Tyson’s outburst!

I managed to miss the post-match interviews on saturday, being in a bit of a sulk myself after another disappointing showing on our travels – so it wasn’t until this evening before BBC Nottingham‘s matchtalk programme that I heard Nathan Tyson’s post-match interview.  Tys lays into the referee for a series of baffling decisions, albeit in a pretty level-headed and logical manner.

My first instinct was “Hmm, that’s not the most sensible thing in the world to do, Nath.” – I mean, referees never change their minds after the event, and indeed, they can’t.  Post-match comments have certainly been known to land referees in hot water with the powers that be, but I’ve never been aware of a player getting in trouble over such comments – let’s hope that the equivalent of touchline bans, ie. suspensions, can’t be applied to players in this situation.

Although the more I ruminate over it, the more I think I approve of seeing a bit of passion in our players.  It’s true that poor refereeing decisions – nor even a series of them – can gloss over what was, by all reports from media and fans alike, a shit performance from the boys in Red – but whilst it does remain an unprofessional outburst, it is nice to hear that the players care like we do.

That said, if you’re reading Nath, you’re probably best off being a wee bit more diplomatic in the future – you can be rest assured that shit referees will get all the abuse they deserve from us fans, because frankly we can’t afford to be running the risk of players picking up bans.

As an aside, the Football Fans Census are running a series of awards for football fanzines, including a category for ‘best blog’ – now Forest are blessed with a number of excellent bloggers, and my good self of course – who I wouldn’t be so arrogant to classify thusly.  So if you’d like to show your appreciation for either this site or one of the many others (see my Links Page for a number of them), then please do feel free to hotfoot it over to the Nomination Page and offer your support to your fanzines or blogs of choice.

Back on topic, if you want to hear Nathan’s comments after the game, then check out the BBC Nottingham listen again page – either the Matchday feed or the Matchtalk feed should work (when the Matchtalk feed has been updated, as obviously it’s only just finished airing live).

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