And so to Swansea City…

It’s been too long since we’ve had any kind of actual football witterings on here, and it’s the eve of the day that Swansea City come to visit us.  Swansea come here as deserved table-toppers, and they’re on rip-roaring form.  We, however, have had dubious form and have singularly failed to strengthen so far in the transfer window – my understanding of the transfer system is that we’re now too late to field any last-minute signings against the Swans.

It’s true, however, that our home form isn’t half bad – depending on what mood the Forest side that faces Swansea are in, it could be a game to look forward to.  Equally, if we play at our worst and the visitors at their best we could be looking at a very depressing evening at the City Ground.  Swansea haven’t tasted defeat since the middle of November, and won’t want that record changing – a rout of Doncaster at the Keepmoat Stadium shows they travel quite well, too.

However, given our sketchy-at-best away form, we find that regardless of the calibre of our opponents (and I rate Swansea as amongst the best in this league), we need wins at home to maintain any kind of challenge at the top.  The Swans are already, count them, eleven points clear at the top, and with Carlisle, Walsall (where did THEY come from?!), Leeds, Doncaster and Orient breathing down our necks the pressure is well and truly on.  Pressure isn’t something we traditionally deal with.

The midweek fixture may do us a favour, less Swans fans will be making the journey than for a weekend game – only 1,200 tickets have been allocated.  I would expect double that for a saturday game, that said, those that do make the journey are likely to maximise the superior acoustics the Lower Bridgford End accords the travelling supporters at the City Ground, so the home side need to try to quieten them quickly.

With Forest being so difficult to predict, I’m not going to start trying – certainly we need to be at our very best to get the win I feel we need.  If we are at our best, then I think we can challenge any team in this league – we’ve shown that numerous times – but we’ve also shown that we’re capable of playing to a standard that allows any team in this league to be a challenge to us – which Forest will turn out tomorrow night?  Well who can say.

Lose, and any vague dream of snatching the title from the Swans is all but gone, barring a spectacular reversal in form for both sides – arguably win and it’s still the same scenario – but given how the results on Friday and over the weekend went for us, somehow still leaving us in second place – it’s certainly the duty of the boys in Red to make a decent fist of this game and help to at least consolidate our place in second.

I’m undecided whether I’m looking forward to this game or not, but it will be good at least to have a game after a cup-enforced break in proceedings for us.  Given our league form has stuttered of late it is a good opportunity to kickstart something again, it’s perhaps just a tad unfortunate that we face a side amongst the form sides in the league in order to do this, but it would be a great confidence booster to register three points.  Just as it would destroy it to get none.  Deep joy!

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  1. didn’t really know where to post this but anyway… I was in Pisa at the weekend for a short break and whilst there saw a copy of the gazzetto del sport. No whilst I’m no italian speaker I couldn’t but help laughing at the short Ghana report that likened Junior to George Foreman!! Classic!!

    When will the grills be out Junior?

  2. Awesome! I may have to crank open Photoshop and have a play with that concept!!

  3. How about a pic of him holding the Forest shirt when he signed, with the caption, “its so good, I’ll put my name on it!”

  4. Ooh, that will have to be part two! Or would that be flogging a dead horse? 😆

  5. Agreed NFFC, a VERY big game. If Swansea win, then I think the title is theirs, as I really don’t see them doing what we did last season!!

    Interestingly they seem to play better against better teams (ranked No 1 against the top half of the table clubs) so I see it being an open game with both teams wanting to play football. Also I note they score a lot of goals late on in the game so if we are in front with 10 to go, I guess I’m not going to have many finger nails left!!

    On a different front, I see Leeds have let Wise go. Not sure what thats all about but lets hope it causes a falter in their season, for our sake at least!

  6. Don’t know about you guys but I am dreading tonights game. Although I agree with you nffc that it being a midweek game should work in our favour. They’ve got to have sticky patch sooner or later, so let’s get it started tonight! If we don’t its going to be a dog fight to avoid the play-offs.
    That sports psychologist CC turned down for a job….I wonder if he chuckles all the way into work in the mornings? (he now works for Doncaster Rovers).

    Egor, I think wise has realised that without Poyet pulling the strings he actually isnt a very good manager. So why not take an easy option of an ‘executive’ role in a club, which wont involve actual coaching. As someone who doesn’t have a great deal of time for Newcastle ( 7000 fans when they were in the same position as us, so ‘big club’ my arse) I am particularly pleased to see his appointment. Because Keegan, entertaining as he is, is never gonna turn them around and when he walks that useless Mike Ashley (have you ever shopped in one of his stores? Pure tat) will make wise the manager, thus condemning 50000 die hard ‘supported em all me life’ geordies to more misery!!

    Agogo for world player of the year. Go Go Junior!

  7. Must admit I’m somewhat nervous about tonights game. But I had the same sense of apprehension before the Leyton Orient game when we only had Holt up front and look what happened there!


  8. Is there a game on tonight or what? Less than an hour to go and I get parked with ease and the place is DEAD. The shop is empty and I’m now in the ground and they are only just putting the betting papers out. Has this game come as a surprise to people?

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