The secret diary of Terry the kitman.. part one

It’s rare to get a true insight into the inner workings of a football club, but we’ve been lucky enough to stumble upon just such a thing.  Hopefully we shall be able to find more in the future!

Disclaimer time: this is, of course, entirely a work of fiction – largely for my own amusement.  Any resemblance between the characters portrayed, and any real person – be they an employee of Nottingham Forest or otherwise, are entirely coincidental!

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  1. quality!

  2. Heh, like the bit about Commons. I smell the beginnings of a series …

  3. Quiet day on the news front, was it NFFC? 🙂

  4. Every day’s a quiet news day these days! I’ve been wanting to immortalise Terry the Kitman for some time actually, I just finally got around to it!

  5. Christ thats so like Forest good first half, mediocre second but ultimately so end up with a grin on your face.

    OK, the 1st/2nd half bit is arse-about-face but you get the point 🙂

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