Forest sign a striker!

It’s not Leon Best, though.  It’s hitherto unheard of, and misspelled first name waiting to happen, Garath McCleary from Bromley FC.  There’s confirmation of the move on their website.  From the limited amount of research I’ve been able to undertake on the player, he’s described as a ‘livewire’ as well as suffering with injury last season – but has been impressive – and presumably carried this through to the trial he apparently had with us (they kept that quiet!).

I’m all for attempting to pick up hungry players keen to prove themselves, but it remains to be seen whether Garath will be immediately ready to bolster our strikeforce or whether he’ll need work in training to develop either his abilities or fitness.  But it’s great to report that we’ve actually signed a player, although I’d be very surprised to see him featuring in the first team in the immediate next few games, and I sincerely hope this is not the sum total of our business in the transfer window.

But welcome to the fold, Garath, let’s hope you can dazzle us and fire in a few much needed goals.  The fee for the player is undisclosed, but does include a sell-on percentage, as well as a preseason friendly with Bromley at the start of next season.

Oh, and Neil Danns has signed for Palace, so we can stop going on about him until at least the next transfer window! 😆

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  1. I read on another site that he was described as a winger?

  2. My understanding is he’s a striker, who has been playing on the wing.

    So Smoulds will probably play him at left back.


    Quality bit of skill to beat the keeper.

  4. More Mcleary Magic on You Tube!

    Goal for Slough town – 5mins 40 secs

    A Mcleary double, again for Slough Town
    2 mins 5 secs then 4 mins 20 secs and he is then sent off for a two footed lunge on 5 mins 30 secs. Look out also for the classic own goal just 10 seconds in to this one.

  5. LOL @ NFFC! Yes, if he can play Wes in midfield, then why not a winger/striker at left back!!!

  6. Nice youtube action there, maybe one for the future..

  7. I do find it strange that Forest sign someone from non league and don’t make any press announcements and there is no mention on the official site. It was the same for that Richard Tait that we signed from Curzon in December. There is no mention of either player on the Forest website. Is it out of fear of criticism from supporters that it is not big name signings?

  8. Call me a saddo but I sought out an answer on my question above from Forest. I recieved an email response this morning from Frazer Richardson, Forest’s press officer. He also does the interviews on Forest World which I think are very good. He said…

    ‘We have not reported the signing of Gareth McCleary on our official website because it has not taken place, contrary to reports which appear to originate from Bromley. If a deal is concluded, we will report the facts on the official site.

    As for Richard Tait, I must admit he slipped under our radar as he joined our Academy squad. I can only apologise for that.’

    So there you go. Now I can sleep at night!

  9. Bugger! Top tenacity on the research front, though!

  10. Thanks, I hope the deal goes through for the lad and hopefully he will turn out to be another Birtles /Woan / Crosby etc..

  11. I’m a Bromley FC fan and I’m stunned that he’s signed for you. He’s not bad, looks pretty good in our league but it’s a awful long way off league 1!

    I’m not sure of his age, but can confirm he plays more often on the right of midfield and is very attack minded. When played up front he’s not as much of a threat as his main asset is his pace. He can finish at the end of a mazy run too!

  12. Cheers Dave! It would appear it’s uncertain as to whether we have signed the lad or not!

  13. He’s done a good job for us up front on occasions but he is def a winger who can operate on the right or left. I agree with the above comment from david marsh that the CS league is well off league 1 but “not bad” is a big understatement as it was plain to see he was way to good for that league hence the attentionn he was getting from scouts. One for the future as I think he’s just turned 20

  14. I’m a 16 year old boy who has lived down the road from gareth for my hole life… an how can alot of you judge this player ? along with the likes of dexter Blackstock(QPR) Chris Hackett(MILLWALL) Dean Whitehead(SUNDERLAND) and meany more of them now estableshed Prem And Football League First team players all making names for them selfs in the footballing world… Gareth was a member of loads of school an club football sides back here in oxford an you can ask all of his old team mates he was the one who stood out if you take a look at this( ) your see that forest have made a rather good young tallent whos came from the bottom an deserves every success in the future !!

  15. chris hackett dean white head and dexter all came from oxford uniteds youth with gareth started his young footballing days at when we had a rather succesfull youth development !!


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