Some basic physics lessons for Smoulderwood


I don’t want people to think I’m picking on Perchy.  I know he had a bad game last night, but overall I like him a great deal as a player – plus when searching for images of him on Google you’re often rewarded with great shots of anglers called James who have caught a Perch.  Okay, perhaps that’s just me then.

Anyway, amongst the comments from the Millwall match report – I started to talk about my fears of Smoulds and his propensity to play people out of position, which is what I think he did with Perch that night.  You see, not that long ago Perchy played excellently at rightback.  A position that Smoulders said he was going to get a shot at preseason.  Unfortunately for James, Smoulds prefers to play Chambers (a centreback) there.

And it doesn’t end there.  We’ve seen Grant deployed very ineffectively on the wing.  We’ve seen a midfield four comprising of all central midfielders.  We’ve seen Wes, Perch and Wilson at left back.  We’ve all moaned about it indefinitely – so I’ve decided to make it simple, in picture form – Perchy is singled out for no other reason than he is one of several players who Smoulds doesn’t utilise to his strengths, and because I find pictures of anglers amusing.

We have a very capable squad of players, which Clough willing, we’ll be strengthening during the alarmingly diminishing transfer window.  I firmly believe that playing the best players in their natural positions, with a sensible and progressive formation (how does four four two sound?) will yield both performances and results.  It might not happen immediately, but it will eventually.  There, I feel better now.  I’m off to bed!

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  1. “squad of players, which Clough willing, we’ll be”

    Err . . . . your mind still in thespian mode eh ?

    Or perhaps you’re looking for heavenly intervention ?

  2. Everyone is saying the same thing .He continually plays players out of position.The players must wonder what on earth is going through the mans mind when they see the team sheet. Can someone get the message through to him !!!!Good night!!!

  3. Aye Alan, I’ve tried with words – I figured a simple diagram might help! 😆

    And yes, K.Hope, still feeling very thespian indeed… and if I can invoke some kind of heavenly intervention that would be nice!

  4. Im sure that with his recent addition of GK Coach Barry Richardson to the squad, he may be making himself available in the near future to bolster our veteran lineup!

    Most likely playing upfront too if we don’t sign Besty soon!

  5. Well done to Junior on scoring the winner, just hope he doesn’t get injured!
    I never knew his first name was Manuel !?!
    Sounds like a car name from Toyota – Manuel Agogo

  6. Speaking of Agogo, my mate works in Comet down at Castle Marina and sold him a laptop just before Xmas 🙂 Claim to fame hehe

  7. Yes Southend, Manuel, hence his nickname of “Basil” on the back row of the UBE!

    I think I’d change my name too…!

  8. This Barry Richardson thing is embarrassing. Can’t we find a proper keeper, we look like amateurs.

  9. a) Agogo is agogo, good 2 see him scoring not as we’re missing him 2 much yet… b) 38yrs old & in the squad – y not? I think it’s good not amaturish. He’s in good shape since he’s teaching them so he’ll be in the reserves 2 get match-fit next time. Yes. it’ll be nice to get another GK but remenber we need any spare change for the best bid for Best!! (Soz about the pun!!). c) Old Big ‘Ed, what must he be thinking from up above. CC is not the best manager in the world but my god, if we don’t get up, expect a new manager next season.

  10. That’s what I was looking 4, Richardson’s carer has been at Lincoln, Mansfield & Halifax. Before he was with Forests Academy GK before going to Doncaster and back with us again. Interesting

  11. Agree totally with NFFC over Perchy – he’d make an excellent regular right back. Chambers is valuable with his goals from set pieces but he’s far more at home at centre half.

    Speaking of right backs, I watched the Chesterfield v Hereford game on Sky on monday night and was very impressed with young Brendan Moloney. I dont think either Perch or Chambers would be capable of bursting forward and smashing a left footer into the top corner from 25 yards like he did! Am very much looking forward to seeing him get a regular place in the Forest team.

    Although it was very painful watching super Jack tearing Hereford apart after we had just failed to beat Swindon!!!

  12. This probably explains how we could be top of the league on Christmas day, and now, 1 calendar month on, we are second by 11 points, having played the same number of games as Swansea. 8 points from 6 games is not promotion form. Having said that, we have played in fits and starts, as we are out of all cup competitions, and althuogh it gives you a rest, it breaks up the rythm. But badly fitting teams, made to accommodate one or two players are just not going to cut the mustard in a promotion challenge. We need a win on Tuesday! 6-pointer, anyone?

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