The Daily Mirror are complete wankers!

Well, Brian Reade at least.  In his column he had the following to say, following the announcement this week of a sculptor being confirmed for Nottingham’s forthcoming statue of Brian Clough:

“It’s good to see that Nottingham councillors have finally decided on a bronze statue of Brian Clough to grace the city centre, but at a cost of £70,000 it seems a bit steep.

Couldn’t they simply have re-named a bottle bank after him?”

What a complete cock.  Ignoring the complete ignorance of the campaigning and fundraising that went behind the decision to have a statue, for a so-called sports journalist to belittle a man who contributed so much to the sport that now makes him a living through writing his drivel is quite distasteful.  It reflects badly on The Mirror (not that they’re likely to ever appear otherwise), since I’m pretty sure Clough used to do a column for them back in the day.

I shouldn’t really let the opinions of a pathetic tabloid sports hack rile me, but frankly, it has – so there.  How dare he sully the long awaited statue announcement with a poxy and ill-thought slur against the Great Man.  Now I’ve had a wee moan, though, I’m not about to propose a Liverpool-style mass-boycot of the worthless rag.  I never buy it anyway!

Speaking of Liverpool though, on doing a bit of research on him since I’m not a regular reader of his, it would appear he is a Scouse-sympathising arse-licker of the highest proportions… so it’s really perhaps not all that surprising he couldn’t find something more appropriate and gracious to say about Brian Clough.  What a twat.