Swindon outplay sorry Forest in the rain…

Swindon Town – 2
Nottingham Forest – 1

It’s not very often your players can score all three goals in a game, but you still lose – but that’s precisely what happened, and precisely what dropped Forest back into third place in the league.  Of course, that implies Swindon were in some way lucky, which was not the case – they were, to quote one of the comments left on the blog prior to me getting around to a match report, “quicker to the ball,accepted the conditions,were better motivated and were up for it.”

It’s not exactly an unfamiliar report to come back with Forest on their travels, which is slightly worrying.  The conditions were basically some kind of mudbath, with plenty of rain falling onto already sodden ground -and it was the home side better prepared/more willing/more likely to be able to slog through these conditions – with Forest more likely to be found mincing around complaining that their hair might get frizzy in all the wet.

12 minutes into the game was when the first was crafted for the home side, Billy Paynter heading just wide.  Swindon became more dominant as the half went on and produced the second chance of the game when Paynter was able to squirm his way past Matt Lockwood and shoot from 6 yards, only to be denied by a save from Forest ‘keeper Paul Smith.  Shortly after Smith again was on hand to deny the dangerous Paynter from close range.

The goal came from a freekick conceded on the edge of the box by Arron Davies for handling the ball.  It was played into the box by Jon-Paul McGovern and ended up giving Swindon the lead they deserved via some kind of defection from James Perch.  Forest kind of responded by at least creating an opportunity towards the end of the half, a looping header from Grant was goalbound by intercepted by the Swindon keeper, who then dropped the ball but recovered before Commons could get to the lose ball.

The second half game, and alas Forest weren’t able to pull one of those “shit first half, great second half” games out of the bag.  It was Swindon who started strongly, playing to the conditions whilst Forest laboured and lost possession all too easily.  Wes decided to pass the ball to the amusingly named Blair Sturrock, who fortunately blazed over – probably still bemused as to how his opportunity had come about.

Commons appeared to pick up an injury before being replaced by Nathan Tyson – it’s good to see Tys back, but this isn’t the kind of game where he’s going to thrive, now is it?  However, we did equalise against the run of play – a Davies corner was delivered to the back stick where Luke Chambers was on hand to nod in a long overdue goal considering how many he seemed to put away at the start of the season.

 Swindon retook the lead almost immediately, on any other day Blair Sturrock’s effort would’ve gone in – but it was held up in the mud giving Wes a chance to clear the danger.  This sparked some kind of reaction to from the Forest bench, which I’m unclear about, but did see Julian Bennett manage to get booked without even getting onto the pitch, which is both an achievement and an interesting bit of trivia.

The lead could have been Forest’s shortly after this, Cohen was unlucky with an effort just wide from 20 yards.  But well, we know how this story ends from the first paragraph.  Again it was a cross from McGovern, the Forest defence and utter shambles, and an Ian Breckin downward header was to give the three points to Swindon – what a bunch of complete and utter arse.

McGugan did well to put the ball through to Grant, who couldn’t control it so crossed in to nobody at all.  Shortly after there were fairly lame calls for a penalty when Tyson went down under a challenge, Tyson was then booked for arguing about it.  Fired up, Tyson could have equalised in stoppage time but for an excellent intervention from Swindon’s Jamie Vincent.  The final play was a corner from Cohen which Morgan connected with but alas couldn’t quite find the target.

Must. Do. Better. Forest.

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  1. Where do I start,

    All I can say is, I knew we would lose this game yesterday once the team was announced. I was proved right.

    The frightening thing is, I am not the manager of Nottingham Forest so why couldn’t he see it?

    Three points are now vital on Wednesday, however we will probably lose. He will play the same players out of position, one up front, sit back and hope to nick a goal etc etc blah blah

    By the time we play Millwall we could be 9 points off Swansea. With the same number of games played. They have crewe at home on Tuesday.

    This is far to familiar to last season and if we don’t go up this season then CC can pack his bags, he should have done this after Yeovilgate in my opinion, ideally he would do that now because I am sick to death of spineless performances away from home. Shit tatics and team selection.

    Thank god I don’t waste my money now following them all over the country. I just feel sorry for the die hard fans who do and who got soaked on yesterday watching that pile of shit.

    Rant over, heres to the playoffs.

  2. i agree mr B,
    best defender Wilson left on the bench!
    clingan injured so he plays perchy in midfield and not lennon, who would be able to keep the ball at least.
    CC makes good signings and generally says the right things, and has us playing good stuff at home (most of the time). however, wrong team picked today, and the stuff he said on the radio afterwards was totally at odds with how colin fray called it!
    this is beginning to look very much like last season, and i doubt forest would have the balls to go through the playoffs! especially if lennon leaves.
    i hope i’m wrong

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