Dobie’s off to Carlisle

I feel sorry for Scott Dobie.  In his time at Forest he basically became the punchline of any joke about ineffective or perpetually injured strikers – admittedly, not without just cause – and I quite frequently made jokes along those lines too.  It’s fair to say his time at Forest was never really covered in glory since Megson signed him.

It transpires that, despite our striker shortage, he is not in the plans of Smoulderwood – not even meriting a place on the bench when we’ve been desperately thin on the ground in his position.  Oddly it’s a promotion rival in Carlisle – his home town – who have given him a way out of Forest limbo – a nominal fee has been agreed between the clubs, and the move will go ahead subject to personal terms and (the scary bit) a medical.

So I find it mean to say nasty things about him, when he has featured for the side he’s been a tryer – but for whatever reasons, injuries and others, things just haven’t worked out for him here.  Hopefully they work out elsewhere, albeit given Carlisle’s status as potential promotion rivals, perhaps we shouldn’t wish him too much luck!  I do hope that part of the transfer conditions were that he can’t play against us – although I’m not sure you can do that when it’s a permanent transfer rather than a loan.

The other thought underpinning this move is that given our shortage of strikers (assuming that yesterday’s signing isn’t going to come straight into first team reckoning), this transfer surely indicates that Forest are hopeful (I would say certain, but given their January track record I can’t quite bring myself to) of securing the services of a striker who will be in a position to compete for a first team place.

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  1. Want a lift Dobie upto Carlise?

  2. He will be the next Marlon King!!!!

  3. I remember him the first time he played for us, (Carlisle), he wasn’t THAT good, I’ve never understood why you guys paid half a mill for him, but I spose some players get better with age. We did get 1 fantastic season out of Michael Bridges, tho that was league 2…

  4. Thanks God for that, let’s just hope he passes his medical. What a complete waste of £500,000 he has been, not to mention his wages which probably aren’t cheap! We need ensure his wages are used on either a new signing or, better still, a high calibre up and coming player from the premiership on loan – a centre forward. Why do we never, ever seem to bring in any loanees?! If he goes on and does well for Carlisle then fair play, as he will never do it for Forest.

  5. I take it all back. Arthur is a GENIUS!

    How did he manage to rangle a nominal fee out of them? I thought we’d have to pay him off.

  6. To be fair to Dobie, he has suffered a lot with injuries and never got a run of games behind him. I always thought he gave 110% on the rare occasions he was fit. I’m glad to see him go as I think he didn’t have anything to offer us, but ike NFFC says, I wish him luck…just not too much!

  7. I said we’d sell, not buy.

    Wonder who’s top of the wanted list now?

  8. A clever move to thwart one of our promotion rivals?!

    But seriously, the lad had a career threatening hip injury and then surgery in the states. No doubt he has worked very hard indeed just to get back playing again and unfortunately was never going to get back in our team as there are better options vying for the lone striker spot!

    The very best of luck to him at Carlisle. I hope he thanks Forest for how good they have been to him in helping with his recovery.

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