Best deal set to run to the wire, but there are contingencies..

An interesting revelation in the Evening Post today.  It’s not new news that Coventry are playing silly-buggers over our offer for Leon Best.  Whilst the figures being touted are – I suspect – somewhat inflated from the truth, the Sky Blues are clearly holding out ’til the last possible minute to try and squeeze (extort?) every last drop of value they can from a young lad who wants to leave them.

The interesting bit of the article was that we have apparently already agreed a deal in principle with Watford to bring Hoskins in on loan with a view to a permanent move, presumably if Best isn’t allowed to move.  I wonder whether this may be linked to the sell-on clause that would have been activated by Marlon King’s move to Wigan from the Hornets.  Either way, Hoskins in my view would be a very solid addition to the squad – and fits with Smoulderwood’s pattern in targeting Nottingham-linked players.

Less exciting is the fallback position of Matty Fryatt (or ‘Fatty Diet’ as he’s affectionately known by fans of Leicester reserves).  The article reveals we attempted to get him at the same time as Benno from Walsall, which is no surprise – we were widely linked with him at the time.  Although it would seem that Fryatt is more of an assumption from the journalist rather than anything linked with actual approaches – unlike the Hoskins story which suggests that some kind of discussion has already taken place.

So perhaps this January we may not be left seething that our activities have come to naught, indeed, if it comes to it I wouldn’t be adverse to securing Hoskins on loan and acquiring the services of Leon Best if Coventry decide to play ball.  The fact that the player has made it abundantly clear he wants out, and there seems to be fairly limited interest in him from elsewhere, would seem to give Forest the upper hand in this one.  We shall see.

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  1. Hoskins can go whistle for me… the lad is average at Best… pardon the pun, regardless of league position I am not even sure he mustered up a single goal at Milwall, and by all accounts he’s got the wrong attitude. I’d much rather have Matty on board, I’m confused as to why you feel he would be less of an acquisition then Hoskins. He possesses much more league experience, which was also a division higher.

    Should the worse happen and we don’t manage to pull off the Best deal, I’d be inclined to sign up Fryatt and Sean Thornton. Thornton maybe a short-term fix, but he would provide some much needed creativity on the right wing. Something that we have evidently been lacking, Davies for me has simply not delivered the goods.

  2. If the Hoskins deal is a loan, why not just sign him anyway? It would probably make Coventry think that we are not as desperate as first appeared and will force their arm into doing a more reasonable deal than they are holding out for. Also, Fryatt, though not quite cutting the mustard at Championship level was a prolific goalscorer (I think) at League one level and I would be more than happy with his acquisition.

  3. My only reservations on Fryatt are his fitness – he’s apparently picked up weight whilst languishing at Leicester.

    I think judging Hoskins on his time at ‘Wall is premature – there he would’ve been feeding from scraps… I would hope (albeit optimistically!) we could offer him more service than that.

    Fully agree Best is the better of our options though.

    Thornton would be a decent addition assuming we can control his attitude – I’ve heard nothing about his availability nor our tracking him, though.

  4. Hmm, best news of the last 24hr though is Wise off 2 Newcastle. Expect a Leeds collapse!!! Any further news on those Scot league players from Dundee Utd & St Mirren?

  5. If Bassett is in charge at Leeds until the end of the season I wouldn’t put it past him to pull promotion off – he has done it before so many times. I do, like everyone else, hope that the Leeds promotion wheels come off but am not counting on it.

  6. I agree that we should secure the services of both particularly as we don’t know what frame of mind Agogo will be in on his return after playing with the likes of Essien for a few weeks.I hope the positive Forest side play today…..A win would be fantastic but I feeel a draw coming on. I hope I’m wrong…….

  7. what a saga waiting around for this prolific scorer of goals 3 in 16 outings now that is some return. Are forest reallystupid or is it that they think that we are, i am really not sure.All i know is that this is typicle forest dithering as usual. I have advercated that forest should have gone after aproven goalscorer in the shape of Jack lester but it seems once smalderwood asrejected someone he cant bring himself to do an about turn. forest play swanseatonight and theywill lose , and i predict forest wont go up again this season

  8. Terry Mellard excuse me, which club do u support? By the way Jack Lester is one of my favourites but was never a “proven goalscorer” while at Forest, and I mean a man scoring like 12-15 goals a season.

  9. this is not related to your article but Steve Claridge has just done a piece on Chris Cohen and i thought it may be of interest

  10. my mate is a southampton fan, he says that we could do worse than signing best, however we did think he’d come in the summer, but now realises the error of his ways

    to be honest, i don’t really care who we sign up front, we need cover, we need goals. we’ve got creative players, namely Cohen and Davies (why aren’t they played more often!) time is running out, i think we are being held to ransom for players that we are linked to as long as we go up, that’s all that matters!

    leeds losing 1-0 and Harry has left, so no miracle there Wacko :o)

  11. 2nd half sitting back at home against swansea? what’s going on colin!!

  12. When I think about it, if I was Nigel Doughty I’d be pretty pissed off with Leon Best, as the young man’s poor decision making in the summer could wind up costing him an extra quater or so of a million pounds that wouldn’t have needed to be spent if he’d just joined us in the Summer. I hope we sign him, as he’s clearly got some talent to work with and develop and he really wants to play for us, but what a complete debacle!

  13. I suppose it depends what we offered him compared to Coventry in terms of wages, really. If we took the piss then it’s not surprising, it’s rarely that you get the FULL idea of how good an employer will be at the interview stage… I guess he made the wrong call, but if two jobs were offered to you – one with significantly better pay, both saying how excited they are to build you into their teams, you’re likely to take the cash route… I know I would!

  14. Two bids have already been rejected by the Sky Blues who are reported as wanting £2m for the striker signed in the summer from Southampton and Best was heavily booed by City supporters when he came on as an 89th minute sub against Millwall yesterday after handing in a transfer request.

    saw this on the above web site and it gave me goose bumps c’mon

    The paper claims to have spoken to a friend of the Nottingham born forward, who said: “Leon is really browned off with Coventry. He is not happy at all.

    “He is so keen to play for his home town club that he is ready to drop a division and play for less money.

    “This shows this is not a money or status move – it’s more a heartfelt passion to play for his local team.”

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