And it’s goodbye to Lennon…

I kinda thought he’d be off, but after a late appearance against Swansea wondered if perhaps he would see out the season – but today Neil Lennon has gone to Wycombe Wanderers on a free transfer.  Smoulders spoke of wanting the midfielder to stick around, but was understanding – and hardly reassuring – of his desire for regular first team football.

So it seems that Lenny was a bit of an expensive mistake, in terms of wages.  He has been a bit like Marmite to Forest fans, I ‘get’ what he brings to a side, and I defy anyone to argue that we looked more composed with him on the field than without him.  So I’m disappointed to see him go, and frankly, since he played in exactly the way I expected him to – why on Earth did we sign him in the first place if that wasn’t what was wanted?

Lennon now links up with former team-mate Paul Lambert at Wycombe, and personally I wish him luck and am disappointed to see him leave.  Could it be that once again we are set to see out a January transfer window without any incomings, and a significant outgoing (not withstanding the lad from Bromley) – or is this news launched with plans for another announcement to quell unrest?  Who knows.

I guess if Lennon really wasn’t part of Smoulderwood’s plans, then given the wages he’s likely to be on it makes sense to get rid – that said, I can’t think Wycombe are matching our wages to him so presumably he goes with a likely payoff from us as well.  So farewell, Neil – thanks for your efforts and sorry it didn’t work out.

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  1. The two former forest gingers in the middle of the park for Wycombe then, Holt and lennon, mmmmmm exciting

    So hope we get someone in now, I thought after Tuesday night a couple of signings were a must, we looked a bit weak in areas to me.

  2. Is Lennon this years Southall then? It’s quite sad really as it seemed like such a coup for us to get him. It will be very interesting to see if he speaks out like Dobie did once he’d gone.

    I really hope that the Leon Best thing goes through for the lad’s own sake. Is he going to spend the rest of the season being booed by his own fans? Dowie said that he thought the lad had been badly advised and at the minute I’m inclined to agree with that. This whole saga has been dragged out in public and it has not shown Forest’s transfer dealings in a very positive light at all.

  3. I for one am feeling worried now. No new news on signings, the Best deal looking like it is fizzling out and now this. I’m not wanting a whole raft of signings as I worry they would unsettle the side at a time when we need consistency, but with Lennon going we are looking like a pretty threadbare squad now. Sure he (and to a lesser extent Dobie) wasn’t the first name on the team sheet, but he was experienced head that would of been useful to bring on in a nervy playoff final say.. We need to bring someone in in the next few hours or else we are piling a heck of a lot of pressure on the players we have left. One illplaced injury and we could be in a bit of a mess..

  4. Lennon always struck me as a mardy git, which when on the pitch I thought was pretty useful as it was bourne out of a desire to get a 100% out of those around him, but I can imagine (though have no evidence to substantiate this) that if he wasn’t being picked for the team regularly that this side to his character could get pretty disruptive and unsettling out on the training ground and in the changing rooms, especially if, as rumoured, he didn’t exactly agree with the way the players were being lined up by the manager. Alternatively, he could just have wanted to play regular football, Calderwood could not guarantee it, and so he left without any real fall out. What I do know is that he would have been a useful player in the playoff semi against Yeovil last season and so I hope a similar situatin doesn’t develop this season where we are left kicking ourselves for letting him go.

  5. In fairness to Lenny, I think you’d be hard pushed to find a single person at the City Ground during a game who agree with the way players are being lined up by the manager! 😆

  6. Absolutely, I certainly don’t!

  7. nffc I’m with you on the Lennon issue. We’ll miss him away at Leeds, Carlisle etc. He didn’t give the team shape, the team shaped around him because he didn’t move far to do his job.

    It is strange that Calderwood brought him in to do that job, then didn’t let him do it – though the full story behind the whole breakdown/running off to Scotland episode could explain things.

  8. Just over two hours to go. I can literally take the excitment and am sat fully in my seat not troubling the edge at all.

    Looks like last years shambles in the transfer window hasn’t been learnt from.

    Lets just hope we’ve learnt the other lesson from last season “If we are lucky enough to scrape into the play-offs and somehow get a flattering 2-0 away win, make sure you don’t throw it all away with crazy tactical decisions at home”

  9. Sell sell sell.

  10. I’m not bothered about Lennon going as we have better players than him. He was never really committed to forest. He was over rated as player and is very limited. He holds, covers and passes the ball no more tha five yards to the nearest player even if he is free or not. Sammy can do all that plus a lot more. Not bothered about robson either as he was always going to celtic. I am bothered about the lack of forwards though. Let’s hope the lad from Bromley comes good real fast. Two points from nine is a worry and we need to go on a run now or we could get sucked down very quickly. Can we do it ? Can Colin do it ? Leeds and Carlise (twice) coming up as well !!! The joys

  11. At least Leeds have lost manager and top forward – although they’ve signed 4 players today!

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