Best: “Please release me, let me go…”

The mongerer of rumours who were saying Best was keen on a move to Forest seem to have been speaking at least some of the truth.  Best apparently put in a transfer request at Coventry City – as a result he was left out of their squad of 16 at the weekend.  Although Iain Dowie has stated that he recommended to the board that this request should be denied, it’s a good indication that Best is keen to join his hometown club with no other clubs publically showing an interest in him.

It should be an interesting week.  Dodgy-dealing Coventry have only just been reported to have actually paid for the wantaway striker, having a transfer-embargo placed upon them until this was resolved.  Given that they were clearly having issues with their finances, and that we were reported to be offering more than they paid for Best, I would have thought there should have been some kind of intervention to enable us to get our man, Coventry to pay their debts, and all to be well with the world.

So perhaps this protracted pursuit by Smoulderwood and the Forest board might actually yield fruit.  If I remember rightly we had a lengthy process in signing Agogo, and certainly Cohen was a player we were interested in long before attaining his services – indeed, further back in time the Marlon King saga seemed to take forever as well.  Generally speaking, once a player publically states he wants to leave, then it’s likely he will do so – let’s just hope it’s to us!

Here’s the official confirmation of the transfer request.

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  1. good lad leon. With more and more home boys in the squad, the team spirit will hopefully increase and provide better performances on the pitch. Bennett, Morgan, Wilson, McGugan, Commons, Best?

  2. Lets hope you are right NFFC!

    Its been a shit weekend otherwise……losing 2-1 to Swindon and losing out on £1.25m on the King deal!

  3. How is it that we managed to miss out on the King Thing?

  4. He failed a medical on his right knee.

    I also read that Ipswich are lining up a move for Best, with a figure of £1.5m quoted.

    Deep joy.

  5. well i’m unconvinced by Best at the moment, clearly Forest are clear in their intensions and now it seems that Best IS wanting a move away from Cov.
    Time is not something Forest have so maybe acting now not later to resolve to upfront problem is wise.

  6. Just found this on the net regarding a potential signing:
    Last Pick a Flier FOR TORONTO FC


    January 21, 2008

    TORONTO — Toronto FC had an excellent Major League Soccer SuperDraft on Friday and it could be even better if their final pick, an admitted gamble, Joe Lapira of Notre Dame, decides to sign a contract.

    Lapira, 21, is training with Nottingham Forest of England’s League One and has expressed an intention to play in Europe. His mother is Irish, and last May he was a late substitution for Ireland in a 1-1 draw in an exhibition game with Ecuador.

    In another development, an offer was made to goalkeeper Josh Wagenaar, 22, of Grimsby, Ont., who has been released by his club in Holland, but so far nothing has developed. During the summer, Lapira had a trial with Rangers of the Scottish Premier League that was cut short by a leg injury. Toronto head coach Mo Johnston spoke to Lapira on the morning of the draft and also has talked to those who have coached him before making him the 35th pick overall.

    Lapira would have gone high in the draft if he had not expressed his desire to play in Europe. By drafting him, Toronto FC holds his MLS rights through 2009.
    He scored 41 goals for Notre Dame and was the top National Collegiate Athletic Association player in 2006 and a finalist in 2007 for the award won by O’Brian White of Scarborough, Ont., playing for the University of Connecticut.

    “Is it a crapshoot, 100 per cent,” Johnston said. “He’s over at Nottingham Forest, he’s training. Will we sign him? Who knows? I’ve taken a 50-50 gamble on it.”

    Lapira, who is listed as 5 foot 8 and 150 pounds, is from Lake Charles, La.

    If he stays in England, it would still be a good draft for Toronto because it was a surprise that UConn defender Julius James was still available by the time it made its first pick, No. 9.”

  7. ”Is it a crapshoot, 100 per cent,” – Says it all really!
    So much for the policy of signing Nottingham born players…

    The next 9 games include promotion rivals Carlisle, Orient, Swansea and Leeds, Milwall home and away and a tricky trip to Bournemouth (fighing for their lives and we have not won there in the last 2 seasons).

    I’d say that by the end of February we will have a very good idea whether we are actually automatic promotion contenders or play off hopefuls. Here’s hoping!!!

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