A half-arsed apology from the Mirror..

The good folks at Vital Forest were cunning enough to get hold of the email address of the Mirror’s editor, and appear to have illicited a response from him in regard to Brian Reade’s ill-thought out prattle about Brian Clough.  To be frank, it’s not much of an apology, which you can judge for yourselves below:

“Thank you for your note and the reflection of comments on your site. By its very nature Brian Reade’s column sails close to the wind as you will know. And occasionally he oversteps the mark.”

So apparently scandalously disrespectful comments not only to Clough, his family and those fans who raised the cash for the statue, are ‘acceptable collatoral damage’ from an egotistical bigot who has gained whatever reputation he may have through ‘sailing close to the wind.’  What a crock.

“I do regret that his comments – designed as a joke, however lame – have caused you and others such distress. For that I can only apologise. As you may imagine we assimilate and publish millions of words and pictures each week. Sometimes we get it wrong, as perhaps we did in this case although it is never our intention to upset or alienate readers.”

This is the cunning, and patronising bit.  Not once is there an actual apology there – he regrets they caused distress, well great – he even concedes that sometimes a newspaper of the Daily Mirror’s magnitude can occasionally get things wrong – however, in the case of Reade’s comments, this is presently merely as an example where perhaps they got it wrong.  Of course it’s never their intention to alienate readers, that would be silly since they pay for the scurrilous rag.

“Again, my thanks for getting in touch and making your feelings known. The Mirror is not normally in the business of upsetting readers, it’s not our style. And I hope you will see it as an error rather than an editorial stance.”

The pleasantries at the end are less contentious – interestingly they’re not normally in the business of upsetting readers, so sometimes apparently they are!  And finally we have a hope that we will see it as an error – which of course it is – although Mr Editor is cunning enough not to acknowledge it as such.  That leaves me far from satisfied, and I would like to see something both in print and on their website.

So for me, right now, this doesn’t change anything.  This isn’t an unequivocal apology, it’s a bunch of lame soothsaying without admitting anything.  I wasn’t holding out hope for an apology from the Scouse-sympathising Brian Reade himself, but I had hoped the powers-that-be at The Mirror would have done so more convincingly than this.  So keep sending emails – if you’d like to contact the editor himself, then you can do so by emailing richard.wallace@mirror.co.uk.

The secret diary of Terry the kitman.. part three

Another surfacing from the archive of our favourite curmudgeon – this time back from November when we are treated to his unique preparations for a bonfire night celebration with some youngsters…

Disclaimer time: this is, of course, entirely a work of fiction – largely for my own amusement.  Any resemblance between the characters portrayed, and any real person – be they an employee of Nottingham Forest or otherwise, are entirely coincidental!

Let’s make the Mirror apologise…

Okay, following on from my earlier vitriol – and with some sage advice from a comment there within – I have come to a more sensible way of thinking.  Whilst it may seem churlish, and – in the grand scheme of things – not particularly important, it is important to me and, I feel, the majority of Forest fans to see the Mirror respond to their columnist’s comments in the form of a written apology.

To that end, I would like as many of you as possible to send an email to mailbox@mirror.co.uk and request just that.  Rather than succumbing to the urge to send them a load of abuse, let’s be civilised in our anger at Brian Reade’s shocking comments, let’s be rational and request a not-unreasonable apology for his undignified slur against a bona fide football legend.  You see, he’s a football legend, not just a Nottingham Forest one.

So send your emails, I don’t expect for a minute that a man so cowardly that he’ll throw insults around at a deceased hero will apologise in person – but perhaps at least his editor will do so if he has any decency at all.  If you happen to read this, Mr Reade, then imagine how your beloved followers of Liverpool would have reacted had one of your colleagues published something so shameful about Shankly or Paisley, and consider yourself lucky.