The Daily Mirror are complete wankers!

Well, Brian Reade at least.  In his column he had the following to say, following the announcement this week of a sculptor being confirmed for Nottingham’s forthcoming statue of Brian Clough:

“It’s good to see that Nottingham councillors have finally decided on a bronze statue of Brian Clough to grace the city centre, but at a cost of £70,000 it seems a bit steep.

Couldn’t they simply have re-named a bottle bank after him?”

What a complete cock.  Ignoring the complete ignorance of the campaigning and fundraising that went behind the decision to have a statue, for a so-called sports journalist to belittle a man who contributed so much to the sport that now makes him a living through writing his drivel is quite distasteful.  It reflects badly on The Mirror (not that they’re likely to ever appear otherwise), since I’m pretty sure Clough used to do a column for them back in the day.

I shouldn’t really let the opinions of a pathetic tabloid sports hack rile me, but frankly, it has – so there.  How dare he sully the long awaited statue announcement with a poxy and ill-thought slur against the Great Man.  Now I’ve had a wee moan, though, I’m not about to propose a Liverpool-style mass-boycot of the worthless rag.  I never buy it anyway!

Speaking of Liverpool though, on doing a bit of research on him since I’m not a regular reader of his, it would appear he is a Scouse-sympathising arse-licker of the highest proportions… so it’s really perhaps not all that surprising he couldn’t find something more appropriate and gracious to say about Brian Clough.  What a twat.

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  1. Interesting, the link above has already been removed. It’s still on their website here, though:

    Bunch of tossers.

  2. If you’re as offended by Brian Reade’s pathetic, Scouse comments, then spare 2 minutes to send an email to to demand a full, unreserved apology. Be nice, don’t sink to his level and if enough of us do it they might take notice. This is what I said:

    Dear Sunday Mirror

    I have loyally bought your paper every week for as long as I can remember – but will not buy again until Brian Reade apologises for his crass, insensitive and more importantly completely factually inaccurate comments about Brian Clough.

    To attack a man who is no longer with us to defend himself is despicable – especially for a supposedly experienced journalist. For the record, Nottingham City Council has NOT put up the £70,000 for a statue to football’s greatest ever manager – all the money was donated by football fans all over the world though a series of initiatives.

    This simple, basic fact is easily established by visiting – it would have taken about 30 seconds to do. Making such cheap references to Mr Clough’s (well documented) problems with alcohol is an insult to his family and demeaning to a well respected national newspaper. I expected better from you.

    I request that you compel Mr Reade to publish a full, unreserved apology in his next column, and on your website.

    Thank you.

  3. A good call, I shall do the same – thanks for the tip 🙂

  4. I’ve just sent the following, for what difference it will make:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    It is with a great deal of disappointment I feel I must contact you to complain about the thoughtless comments that Mr Reade made in your publication today in relation to the statue of Brian Clough that has just been commissioned in the City of Nottingham.

    Firstly, his cheap jibe is defamatory to an undisputed football legend, and will undoubtedly prove distressing to his family as it has his thousands of supporters in the game. This is a disgraceful thing for a national newspaper whom I always thought prided itself on it’s sports coverage, I would like to say that it was not expected, but unfortunately I cannot.

    Secondly the inaccuracy implied in the piece disregard the huge amount of work that a committee of volunteers went to in order to raise the £70,000 to make this project reality. The article implies the council just “decided” to do this, whereas it has been a concerted campaign over several months – and culminates in a tribute to a legend from the people of the City where he had so much impact, not least the impact he had on the national game.

    I would hope to see a full and frank apology from Mr Reade for these despicable comments.

    For your reference, the comments had a published date of 26th January 2008. They had their own page on your website which mysteriously disappeared earlier this evening, they appear to still be present here:

    The comments I object to, should this link be withdrawn also, are:
    “It’s good to see that Nottingham councillors have finally decided on a bronze statue of Brian Clough to grace the city centre, but at a cost of £70,000 it seems a bit steep.

    Couldn’t they simply have re-named a bottle bank after him?”
    It’s safe to say that if an apology for these remarks is not forthcoming then the Daily Mirror will certainly not be a publication I ever intend on purchasing nor reading again.

    I look forward to hearing from you,

    Kind regards,

  5. Fucking Reade, have some respect for a true English legend you twat!

  6. Unbelievable. A f****r of massive proportion. He should be sacked not made to give an appology. Shameless he is. God, forgive this ignorant idiot as he has no respect for the dead, never mind the legends.

    Will someone be brave enough to let Derby fans now so they can join us in condeming this idiot.


  7. Brian Clough, though a great manager, always stood by his slurs that drunken Liverpool fans caused the deaths of our fans at Hillsborough. Sad and distressing comment to make. It has been totally disproved by the British courts, and I understand Brian Reades comments.

  8. That makes you pretty small-minded, and foolish.

    Firstly, Brian Clough DID retract his rather ill-considered statement in later life.

    Secondly, why would you link one ill-thought comment to making it okay to slur a hard-worked upon tribute to manager?

    That is the kind of logic that would say Heysel and Hillsborough were linked, which I imagine wouldn’t please you greatly either.

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