Rumour alert… Billy Sharp?

Please note the use of the word rumour.  Two sources, both forums, one Blades, one Forest (albeit posted by a Leeds fan – odd!).  Unclear whether it’s a permanent or loan move, given that it’s unclear whether it’s just a load of tosh, I suppose we can forgive this lack of clarity.

Certainly it would cheer me up a bit, despite the unkind description on the Blades site… but I’m not holding my breath!  I restate, merely passing on a tidbit of gossip, I’m not claiming there’s any truth in it and I know no more than what is posted in the links above.  I’ve got everything crossed, though!

If it turns out to be a wind-up (probable!) then it’s just another reason to dislike Leeds!

Aside from the on-the-face-of-it unrealistic suggestion that something positive could happen today when we’re all geared up for a good moan, there’s a worrying comment around Tyson and Bolton on the Blades forum.  It’s probably all bollocks anyway.

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  1. Oh well only another 1 hour 10 mins until the madness is over and the forums will be full of deadwood, Doughty and Arthur out threads. Fully justified might I add

  2. Good evening NFFC! I’m getting more nervous by the minute. It doesn’t help that I have about 50 web pages open at once searching for transfer news/rumours/malicious gossip!!!! The BBC website is quite amusing if you are looking for some good banter whilst biting the nails!

  3. Alright Shaun!

    I’ve had half an eye on it, I get the feeling the poor chap in charge at BBC website HQ tonight is a Forest fan… poor sod, sat there reporting on everyone elses dealings whilst all is quiet on the Forest front.

    No different to us I suppose!

  4. Hi NFFC! Yeah, Jonathan Stevenson is his name – I managed to win a copy of the “Provided you don’t kiss me book” from the beeb & had contact with him back then regarding that! I guess at least he’s got something else to do other than soley worry like us!! As I have said before on another post, fantastic site, please keep it up. But if we have no signings come midnight I’m off to bed to sulk…

  5. The BBC journo is Jonathan Stevenson – well known for some possibly ill considered articles about Forest in the aftermath of “Yeovilgate”, which have made him unpopular with certain sections of the support. Ruling the club with hindsight!!!

    Personally I’m intrugued with these “Wayne Rooney seen outside the city ground with a signed contact poking out of his top pocket and a fresh forest tattoo on his slopey forehead” rumour mongers. Do you think this is their only opportunity to be noticed throughout the year, only to fade to the background until August 31st?

  6. Instead of sitting up ’till midnight waiting for some news that isn’t going to come, why not tune in to ESPN at 11.30 and enjoy Forest v QPR from 94/95 season instead?

    ‘Two great clubs of English football played out a typically entertaining fixture in what would prove to be their last great season in the top flight. ‘

  7. Thanks for that Aylesbury Red – I don’t have ESPN!! DOH! 😦

  8. Sorry about that Shaun!

    It’s nostalgic viewing, the trent end is half built, Psycho just went through Ian Holloway, Collymore and Roy up front, Stevie Stone on the wing and Kingsley Black going round in ever decreasing circles….Those were the days!

  9. Maybe someone should give Stan a call? Thats got to be better than nothing……hasn’t it?!!!!!!!

    Anyway, I’m getting all watery eyed with your nostalgic match report!

  10. You just got a shout out on the BBC site!

    “I just checked out a well-known Forest blog and they’ve got an eye on this page for updates too. People, I’m trying really hard. I’d bend some spoons if I thought it would help. Latest mentions are Sharp, Eastwood and McLean. Oh, and Marlon Harewood!”

  11. Quote from the afore mentioned Jonathan Stevenson

    “I just checked out a well-known Forest blog and they’ve got an eye on this page for updates too.”

    Cross calibration at it’s finest!!!

  12. Well, at least we managed to dominate the BBC website, unlike some of our matches this season! Cheap gag, but it made me feel better!…

  13. Well-known, eh? Blimey.

    I’m very honoured. Fat lot of good it did us, though. Still, I’m sure Smoulds will be quick to remind us that we can use the loan system, and then promptly not bother!

    Or maybe they’re tired of our cynicism and will announce a shock double-signing in the morning to teach us a lesson?

  14. That’s that then. Our January messiah is the lad from Bromley. FFS!

    For the record Shaun we won 3 -2 with a kingsley curler, a sliding tap in from the Dutchman and Stanley Victor with a fine winner – You reds!!!!!!!

  15. SLAM – was that the transfer window closing or the sound of Forest’s season going down the pan again………..

    Somebody tell us something……….PLEASE!!!

  16. Thanks again Ayelsbury Red – at least I’ve got some happy thoughts to help me get to sleep now! Maybe we’ll have a nice surprise in the morning……….we might have signed a manager………………SORRY, that’s the bitter, cynical side coming out of me. Maybe I should relax & go with the flow, Smoulds must know what he’s doing eh?…Think that’s me done with this waiting lark – til next time my friends – Yoooouuuuuu Reeeeddddddsssss!

  17. Nighty night Shaun!

  18. Harewood on loan? Young Nigel as Assistant Manager? Is this a wind up???

  19. I bloody hope not, I’d just finished me cocoa…….

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