Orient’s keeper has a big mardy!

Dearie me.  I’d be the first to admit that Grant has a propensity to collapse under minimal contact, but to have a big whinge about it is rather silly.  Let’s face it, Mr Goalkeeper, there clearly was contact – and if you’re silly enough to dive at the feet of an onrushing player and miss the ball, it’s kinda inevitable that he will go to ground. 

You should count yourself lucky you’re not looking at a suspension as well, as even if the offence itself were a booking, the big fat whinge-athon you and your teammates entered into could have illicited another one.  If you feel really hard done to, then take a look what happened to us on New Years Day, take a look at the two potential penalty claims in the first half for a foul on Commons, and a hand ball.  Then shut up moaning! 😆

His comments are here, for those of you fancying a nice helping of sour grapes.

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  1. I’ve look at it again on Virgin Media and he definitely clipped Grolt. Yeah OK Grolt took full advantage but any forward worth his salt is going to go down like a sack of spuds once touched in the penalty area. Your New Years Day comment, NFFC, is a perfect example!

    Could maybe understand the whinge if his team had lost 1-0 but what about the other 3 goals , bloody mardy arse???????

    Get over it!

  2. Sour Grapes, Clutching at staws, bad losers, Cliche after cliche could be used. Forest deserved the 3 points well done you Tricky Tree’s

  3. From my seat ( left of lower trent) it was a cast-iron penalty. But…I could also understand the ref not sending the ‘keeper off, ball going away from goal and defenders getting back quickly. Having said that Kelvin got sent off for their guy diving, so who knows?!
    The thing that bothers me most though is the constant whinging and whining of these players. I know it’s gone on in the professional game since Fergie took over at Man U but it seems to be getting worse. Dissent = booking. Surround the ref and the Captain gets booked. Do it twice and you’re off.
    Football is my game, but I really do wish the PFA would do something about it and follow Rugby’s example.

  4. Heh heh you can tell there’s Forest fans behind, the looks on their faces are class!

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