Forest to get King windfall afterall?

Reports are infuriatingly absent of the fee, but Marlon King has signed a three-and-half year deal with Wigan – who presumably don’t have particularly rigourous medicals – which should hopefully see a slice of cash coming our way from the sell-on agreement we had with Watford upon allowing the striker to join them for a knock-down price.  The Watford site describes Wigan’s offer as ‘significantly better’ than the revised bid Fulham made, so there should still be a slice of that for us.

I’m not particularly close to the story, but my understanding was that Fulham had originally bid £5m for the striker, before his medical with the Cottagers put paid to the move owing to a dodgy knee.  Fulham did go back with another offer, which I heard was some kind of staggered payment based presumably on King’s ability to play.  So the actual amount I’m unsure of, Watford rejected it whilst stating King was no longer part of their plans.

So I’m thinking that Wigan must have made a decent offer.  Certainly significantly over the £500k Watford paid for him.  Again, I’m unsure of the sell on percentage we would have agreed, but given the loss we made on him in the short time he was with us, I imagine it was quite high (I realise I’m crediting Forest with some common sense here), so hopefully we are in for a bit of cash coming in that looked to have been unlikely after the results of Marlon’s Fulham medical.

Given my general frustration and impatience levels I’d be quite pleased to see us just chuck whatever cash comes in on top of the original offer for Leon Best, and make Coventry an offer they literally can’t refuse.  I can see what Forest are going for, Coventry clearly would prefer to sell the player now, and by leaving the deal late it puts us in the driving seat – but why do I fear them refusing to do business just to spite us?

See ya then, Lenny…?

The Nottingham Evening Post is claiming that Smoulders has told Lennon he can leave us should he wish, during the January window, in order to seek first team football.  Although apparently he is keen to keep Lenny on board for his experience to ‘bolster our promotion push.’  Quite how he’s supposed to achieve this when not even deemed suitable for the bench is beyond me.

Losing Lennon would be a mistake, in my opinion.  The snippets I’ve gleaned from various people are that he’s been an excellent influence in the dressing room – and personally, whilst he might not be up for 90 minutes in every game, I believe him to be a huge asset on the pitch too.  Particularly if the alternative to the holding midfielder role is shoehorning Perch there, who would be better suited in defence.

There’s not enough detail to really start casting assumptions about motivations – given that there is no quote in there to determine the source of the story.  One can understand Lennon’s frustration at going from a season of playing Champions League football as Celtic’s captain to being unable to even secure a place on the bench in the English third tier – however it wouldn’t be unreasonable either to expect him to fight for his place.

Equally, I can also envisage a motivation whereby a worried manager might feed such a notion to the local press through fear of a strong character in the dressing room undermining his authority – particularly at a time when it wouldn’t be unfair to question many of his tactical and personnel decisions on the pitch.  However, there’s not enough evidence to go down either route – so they both remain just theories.

Plymouth, Burnley and Stoke are apparently standing by – all punching considerably above our current weight.  Given the wages that lured Lennon here, it does reflect pretty badly on the club if he’s to not even last one season with us – even given our strength in depth in midfield.  Add to the “we’re looking to buy, not sell!” messages pre-transfer window – it makes us look quite silly when allowing Dobie, and now possibly Lennon, to depart without any incoming signings.

All in all, it’s a disturbing story – it smacks of some kind of conflict, either Smoulds wants Lennon out through the veneer of magnanimously offering him a way out, whilst claiming to want him to stay.  The other two scenarios are that Smoulds has made it clear to Lenny he has no role to play, so he understandably wants out, or finally that the player is frustrated and not prepared to work his arse off to win his place back.  None of the scenarios are particularly appetising.

Some basic physics lessons for Smoulderwood


I don’t want people to think I’m picking on Perchy.  I know he had a bad game last night, but overall I like him a great deal as a player – plus when searching for images of him on Google you’re often rewarded with great shots of anglers called James who have caught a Perch.  Okay, perhaps that’s just me then.

Anyway, amongst the comments from the Millwall match report – I started to talk about my fears of Smoulds and his propensity to play people out of position, which is what I think he did with Perch that night.  You see, not that long ago Perchy played excellently at rightback.  A position that Smoulders said he was going to get a shot at preseason.  Unfortunately for James, Smoulds prefers to play Chambers (a centreback) there.

And it doesn’t end there.  We’ve seen Grant deployed very ineffectively on the wing.  We’ve seen a midfield four comprising of all central midfielders.  We’ve seen Wes, Perch and Wilson at left back.  We’ve all moaned about it indefinitely – so I’ve decided to make it simple, in picture form – Perchy is singled out for no other reason than he is one of several players who Smoulds doesn’t utilise to his strengths, and because I find pictures of anglers amusing.

We have a very capable squad of players, which Clough willing, we’ll be strengthening during the alarmingly diminishing transfer window.  I firmly believe that playing the best players in their natural positions, with a sensible and progressive formation (how does four four two sound?) will yield both performances and results.  It might not happen immediately, but it will eventually.  There, I feel better now.  I’m off to bed!