Another target, and a proposed new bank holiday?

There’s whispers around the place that, given the ongoing Leon Best saga (which some quarters are suggesting might not be being wholly accurately reported in the papers), Forest do actually have other plans.  Hoskins of Watford, formerly of Rotherham fame, is the whispering I’ve heard – in a loan deal.  We probably have leverage with Watford right now, given that Marlon King’s likely transfer will incur a sizeable sell-on fee, so it could have some legs.

Vaguer whispers have made mention of a ‘blow your mind’ loan signing, which I don’t think Hoskins – whilst he’s certainly a decent player and proven at this level – qualifies as.  Of course, this just takes me back to a certain Mr Joe Kinnear and his constant claims of being about to land a ‘blow your socks off’ signing, so I shan’t be getting particularly excitable and retain my overall air of cautious cynicism when it comes to any kind of Forest transfer dealings!

And like any good news bulletin (news? it’s just rumour peddling, man!), we should finish with something more lighthearted.  There are regularly campaigns for a new national holiday, because frankly our dear Government doesn’t give us enough time off for good behaviour – what better candidate to vote for than a John Robertson day on 20th January?  Need some convincing?  Then click here and find out more – you know it makes sense!

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  1. I’m all for Robbo Day. It’s my birthday too – and Colin Calderwoods..

  2. Whilst Robbo Day is a huge improvement on “Community Day”, there is no way either should go through before St George’s day, how it is that England doesn’t have this day off by now I don’t know.

  3. Feh, St. George was Greek, wasn’t he? Robbo is much more worthy!!

  4. Intersting. I work for Thomas Cook, which is currently campaigning for an extra bank holiday. But they aren’t being specific about when or what it’ll be called.

  5. He wasn’t Greek, was he?
    I feel cheated now. Every year I’ve been hanging out the flags and bunting for that man.
    Oh well, St Colin of Calderwood it is then!

  6. Congo, no no no. As an employer, Bank Holidays are the bane of my life. So I may start a campaign to reduce the bloody things. BAH!

  7. Back to the rumour – Hoskins is, like so many of our players and transfer targets, a Nottingham boy.

    When I was back in our fair city over Xmas, I did see a BMW with a number plate reading “WHOSKNS” (or something like that) near my in-laws’ house – apparently his folks live near there. I don’t know if he was a Forest supporter or not, can anyone shed any light on this?

    I would be pleased if we do sign him, but am not holding my breath – there would be a lot of other clubs (some in the division above us) who would also be interested…

  8. Re: Hoskins yeah youre right its a White BMW M3 seen him in it on my estate in Nuthall three times since xmas,

  9. Ta for the plug for Robbo Day. The bandwagon is rolling. There are millions of us lining up behind the idea. Sooner or later the government will concede this demand to avoid revolution.

    On the Marlon K thing, anyone remember how hefty the sell-on fee is?

  10. Totally unrelated…….I see 4 Sadpies fans have been banned for life following the pitch invasion when they played us at Meadow Lane last time.

    Notts management must be gutted – this represents a quarter of their fan base!!!!

  11. Notice that Leon Best is not in the Coventry 16 today. He’s not injured either…

  12. Swindon were quicker to the ball,accepted the conditions,were better motivated and were up for it!!!Is colin Calderwood going to tell us he didn”t do his job properly or have the players decided they will win every game at home and that should be enough to get them up…It will be interesting to see them get 3 points frrom any team that comes with blanket defence and man marking…p.s. Well done to those of you who endured a soaking in Swindon to support theReds!!!!!!I hope the players apppreciate you and it would be nice to see one of the players AND the Manager admit they have let everyone down but will make up for it at milwall !!!!!!!Let’s HOPE !!!!!!!!!

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