unique settings overlooking the Trent, that does not need uplifting and moving, (whether be true or not) I maybe getting sentimental here but we deserve more for our money, and they can’t provide it or they think we don’t deserve it, then move over.

    We won’t gain promotion this season, and when you go back for the first game next season you will be watching the game in front of gates at around 14,000, hopefully then, many more will be drawing the same conclusions, that all is not well at.

    I for one am hoping the Americans interest in us is serious, because if anything did come of it, I’d be first at the City Ground gates waving these two jokers off.

  3. Mark Arthur is the thorn in the side here, since he has been at the Club (circ 11 years) what have we done, Notts CC were glad to get rid of him and they vastly improved once he had gone
    Incorrect managerial appointments and a total lack of understanding of how the football circus works
    Remember the same happened last year with Southall:
    doing well although not playing attractive football with Southall the driving force from the wing – this up to Christmas
    Southall goes to Gillingham on the CE’s instruction as he would not give him a 2 year contract
    CC did not want him to go and allegedly had to take him off the team bus outside a NW ground on the day of the match- he was on the team sheet
    We went downhill from then on

    Lennon is a direct copy although it is probably CC who wants him to go – obviously he does not like a player who can pass to a red shirt instead of hoofing it down the middle. What a loss

    So we have a tactically inept manager who can’t motivate a good selection of players or play them in the right positions and a very naive and incompetent Chief Executive

    God Help us
    ps another week coming of ifs and buts, maybe’s and scrapping for points
    Oh i wish we could play like Swansea, even if we didn’t win

  4. Sorry, I disagree. Our current squad is strong enough to get promotion – think of all the players who were not in the side on Tuesday. HOWEVER, I am not convinced by the manager’s ability to actually get us up. He needs to stop tinkering, he needs to change his approach to 4-4-2 and most of all he needs to pick positive attacking teams (particularly away from home). Grant Holt played up front a fortnight ago and suddenly looked like his old self. Why force him to play on the wing – madness.

    There may be a different slant to this – our club continually bids for players they know they can’t get and so this month’s bids for Robson & Best may be a little bit of a red herring. Doughty’s past record suggests as soon as he loses confidence in a manager, the money dries up (remember Hart / Kinnear). Could it be that CC is heading the same way?

  5. Were you disagreeing with me, i thought i echoed the same sentiments about the players as yourself
    The problem is that although i dearly hope that CC moves on do we really believe that Doughty and Arthur can recruit a manager (based on past record) that play the way the paying public want us to, do their homework first (should have investigated the reputation CC had with the Northampton fans)

    in summary i think the majority of Forum fans agree that:
    The players could be good enough
    Play Grant down the middle
    Play 4-4-2
    teach, coach the goalkeeper to use the ball constructivly
    sammy needs to attack the defense not just clear up in midfield
    motivate Kris to play more that 1 match in a month that means anything
    Find a shape not just allow people to go anyway on the pitch
    Practice, practice on sharpness in front of Goal
    Give Davies a run
    Stop giving the players Horlicks at half time or at least motivate them

    sorry its starting to be a rant

  6. Anyne else think Beestonred has a chance at the managers job when/if it comes up? Only kidding of course but there is some seriousness behind the quip. I’m a long way from home but if anything I’m hearing the same thing from a lot of different people. Why are players played out of position? Why is it that a Forest team with ‘good’ players compared to the vast majority of the teams in this division and on better wagews etc etc don’t seem to be able to get themselves out of the position Forest are currently in. How come we can see that yet the management ‘team’ cannot?

