Let’s make the Mirror apologise…

Okay, following on from my earlier vitriol – and with some sage advice from a comment there within – I have come to a more sensible way of thinking.  Whilst it may seem churlish, and – in the grand scheme of things – not particularly important, it is important to me and, I feel, the majority of Forest fans to see the Mirror respond to their columnist’s comments in the form of a written apology.

To that end, I would like as many of you as possible to send an email to mailbox@mirror.co.uk and request just that.  Rather than succumbing to the urge to send them a load of abuse, let’s be civilised in our anger at Brian Reade’s shocking comments, let’s be rational and request a not-unreasonable apology for his undignified slur against a bona fide football legend.  You see, he’s a football legend, not just a Nottingham Forest one.

So send your emails, I don’t expect for a minute that a man so cowardly that he’ll throw insults around at a deceased hero will apologise in person – but perhaps at least his editor will do so if he has any decency at all.  If you happen to read this, Mr Reade, then imagine how your beloved followers of Liverpool would have reacted had one of your colleagues published something so shameful about Shankly or Paisley, and consider yourself lucky.

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  1. Quote

    Really mate, what where you thinking? Brian is a legend in Nottingham, and we paid for his statue!

    He’ll stand proud looking over the heart of our city, and that’s the way we want it. Its not for some snobby lefty prick from your red top rag to tell us otherwise.



  2. To the Editor of The Mirror,

    Please speak to your lazy and insulting journalist Mr. Reade and ask him to make amends for his shameful comments regarding Brian Clough. His short article is nothing short of the worst kind of paper filler a paid employee could come up with. He should be ashamed of himself. Perhaps that is why he works for the The Mirror. No offence indented but surely you to dream of working for a higher standard of print medium?

  3. that was posted to the editor by the way

  4. i heard Leon Best is close to signing for Ipswich.. looks like we are going to ave to make do with what we’ve got…fasten those seatbelts- its gonna be a roug and unredictable ride till may..

  5. Basicially said “that me and family won’t be buying that paper anymore until we hear a great big sorry”. fact!!!

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