And so the excuses begin…

Some actual soundbites from the Forest officialdom have appeared in the Evening Post – so my initial suspicions that Messrs Arthur and Smoulderwood had a couple too many drinks and nodded off at around 9pm are perhaps unfounded and a little bit mean – predictably, our attention is inevitably drawn by our chief executive to the loan market, and the infuriatingly predictable ‘Matt Thornhill getting in the side is like a new signing!” rhetoric.

“We will discuss our options on Monday,” said Arthur. “We will look at other potential targets after discussing with the manager who they might be.  Arthur said:

“The transfer window might have closed, but we can still sign players on loan in a week’s time.

“We made what we felt were two very good offers for two players. But we knew that if Celtic showed an interest in Robson we would be fighting a battle and we made what we felt was a good offer for Leon Best.”

Now, I do agree that we made good offers for decent players – what riles me is that we left it too late.  If we had made these offers earlier in the month we would have known sooner whether they would be successful, and been able to revert to a plan B.  As it is, we waited, and waited, and ended up with nothing.  Less than nothing, because Lennon has gone as well – fed up that he can’t get in the side when he clearly gives us much needed stability.

We do, on our day, have a very good squad – and if Agogo comes back revved up from the African Nations then great – but once again a mid-season transfer window opens, Forest honestly admit they need to strengthen in key areas, and once again they completely fail to do it.  Our transfer dealings have been made to look spectacularly unprofessional with the misguided use of the media to stir up interest.

What’s worse is, I didn’t get nearly as much sleep as I need so am feeling absolutely shattered.  If the Best bid was turned down, which was reported long before the window closed, and Forest opted not to pursue it, then why didn’t they mention they were giving up for the night?  We all could’ve had a bit of a moan and then got some sleep, rather than waiting up like hopeful idiots until the deadline.

Right, now that’s out my system let’s get back to the bread and butter of the matter – we go to Bournemouth tomorrow, who are struggling.  It is imperitive that we get something to cheer about, and a convincing win here will do just that – so I’m going to focus on that now I’ve had a chance to moan.  Tomorrow will be an all-too-rare away trip for yours truly, so updates will be sporadic now until Sunday.  Peace out.

The window closes with a wheeze and a whimper..

Hundreds of you were up late tonight, judging by the stats for this site, and looking at the “who’s online’ sections on numerous forums – alas, unless they are very late in making any announcements, Forest have once again spectacularly failed to bring anybody in at this critical point of the season.  To rub salt in the wounds, they’ve allowed the influential Neil Lennon to bugger off on a free!

The Leon Best saga never transpired owing either naive mindgames or a fixed idea of what the player was worth from Forest, and from downright greed from Coventry – who had only just got their hand in their not-particularly-deep pockets to pay up what they still owed for him to Southampton. 

Why on Earth we targeted Neil Danns, a man who has rejected us more times than I care to remember in the past, I’ll never know.  I imagine Neil Warnock is even now drafting a thank you note to us for making the groundwork in establishing the player’s availability, just as Gordon Strachan probably is as we kindly revealed Dundee United’s breaking point in selling their captain Barry Robson.

As for the ‘plan B’ and ‘plan C’ options, well, I can’t see them either – the late rumour of Billy Sharp had a few folk going, but it never seemed massively likely – unless it was on the cards should Bolton come in for Tyson, but to be honest, I can’t really see that happening either.  We need to add a striker, not swap one.

So we’re left with our signing from Bromley FC – and of course, the inevitable comments from Smoulds tomorrow about his cunning plans to make use of the loan system which is available from 11th February.  Yeah, I can’t wait to see what surprises you have in store for us there!  So now I’m tired, grumpy and will be shattered at work tomorrow – all for absolutely sod all!

Still, at least we got namechecked on the BBC rumours page during our vigil, greetings Jonathan!  At, because I don’t like to sound like a big fat whingebag, I found this video of our sole arrival in January on YouTube via a Forest forum, and it did cheer me up a little bit.  Garath McCleary certainly looks to have a bit of talent.  Chins up!

Some nice goals (and dubious celebrations!), but it doesn’t get me my lost sleep back – if anyone at the City Ground is reading this, I realise that we should have realised that absolutely naff all was going to happen this evening, but for future reference, if you could just remind us of this – in an official capacity – at about 10:00pm, it would be much appreciated.

NB. If it transpires that Forest refused to pay their webmaster double-time for a nightshift, and announcements of lots of juicy signings appear in the morning, then I reserve the right to retract my grumpiness!