Dowie gives up on Best mind-games..

Iain Dowie’s brash talk seems to have taken a backward step of late on the Leon Best saga.  His recommendations of denying his transfer request were a pretty transparent mechanism to inflate our bid for him, or lure other clubs into some kind of bidding war for the services of the young striker.  Only Ipswich came forward, and whilst arguably a better opportunity in league placing, it was bound to be geographically prohibitive for Best who is reportedly keen on a move back to his home town.

Now, whether of course that translates to a transfer actually being agreed remains to be seen, but the fact that Forest have today allowed Scott Dobie to depart – despite his clear lack of favour – is suggestive that they’re reasonably confident of another striker coming in this month.  At least I would hope so – I made similar assumptions last January when Forest allowed Southall to return to Gillingham, so there isn’t any chicken-counting going on just yet for me!

There still remains the tricky subject of Forest’s latest bid (reported to be £1.1m in some quarters – I suspect it is considerably less) being short of Coventry’s valuation – but if they are indeed accepting defeat in convincing the wantaway player to stay, then I would hope we can move quickly to secure his services.  All of this is assuming there isn’t a third party waiting in the wings to throw a spanner in the works.

Dowie’s comments are below, he seems to attempt to mitigate for the fact he has backtracked quite dramatically in a matter of days, but sod it, he’s only acting presumably in what he sees as Coventry’s best interests, and I don’t suppose we can blame him for that:

“I have put my view to the board and at the end of the day the lad wants to go and play for his home town club and that’s understandable, he’s a young boy who has done very well for us in patches and is one we brought in for the future, but he has got his views and we will see how we go between now and the end of the window.  Certainly at the level they are talking about, there is not a deal to be done.

“I am not a great believer in keeping people here against their wishes but, in the end, it has got to be right for us.  The good thing is we would get a good profit on him but that’s not what we are about and certainly not what me and Ray (Ranson) are about in terms of planning for the long term.”

“I have a valuation which we will keep to ourselves.  At the end of the day that’s where it is.  That doesn’t mean he’s a bad lad because he cares about things and any other club might not have turned his head.  But it has, although I don’t think it has been handled very pleasingly from a Forest point of view.  I don’t think there is any other motive other than he wants to play for his home town club.  He says he really enjoys it here and Nottingham is only 45 minutes away, so a commutable distance.”

He also confirms that whilst he’s had conversations with Ipswich Town about Best, there has been no bid lodged – by the way he speaks of Best’s eagerness to join up with Forest it sounds like it’s a no-goer anyway.  So, assuming (big assumption I know!) that Forest are able to agree terms with the Sky Blues it would appear their patience in landing their man has paid off – so some credit is due there.  If it comes off, of course.

Gosh, what a busy news day!  I’m off to listen to the match now – come on the Reds!

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  1. you reddddddddddddddsssssssssssss

  2. I just wish forest got there fingers out and do the deal fresh faces are a must at this time of the year if your team has fell into a stagnant patch lets face it a team like forest with their resources and facilities should be romping league one .Its about time nottingham where a force in football again any rich americans out there with a couple of hundred of million spare in their pockets would be nice

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