Another target, and a proposed new bank holiday?

There’s whispers around the place that, given the ongoing Leon Best saga (which some quarters are suggesting might not be being wholly accurately reported in the papers), Forest do actually have other plans.  Hoskins of Watford, formerly of Rotherham fame, is the whispering I’ve heard – in a loan deal.  We probably have leverage with Watford right now, given that Marlon King’s likely transfer will incur a sizeable sell-on fee, so it could have some legs.

Vaguer whispers have made mention of a ‘blow your mind’ loan signing, which I don’t think Hoskins – whilst he’s certainly a decent player and proven at this level – qualifies as.  Of course, this just takes me back to a certain Mr Joe Kinnear and his constant claims of being about to land a ‘blow your socks off’ signing, so I shan’t be getting particularly excitable and retain my overall air of cautious cynicism when it comes to any kind of Forest transfer dealings!

And like any good news bulletin (news? it’s just rumour peddling, man!), we should finish with something more lighthearted.  There are regularly campaigns for a new national holiday, because frankly our dear Government doesn’t give us enough time off for good behaviour – what better candidate to vote for than a John Robertson day on 20th January?  Need some convincing?  Then click here and find out more – you know it makes sense!