High-profile Agogo set for product endorsements?

Childish, but amusing.  A commenter on the site called bedfordred spotted an article in the Gazetta Dello Sport that likened our own Junior Agogo to George Foreman, the boxer-turned-kitchen-appliance-salesman.  The Ghanian striker has been making the headlines for his performances in the African Nations Cup – so surely a lucrative product-endorsement is only a matter of time for the Forest hitman?

Hmm, no wonder I never made it as a graphic designer!  For any Italian speakers, the article that makes the comparison is just here.

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  1. Ha ha! Great picture NFFC. It sounds like our Junior is enjoying his superstar status back in Ghana innit?

    ‘Agogo is having the time of his life. ‘Yeah. Before I came back for the African Nations, I hadn’t been back here for quite a while. A good couple of years. I’m happy to be back. The fans have shown me so much love, you know. I’m like a superstar, to be fair.’

    He giggles and heads off to meet those girls who have been dying to say hello.


  2. Courtesy of an online translator….

    The raising of the Guinea Feindouno and Bangoura sink the Morocco. The Ghana suffers with the Namibia from the ours sent off STEFANO BOLDRINI ACCRA (Ghana) S ei goal in two entries, an arcade of masterpieces and of wickednesses, the first espulso of the tournament, the suffering of the Ghana, the return of the “ola” of Mexican memory: the cup d’ Africa entered in the living person. Pure fun and a confirmation: technically is a fine tournament. It is stopped the Morocco after the 5 goal dell’ debut, gains the first one happened the Guinea, full victory of shadows of the Ghana that confirms to have the difficult goal. Also the Namibia, squares more modest of the tournament, does its honest figure: the squad of Schans succeeds to limit the damages after the setback dell’ debut. GUINEA, NOT ONLY Attractive TALENTS challenge that between Guinea and Morocco. The Marsellais Nouzaret beats the Provençal Michel: l’ umpteenth match between French coaches. The Guinea does a fine figures. The class of Feindouno – two goal and expulsion -, the progressions of Mansare and you rip him of Bangoura illuminate a squad planned well. The Guinea puts on l’ clothing of 4-2-3-1 and the form jams the Morocco, already on foot in departure dall’ accident to the knee of Allioui, 3 goal to the Namibia past monday. L ‘1-0 of Feindouno is half masterpiece of the gambler of the St Etienne, half flitted some doors Fouhami: punishment cut, Morocco sliced. The Guinea is moderner, more aggressive, swifter. Mansare and Bangoura rage. The Morocco is complex in attack. It plays also the “piacentino” Kharja: its entry will end after 55 minutes, replaced from Abducherouane. L ‘aggressiveness of the Guinea has a price: l’ south african arbiter Damon warns Cissé, Jobi, Sylla, Feindouno. The same filthy Feindouno the shotgun with an error of reaction to 22′ of the renewal: l’ arbiter sees it and sends it in the changing rooms. THE KEY one before the crime, the Guinea was ascended on the cart of 3-1. The double, to 14′, gives the road to four minute pirotecnici. In this space, between mistakes, blows of genius and ingenuousness, it is decided the entry. The defence of the Morocco goes to sleep and Bangoura do not lose: monitors the ball, aims l’ angular contrary and finds it. The Guinean celebrate from crazy. You dance, sing and collective race towards the bench. The Moroccans systemize the ball to centerfield and l’ arbiter does to distribute the game. The Guinean I am completely thrown off balance and Abducherouane profits some situation: guess a stone blow from 35 meters and extends Camara. Stopwatch to the hand: last 45 seconds between the two goal. But it is not ended: to 17′ Youla does a gotten upset and itself attorney’s office the harshness, almost provoking the error of Ouauddou. Feindouno from the diskette kicks from manual of the soccer. In 10 in the last 23 minutes, the Guinea resists well. The goal of Ouauddou, a butt in I plunge, arrives too late. The Guinea it is approached to the fourth – will play against the Namibia -, the Morocco it is removed. GHANA AGOGO The Ghana that you do not wait yourself: should bury of goal the Namibia instead suffers and risks too of to to be reached in the final version. The net of Agogo arrives at 41′ of the first time in top to a disorderly siege of the owners of house. The centre forward of the Notthingam Forest, that resembles in impressive manner to George Foreman, delivers the victory to the Ghana with a heel of blow means. In the taken again Leroy does a weathervane of changes, sending under the shower l’ unrecognizable Asamoah, worst in field, and gives space also to Andrew Ayew, son of Abedì Pelé. But the names and the nostalgia do not suffice. The Namibia, in which played well Risser, fourth division German, loses with dignity

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