So what is plan C, Forest?

It would appear that Plan A was getting Leon Best from Coventry.  Now, some people still seem relatively convinced that this chase might not be as pointless as it would first appear – as far as I know, Coventry haven’t yet paid for the striker, or not completely, and despite an apparent takeover still have dodgy finances.  It’s true Best has spoken of his contentment being there, but he’s bound to say that, isn’t he?  It’s no good saying “COME AND GET ME, FOREST!” only for the transfer to fall through, now, is it?

So perhaps Plan A is still active, but it does make me nervous.  We all know the old adage about putting all of your eggs in one basket, which is why perhaps the out-of-the-blue appearance of a Plan B had softened this nervousness a tad amongst the Forest-supporting world.  Plan B of course was Paul Taylor, a none league striker we took on trial, and who apparently impressed in a reserve appearance by both scoring and creating a goal against West Brom.

Word on the street is that Forest did indeed bid for him, they bid £50k to Vauxhall Motors for him.  Exactly the same amount that Chester City bid for him fairly recently, exactly the same amount that Vauxhall Motors flatly refused, valuing the player more highly.  Of course, we can’t be sure of the numbers – but if true then it’s not exactly the first time we’ve come some way short of meeting a valuation of player and allow them to sign elsewhere (Edwards to Wolves from Luton being a very recent example).

Taylor is now apparently on trial with Leeds United, who seemingly hoover up all the kind of players that we’re meant to be on the lookout for.  That said, whilst the cat and mouse game Forest tend to play with targets is irksome, I think I marginally prefer this to the apparent scattergun approach that Leeds have to signing anyone and everyone.  Much of their success so far this season is based upon a fairly tight and talented squad – such an influx of players in January could upset the applecart.

And so, I’m hoping that we do have a Plan C just incase.  I have no idea nor inside knowledge about the Best saga – certainly I haven’t written off the possibility of him still moving to the City Ground just because he’s spoken of being content at his current club.  He’d be a fool to say anything otherwise whilst any potential move is not confirmed – but well, whilst I admire Forest for pursuing their preferred target – if we don’t get him, then we do need to get a striker in.

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  1. Sky Sports say a 3rd bid for Best for £1.1m has been turned down. Talk about persistent!!!,19528,11095_3052559,00.html

  2. Don’t panic chaps, I see we’re making a bid for Hoskins. Should get him at the 4th attempt for 1.5million just in time for the play-offs!

  3. Sorry but I don’t think there is a plan C. Note we have had lots of propoganda about our excellent reserves in recent weeks and it may well be that Sinclair, Thornhill etc do make an impact like McGugan last year. If we are honest, even with no additions at all, we should still go up. Agogo will be back in a month, Tyson hopefully back this weekend. Grant Holt looked really good on Saturday playing in his proper position and also Davies / Commons can be pushed up if needed. With Sinclair (and still Dobie at the moment!) in reserve, we aren’t exactly short of options up front.

    CC clearly is being typically prudent with his cash. In some respects that is good, but it is frustrating. I am happy for nobody to come in, as long as we ensure there isn’t a repeat of last season when the squad was suddenly weakened at the end of the transfer window.

  4. I agree with Barrow Red: IMHO, we don’t need another striker. FFS, we’ve p!ssed around playing 4-5-1, 4-4-2, 4-3-3 and anywhere and everywhere inbetween so far this season with any number of different personnel. Commons has spent more time plying his trade up front than as a midfielder, let alone as a winger which is what it says on his CV (he left off the pie eating egomaniac bit).

    And we’ve not exactly been unsuccessful with this approach, have we?

    What have we actually seen of Davies this term? I think the most pleasure we’ve gotton from him is his sudden need for a toilet break during the Southend game. Flatters to decieve me thinks.

    Flog him, don’t buy Best, convert McGugan into a right winger and we’ve got cash in the bank to spend on a decent Championship standard striker to replace Agogo (who will become our super sub) for when we go up.

    Christ this football malarky is easy. Why aren’t we all managers? 😉

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