I’m gonna wait ’til the midnight hour…

… which I realise is a completely fruitless pursuit, as I type there are four hours remaining of the transfer window, after which we can spend a month speculating and foaming-at-the-mouth about potential loan signings.  It would seem that today, as I posted last night, Barry Robson did indeed opt for Celtic – and who can really blame him?

The Leon Best saga rumbles on, with Coventry really rather taking the piss with their valuation of a player they paid £650k for in the summer – turning down another bid (reported to be £1.2m – but who knows how accurate that is?), despite Dowie apparently resigned to losing him for the right price.  All this on the back of him getting shot of Kevin Kyle and Dele Adebola!

Given the magnitude of the bids in question, it’s hard to criticise Forest’s ambition – two million-pound plus bids (reportedly), and whilst we could be cynical and suggest neither targets were likely to materialise, I think that would be a step too far.  That said, it’s infuriating how late in the day we seem to have left our dealings again.

I realise selling clubs will hold out ’til late to maximise their likely returns – however how difficult can it be to give the team you want to do business with a call and say “Ay up, mate – how much d’you want for the player, then?” – sure, you might not offer that, but it should stop this seemingly pointless to-ing and fro-ing.

Alas, though, there’s nowt to report – and I’m consigned to another night of sitting up later than I ought to through fear of missing out on a breaking piece of news!  Any sensible person would of course ignore it ’til the morning when all will become apparent, but I never claimed to be a sensible person!

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  1. you are not alone in your fruitlless vigil …..this is a desperate indictment on whoever is doing the actual negotiations
    becuase our technique is surely the issue . i suspect this is not claderwood but the corporate pwerhouse ARTHUR
    im available !

  2. One Down….Lennon has gone to Wycombe according to the official site.

  3. Lennon to Wycombe Wanderers?!?

  4. aaarggghhh …its the hope I cant stand !

  5. John Cleese – Clockwise. Right Rob? ‘It’s not the despair I can’t take, it’s the hope!’

  6. We have had all bloody Jan to add quality to our side but again have failed. Our club is fooking shite, more spin than parliment.

    Exactly the same as last season, tyson will get injured, Agogo probably the same and this will leave Holt and Sinclair upfront, no desrespect to Sinclair but this isn’t going to scare defenders is it.

    We then have a backup goalie who is 37 and is the coach and by all accounts wasn;t much of a player before he became a coach.

    How come at the start of Jan Deadwood says he wants to quality players in asap. It is now the 30th Jan and we have signed fuck all, that McGleary weary bloke doesn’t count because let face facts, if you are 27 and you are at Bromley, doesn’t that say something.

    God help us if we get an injuries, at least soemthing good might come out of this, it give us more reason to get rid of Deadwood and his tatical wizardry, not

  7. At least here in the Carribean I don’t have to wait ’til midnight as I am 5 hours behind you,but the suspense is just the same.Whatever happens I hope we thrash bounemouth on saturday !!!!!!!I’ll just have another look at Newsnow……………..

  8. must admit it is looking bad!! been looking forward to the best announcement all day and it now looks over… real shame as it would be nice to have a striker that wants to wear the shirt..!

    I had hoped that Tyson would go to Bolton but that looks doubtful.. I am bored now of his promises to score goals.

    at least commons is still hear, and no-one has come in for sammy or lewis..

    why doesn’t davies get a game? and what’s with putting commons on the bench?? I think Ca;derwood has lost it – I spoke to some Northhampton fans after thw 2-2 and they had his tactics were lacking and he had no bottle…

    I reckon get Nigel Clough in..!

  9. y o y o y o y o y o y do we have to put up with this crap from our once great club?! All of the clubs around us are strengthening (even WALSALL have brought someone in!) while we let the kind of level head that would have settled the team in that awful playoff semi walk out of the door? J O K E.

    They really need to pull something out of the bag now or all we’ve got to look forward to is a limp to a play off place and more disappointment in the play off’s.

    I am SO disenchanted with football right now although that also may have something to do with my 6-a-side team getting battered 4-0 by the bottom of the league team. 😦

  10. We can still get emergency loans in of course.

  11. Oh yeah, I think there’s a week delay, and then the speculation can re-start in earnest!

  12. Strong rumour on Sheff Utd boards and some other forest sites Billy Sharp done deal at Forest.

    This would cheer us up hey?

  13. You just beat me to it! But yes, it would cheer me up no end!

  14. Can’t see this happening to be honest, this it is a wind up, when you think about it, it is quite funny that every forest website is jam packed with users all hoping for the same thing.

    We all know deep down that nothing will happen so what is the point is staying up till midnight. They have had 30 days to sort stuff out.

    Sad but Funny I know

  15. Me either, it’s something vaguely positive to think about for the next hour-and-a-bit though!

  16. Mr B – I understand that McGleary is 20, not 27.

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