  7. I think we should print out beestonreds “wishlist” and

    a. Send a copy to CC as he could clearly use it.
    b. Print it on an enormous flag to pass round the crowd to remind the players and management what should be going on.
    c. Take out a full page advert in the evening post…

    Whilst i’m in a moaning frame of mind, am I the only one getting fed up with Radio Nottinghams post match interviews…

    “Well Colin, you’ve just lost 3-0 to Bournmouth in a must win game, but there wasn’t really much you can do and I guess you take some positives from it etc etc etc”

    Cheers Chaps,


  8. Well is anybody really shocked we didnt land anyone this is just a year in year out scenario. Forest are renowened for opening there mouths and blowing off hot air all talk and no action. I truely would have laid good odds that we were not going to buy anyone. Forest seem to try to do everything on the cheap and at the last moment, and this is aclub supposedly desperate to climd out of this division.,but why should theywhen thay get good gates good support in this one. Forest are now a club with no vision andare quite happy to dwell in obscurity

  9. I don’t want to comment on the running of the club because I dont know the facts. It’s disappointing that no-one has arrived but I don’t think CC really wanted another striker to compete for 1 place in the team. Calderwood comes accross as a likeable bloke in his interviews but I have no faith in his selections, formations, substitution and ability to motivate / inspite his team.

    We should revert to 4-4-2 immediately. Play full backs at full back instead of centre backs, choose the best 2 centre backs, 2 natural wide players on the wings, 2 central midfielders, one holding and one pushing on and 2 strikers – one to aim at and to hold it up one with pace. It’s dead simple! All the best Forest teams in my lifetime have played in this system. Below is what I would send out at Bournemouth but you can bet CC will persist in putting square pegs in round holes!

    Perch, Chambers, Wilson, Bennett
    Davies, Clingan, Cohen, Commons
    Holt, Tyson

    subs, Wes, Brecks, Thornhill, Sinclair, Lockwood

  10. Ha Ha Ha. I can’t believe we all fell for the spin coming out of the ground recently. I think terry is right, the club (or at least Arthur) are happy to have gates of 18 thou in this division, being the big boys and Arthur carrying some sort of ‘big club kudos’ with him into other boardrooms.
    But we all know that if Calderwood carries on to the end of the season as he has so far there isn’t a cat in hells chance we’ll go up. And that I’m afraid will spell the end of mine and I supsect many others association with Nottingham Forest. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll always love my Club. But I shan’t give it any more of my time or money.
    The only reason I renewed this season was because of Lennon, Cohen and Kelvin. Commo stayed, which I was also happy with. I honestly believed we’d walk it this year with those players, and the likes of Sammy and Junior.

    well, Lennys gone, Commo will soon follow and if the club think they’ll hang onto the likes of Agogo, wilson and Clingan for another year of 3rd division football then they’re even bigger dicks than I had ’em down for.

    I feel like screaming. It’s so fucking easy Calderwood; you know your best 11, we tell you every week. Play them in their best positions, tell’em how good they are, tell them NOT to hoof the fucking thing up to Tyson (particularly if he’s being marked by a 6’5 defender) and let them enjoy their football. After a couple of resounding 4-0 wins and the crowd going wild you’ll wonder what all the fuss was about.

    Either that or fuck-off and swap jobs with Martinez. And take Arthur with you.

    Rant over

  11. It is dissapointing as every fan looks forward to new signings to raise the interest and expectation for a little while but when Agogo comes back i think we will be strong enough in attack. I think however it is a crying shame that Best didn’t join as when you have a player willing to drop a division and decrease their pay to come to us is worth an awful lot. thank god Danns went elsewhere because i think his lack of commitment to the club would have been evident in his performance.

