Rumour alert… Billy Sharp?

Please note the use of the word rumour.  Two sources, both forums, one Blades, one Forest (albeit posted by a Leeds fan – odd!).  Unclear whether it’s a permanent or loan move, given that it’s unclear whether it’s just a load of tosh, I suppose we can forgive this lack of clarity.

Certainly it would cheer me up a bit, despite the unkind description on the Blades site… but I’m not holding my breath!  I restate, merely passing on a tidbit of gossip, I’m not claiming there’s any truth in it and I know no more than what is posted in the links above.  I’ve got everything crossed, though!

If it turns out to be a wind-up (probable!) then it’s just another reason to dislike Leeds!

Aside from the on-the-face-of-it unrealistic suggestion that something positive could happen today when we’re all geared up for a good moan, there’s a worrying comment around Tyson and Bolton on the Blades forum.  It’s probably all bollocks anyway.

And it’s goodbye to Lennon…

I kinda thought he’d be off, but after a late appearance against Swansea wondered if perhaps he would see out the season – but today Neil Lennon has gone to Wycombe Wanderers on a free transfer.  Smoulders spoke of wanting the midfielder to stick around, but was understanding – and hardly reassuring – of his desire for regular first team football.

So it seems that Lenny was a bit of an expensive mistake, in terms of wages.  He has been a bit like Marmite to Forest fans, I ‘get’ what he brings to a side, and I defy anyone to argue that we looked more composed with him on the field than without him.  So I’m disappointed to see him go, and frankly, since he played in exactly the way I expected him to – why on Earth did we sign him in the first place if that wasn’t what was wanted?

Lennon now links up with former team-mate Paul Lambert at Wycombe, and personally I wish him luck and am disappointed to see him leave.  Could it be that once again we are set to see out a January transfer window without any incomings, and a significant outgoing (not withstanding the lad from Bromley) – or is this news launched with plans for another announcement to quell unrest?  Who knows.

I guess if Lennon really wasn’t part of Smoulderwood’s plans, then given the wages he’s likely to be on it makes sense to get rid – that said, I can’t think Wycombe are matching our wages to him so presumably he goes with a likely payoff from us as well.  So farewell, Neil – thanks for your efforts and sorry it didn’t work out.

I’m gonna wait ’til the midnight hour…

… which I realise is a completely fruitless pursuit, as I type there are four hours remaining of the transfer window, after which we can spend a month speculating and foaming-at-the-mouth about potential loan signings.  It would seem that today, as I posted last night, Barry Robson did indeed opt for Celtic – and who can really blame him?

The Leon Best saga rumbles on, with Coventry really rather taking the piss with their valuation of a player they paid £650k for in the summer – turning down another bid (reported to be £1.2m – but who knows how accurate that is?), despite Dowie apparently resigned to losing him for the right price.  All this on the back of him getting shot of Kevin Kyle and Dele Adebola!

Given the magnitude of the bids in question, it’s hard to criticise Forest’s ambition – two million-pound plus bids (reportedly), and whilst we could be cynical and suggest neither targets were likely to materialise, I think that would be a step too far.  That said, it’s infuriating how late in the day we seem to have left our dealings again.

I realise selling clubs will hold out ’til late to maximise their likely returns – however how difficult can it be to give the team you want to do business with a call and say “Ay up, mate – how much d’you want for the player, then?” – sure, you might not offer that, but it should stop this seemingly pointless to-ing and fro-ing.

Alas, though, there’s nowt to report – and I’m consigned to another night of sitting up later than I ought to through fear of missing out on a breaking piece of news!  Any sensible person would of course ignore it ’til the morning when all will become apparent, but I never claimed to be a sensible person!

We’re not signing Robson…

Because it appears the lure of Celtic will take him to Glasgow instead, which is no great surprise.  It was suggested that Strachan had cooled his interest in the Dundee United captain, but I guess the bid we launched yesterday forced his hand into action – once the player has the options of us or Celtic, there’s really no choice, is there?

I wondered whether Robson was a mitigation for losing Commons, which should mean that – assuming we don’t have another player lined up for that purpose – it would be high folly for us to accept any bids for Krissy regardless of how lucrative given the shortness of his contracted time with us.  Of course, such a scenario isn’t exactly without precident *cough* Southall *cough*, so hopefully we’ve learned our lesson.

So there’s another glimmer of hope and optimism extinguished – what the next twenty-four hours will bring remains to be seen, probably a further dose of frustration, irritability, arguing on internet forums and ultimately no signings – and so shall end another glorious transfer window for Nottingham Forest FC.

Of course, should my grumblings come to pass, I might moan a bit less if we get a resounding win on saturday against Bournemouth!