We’re not signing Robson…

Because it appears the lure of Celtic will take him to Glasgow instead, which is no great surprise.  It was suggested that Strachan had cooled his interest in the Dundee United captain, but I guess the bid we launched yesterday forced his hand into action – once the player has the options of us or Celtic, there’s really no choice, is there?

I wondered whether Robson was a mitigation for losing Commons, which should mean that – assuming we don’t have another player lined up for that purpose – it would be high folly for us to accept any bids for Krissy regardless of how lucrative given the shortness of his contracted time with us.  Of course, such a scenario isn’t exactly without precident *cough* Southall *cough*, so hopefully we’ve learned our lesson.

So there’s another glimmer of hope and optimism extinguished – what the next twenty-four hours will bring remains to be seen, probably a further dose of frustration, irritability, arguing on internet forums and ultimately no signings – and so shall end another glorious transfer window for Nottingham Forest FC.

Of course, should my grumblings come to pass, I might moan a bit less if we get a resounding win on saturday against Bournemouth!

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  1. Show me where Celtic have even bid for Robson?

    All they are trying to do is get the best price and IMO Celtic wont be in for him, you’re brave making a story with that title.

  2. Brave or stupid 😆

    I’d be delighted to be wrong… I fear I won’t be.

  3. Good morning, it’s 9.35 cy time & still now signings, not long left now, just 17hrs now and ticking in the wrong direction….

    We’ll see, no answer from D Utd yesterday when they said by noon. Doesn’t sound 2 good.

    tick tock tick tock tick tock…..

  4. Were we ever going to sign him…. more like the club new of situation and the likelihood of where he would end up….. I know what will get the fans off our back, we’ll put a silly bid in for him and it will look as though we are showing to ambition.

    The club is run by incompetence and are taking us all for a ride as per usual.

  5. well satd craig

  6. sorry ‘said’

  7. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/articles/sport/football.html?in_article_id=511431&in_page_id=1779&ct=5 according to this paper it’s done. Nothing on sky yet or elsewhere, any one wanna look 4 Celtics website? (10.47cy time)

  8. http://www.fansfc.com/frontpage/frontpagenews.asp?newsid=180249. V.Interesting if this is true…. hot off the rumour mill look as we got our “Best” man.. soz 4 the pun but couldn’t help it.

  9. we all know what’s going to happen; Commo is off to QPR and Robson was to be his replacement, except we aren’t going to get him are we. So back comes Bastians, and there are CCs two flying wingers, Felix and Holt.
    Has Lockwood been dropped? And Davies? If Lenny is on his way out too then it doesn’t say much for Colins marvellous summers buys, does it.
    I’d play Locky ahead of Bennett (no offence to Julian, he has a huge heart, but given a good run in the team Lockwood will start to show his true class). I’d get Lenny back in, our best run of results were with him and Sammy together. And I’d play Cohen every match, even if he has an off-game that boy is quality. If Lenny has lost the desire to play for us, ship him out and let Perch have a couple of games there to see if he can cut it. And I definitely would NOT play Holt on the wing. NO NO NO.
    Colin, you’ve done the decent thing and dropped Breckin so we know you can (eventually) see whats staring you in the face. Here’s another; Holt is NOT a winger. I’m just surprised you haven’t tried him in goal yet.
    How about 3-5-2?
    Smith, Kelvin wes and Chambers, Best(or lewis) Cohen Sammy Perch and Commo(?), Junior and Tys. Bench of Locky Lewis Sinclair Holt and…Richardson!

    How come i’m not a manager, eh?!

    CC’s ideal team is starting to look like

  10. Just ckd Celtic’s site – NOTHING on Robson going to them, not even mentioning an offer….

    Meanwhile EP reports we’re still waiting on both Robson & Best, the clocks still ticking, about 14hrs 20min 2 go….

  11. & I should be working but I can’t concentrate….

  12. Not good, CC really needs to be ckd out…. Leeds have signed another striker, this time from Stockport. Only terms & med to be done. Meanwhile silence from the CG…

  13. Yiannak, stay calm!
    I predict 3 blockbusting signings a minute before midnight, thus putting all us doubters firmly in our places!

  14. LOL. mattyboy, that would b great but who is the mystery 3rd????

  15. oops. Sky has just said it look as if Celtic have nabbed Robson. Player + cash. Terms & med are what’s left…

    If so, we’re left only with Best where the stumbling block is CC – Coventry not Colin.

  16. It says on the BBC website that the 1.25m bid for Best has been rejected.

  17. And an unofficial CC webpage says they want a striker in first before they let him go and the bid was rejigged, not a new bid…

    The saga goes on….

  18. Coventry can’t sign anyone because of the embargo for not paying for Leon Best! They are basically sucking us dry… and they have been linked with Alan Lee of Ipswich for £700k (which is damn cheap for that quality).

    There will be no activity as per usual, it’s all just speculation as ever…

  19. Sam, you’re not on this planet. Coventry’s embargo has been lifted since about a week ago. But that is part of the reason why they want more dosh…

    As for specultion, that’s all we got…

  20. So we go for Alan Lee then…?
    Coventry have been absolute arseholes over this deal. If he comes he better be worth it!

  21. I am imagine if Fryatt or Hoskins are coming it will be on a loan deal which can still be concluded next week, so the saga may rumble on!

  22. SIGN SOMEONE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Sorry Wacko Jacko, but we are not signing anyone.

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