  12. Well, I thought of us Greeks being big moaners but I’m glad we have strong opposition in the UK.
    Just tell me what you guys would be saying if the club was not third in the league but, say, 6th or 7th. All of a sudden Swansea, a club that didn’t beat us this season but has to thank their goalie for not leaving the City Ground pointless, has become a role model. All of a sudden Bobby Martinez has become the next Brian Clough.
    And arguments of childish style: “Come on CC, play your best formations, we tell you every day which one it is”. Do you people really have the slightest impression that you know the team better than the manager??? For God’s sake. Maybe you are on the training ground, the dressing room and the physio room every day, so please accept my apologies if this is the case.
    Should the club keep Lennon, who at a stage left for Scotland to sort out “family problems”? Is this professional behaviour? Didn’t he know where Nottingham was when he was signing (on a big salary mind you)? How do you guys know whether or not the man was still interested in training? Should the club fork out more than 1,5 million for Leon Best, a player whom most of you describe as “unproven”? Could we really beat Celtic in the Robson race (Champions League vs League One)? And nffc my friend, are you really serious that WE have revealed the Robson situation to a club that rules Scotland in the last years??? Give me a break.
    About our away record: Never been that good anyway. And if you ask me, the team is losing much less easily than in recent years, which is a fact. When has Forest in the recent past turned almost around a game when losing 2-0 after 85 minutes?
    Doesn’t this squad deserve some credit for having an almost perfect record at home? Did you forget last season, when end January we had already three losses at home (Oldham, Scunthorpe, Leyton Orient) with 1-9 goals in those games? Now what is promotion material? If you don’t have a strong home ground you don’t get anywhere, as experience has shown.
    Counter-rant over. Blame me for being too far away and not knowing what Im talking about and you’re all set. But I don’t think that being a Forest fan for more than 30 years makes me less interested.

  13. Mattyboy, we did not all fall for the spin.

    I have not been since the end of last season and am not missing it at all, after 14-years+ a season ticket holder.

    Sad but true.

  14. I’m so pleased to see that my friends and I (scattered amongst the CG) are not the only ones baffled by Calderwood’s team selections and formations.

    It was disappointing not to join in with the fun of the transfer window and I think it’s obvious that an additional striker is needed but ultimately this squad is good enough to get Forest up and might still do so despite Calderwood.

    Even if we had signed Best he would have made a crap right back under Calderwood’s masterful vision!

  15. Vassilis, fair play and respect to you. But I don’t consider myself childish to have suggested that Kelvin wilson should not be playing left back ahead of Lockwood. (Kelvin is this divisions outstanding centre-half). Nor is it childish to think that Holt may be out of position playing out on the wing when we have much better options in that position. I can see the reasons we’re struggling away from home, why can’t Calderwood? And we’ve hardly hammered teams at home either. In fact, no team has come to the City Ground this year in fear of whats in store for them, quite often we’ve looked like the away team!

    No, I’ll never ever boo the team. They are the best players we’ve had for some time. It’s the manager.
    My son (11 years old) sits just away from me now with a couple of his mates and even they can see the problems on the pitch. I reckon they’re justified in making childish arguements about formations!

    I’m keeping the faith Vassilis, it’s just getting harder and harder!

  16. As expected, fans are having their normal post transfer window rants. Nothing new here, it is probably happening up and down the country at most clubs. All fans moan about the chairman, manager, formation, team, etc – it is what we do best.

    Personally, I think we’d be better off getting behind the team. Granted we’re not setting the world on fire, but we’re doing okay and things are pretty steady, albeit the top seven places are all very tight and a few poor results could change the things. But we don’t lose many games or concede many goals (in fact few can compete on this basis), so we just need to start converting draws in to wins and get more clinical in front of goal.

    It would have been nice to bring in another striker, but I think we are capable of succeeding with Agogo, Tyson, Holt and Sinclair – plus we have Commons and Davies who are both very attacking. Maybe McCleary will feature, maybe not, but from the footage I’ve seen he’s a bargain – might be useful off the bench to spark something?

    I think we bid far too much for Best, besides which Coventry had no intention of accepting our bid unless it was really silly money. It’s a shame as I like us having fans/locals as players; it usually leads to pride, committment and loyalty. We already have Morgan, Wilson, McGugan, Bennett, Commons & Perch, so that is a very good base to build upon – Bennett in particular exhibits the pride and 110% do or die attitude that I refer to.

    Hopefully we’ll do a deal on Hoskins (he too is a local) and that will shut up all the moaners! “I’m disappointed too and have many reservations”, but can’t see what good it does bitching and being negative – especially the incessant booing I hear at games. If you really must boo, save it until full time – surely even those with limited brain power (i.e. the fuck wits) realise that booing doesn’t inspire the players to perform better?!

    I think that the fans make the players nervous and twitchy, especially if we don’t have our noses ahead by 30-45 mins in, certainly just after half-time. They worry about making mistakes and that is when we stop playing proper football, go on the back foot and end up not getting the desired result. I’m usually a stick rather than carrot man manager, but firmly believe in this instance that the stick just makes things worse!

    So come on guys, we’re third in the table (not third bottom) with a game in hand over second place. We played well in the first half against Swansea and well again in the second half once Holt and Tyson switched, so lets get behind the boys and cheer them on to victory. Fingers crossed we win convincingly at Bournemouth! :o)

    PS – I do agree that Lennon leaving is potentially a mistake. He certainly settled a rocking ship when he came on against Swansea and as our midfield is quite attacking, not sure who else has the time, experience and composure to fulfill this role when it is needed? Clingan is perhaps the only one, as don’t think Perch is the answer.

  17. Red thru and thru says
    The comments about players in their rightful positions I agree with.
    Playing 442 i agree with
    Not sitting back and attacking teams I agree with
    Failing to add players in the transfer window I can agree with
    But why do folk include Mark Arthur in their criticism. I have said it before mark is chief executive of the club. Criticise him for the ticket arrangements, the state of the ground, the catering or indeed the car park, but not the running of the side. This is down to CC. and to a lesser extent the chairman who provides the money for signings.
    In my experience Mark is committed to the club and as his pay would be based on turnover, saying he is happy in this league is codswallop. I hate to say it but it is this big club mentality which some fans have which is holding the club back. if you don’t like it get down pride park.

  18. If Mark Authur is responsible for the catering then, i’ll be writing him a letter. The catering in the main stand is a total joke.

    Food bars always running out of food, 3 people working in the bar, chaos with the queues and people pushing in etc. It would be easy to solve, before it turns nasty (and one day it will)

    The season tickts in the centre of the main stand aren’t cheap and for that money we are treated pretty poorly. So, if transfers etc are nothing to do with him, it’s about time he started doing his job.

    If he spent as much money on staff for the bar as he does on staff walking around outside to stop people smoking in the car-park, we would be able to get something to eat and drink.

    Anyway, that’s totally off-topic. I was just getting fed up of talking transfer window (or in our case transfer one way gate)


  19. John, of course many fans are including Mark Arthur in their criticisms.Yes CC picks in many fans opinions the wrong formations and gets rightly criticised if it goes wrong. But as CE I would assume MA has the final say on transfers? This month they have hardly been a success, have they. Part of the problem is the spin he puts on a situation, rather than telling us the truth.
    And as CE I guess he has control of the club on behalf of Mr Doughty? Well the ticketing arrangements you refer to have been laughable in recent years. Okay, they’ve never been great, but surely a good CE would address the issue and improve it? The standard of food service round the concourse is awful. Okay the stewarding has improved this year but a guy near me swears for england during a game and gets ignored, while my old man was asked to leave the ground because he was seen rolling tobacco. Not smoking, rolling.
    I could go on. Fact is, I don’t think he is doing a particularly sterling job and if he worked for me I’d sack him for consistantly failing to achieve set targets.

    Your support for Mark Arthur is admirable – I assume you are friends – but please don’t tell me I have big club syndrome and ask me to go to Derby. I just want to get value for my money and enjoy my football.
    Actually, your last sentence really pissed me off!

  20. Will there be ‘We want Arthur Out’ chants against Bournemouth and Millwall?

  21. Just before I disappear for the weekend, it’s my understanding that Mark Arthur is in charge of contract negotiations – so the offers we make to clubs and players alike.

    Now, I think we can agree the targets we had would’ve been more than acceptable – presumably Smoulds chose these, the money was there to buy them, so the inevitable Doughy-criticisms seem off the mark… that only leaves one cog in the machinery of transfers that doesn’t seem as well-oiled as it should be…

  22. For what it’s worth I agree with Scran-I really don’t think this is the big deal so many people think it is. Robson was realistically never going to join once Celtic had come in and Coventry’s valuation of Best was just farcical and I’m glad we weren’t suckered for that amount of cash.
    The long and short of it for me is that we still have one of the top 2 squads in the division and Commons or Davies can play upfield in a front 3 if we get desperate before Agogo returns. There should be options for loan players coming up and personally, I’d rather see us bring in a striker on loan as cover for the end of the season if necessary rather than panic and buy someone just for the sake of it. The transfer window now seems to get everyone too manic – I remember when there were no transfer restrictions in place we often went whole seasons with no signings. Now it seems that because it’s there everyone has to sign someone.
    The problems for me is not that we haven’t got good enough players, more the fact we try at least 3 new formations every game and there is no consistency in the selection of players we have already got – I’d rather see CC pick his 1st XI and stick to it before we start trying to bring more in….

  23. That’s a very fair point… more players = more tinkering opportunities for Smoulderwood!

    Whilst there’s a great deal of truth in your words, the part you missed was the communications from the club before and during the transfer window that they were intending to add to the squad, which they promptly didn’t in a spectacular display of last-minute unprofessionalism. That’s what’s riled me.

  24. at least we kept Commons and Tyson …but then Commons can walk on a free if we dont get up ….thats ok cos Im going to join him

  25. hey.. i dont want to sound ignorant here.. but can any1 tell me whether the umours about kri commons and the awful family loss hes suffered are true..therby meaning hes unavailable for the next few games.. jus heard a rumour.. lets hope Krissy is ok at this time if indeed the rumours are true

  26. Apparently Eddy thats true. Not going to guess/speculate as to whats happened but from a footballing perspective I do hope he plays today ‘cos he is playing very well and we need his creativity in the team.
    If he doesn’t play I assume the rumours are true and he is going to need a supportive club and fans behind him.

  27. Time for Calderwood today. I’ve backed him up until now but his comments on Radio Nottingham today showed that he actually is totally clueless. He stated that our ‘inexperienced showed’. Of course it did Colin… and who let our experience leave on transfer deadline day?… oh you did! A player with Lennon’s pedigree will never be happy twiddling his thumbs on the bench. Calderwood should have been playing him regularly… his ability to shore up the midfield was demonstrated on Tuesday night against Swansea when he came on. He calmed things down and the period that followed was arguably our best spell of the match. So what does Colin do?… let him leave!

  28. If Calderwood leaves now, the impetus of a new manager may be enough to get us over the line and promoted. Wihout this, we are just staring down the barell of another play off failure. Calderwood is a nice guy, he’s put together a good squad of players and shipped out a lot of the old rubbish, but he is not the man to deliver promotion for a club in the predicament of Forest. It took him 3 seasons at Northampton, but at Forest even if by some miracle he pulls it off this season the fans will see it as a season too late. He needs to go now, so we still have a realistic chance of promotion this season. I thik that if we fail this time around we will be stuck in this league for many years to come and that will be disastrous in every respect. I almost hope that we lose against Millwall to get him sacked, but I know we won’t, we will win and then scrape enough points after that to finish in the play offs and we all know what will happen then. I feel so sorry for the fans that went to the match today, it must have been a terrible day. Also, Arthur MUST be sacked as well. Calderwood can be blamed for his tactical and motivational short-comings as the manger of the team, but the continuous mismanagement of the club as a whole for the entire period of Arthur’s reign as chief executive is completely unacceptable and he must also pay the obvious price and lose his job. OUT OUT OUT.

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