Taylor to sign next week?

According to the Nottingham Evening Posts – with quotes from Smoulderwood and everything – Forest are likely to sign Vauxhall Motors striker Paul Taylor next week.  The striker is playing in a cup tie against Burton today, and will travel back to Nottingham on Sunday where presumably all the details will be sorted out.  It would seem strange to come out with comments such as these to the local paper, if you weren’t sure about it:

“We like him, we want to bring him back to the club, he is scheduled to join up with us again on Sunday, because Vauxhall play Burton in the FA Trophy today.

“He gave a good performance for the reserves, he looked as though he could calmly score goals – as he did in the first minute.

“He is a goal scorer and plenty of clubs have taken people from obscurity before and suddenly they look good. He has aggression, he has a bit of pace about him. He is not quite as good as some people think, but he is certainly a prospect.

“The way he scored his goal raised a few eyebrows in the stadium at Kidderminster, straight away people were asking who he was.  He gave a nice performance but ran out of legs a bit. The question is what he would be like after a pre-season and a bit of full-time training – but that is the exciting prospect. There would be a fee involved in bringing him here.”

So all positive stuff, with a veiled warning about perhaps the players fitness levels, which isn’t surprising.  Although given increasing a bid for Leon Best, it would seem that Smoulders doesn’t think that Taylor could be the sole answer to our problems up front, and indeed, I agree with him.  But at least we are seeing something approximating news of an incoming transfer!  Vauxhall’s manager was quite magnanimous about the whole thing:

“I hope he goes this month for his sake – although not for mine, his future is not here at Motors. He should be playing in the Football League and sooner rather than later. He did really well at Forest and I hope he can get sorted soon.”

So all that remains is, do we trust the Evening Post?… Hmm…

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  1. From what Calderwood said in a post match interview we are going in again 3rd time for Best next week. Interested in your comments.

  2. Best for a 3rd time??? We must really want him. So how much is not silly money for Best in CC’s eyes.

    Do we really need another striker after todays performance? Yes!! Don’t be so suprised because we won 4-0 doesn’t mean things are great. We need something to give other teams food for thought, never mind that – Best was hauled/taken off on 71mins today, Coincidence?

    As for the kid, why not? He ain’t costing much & could be another option up front towards the end of the season if your looking for a wild card.

    Great result today and if Leeds lose on Mon, oh yes!!!

  3. Just read that Taylor is having a trial at Leeds this week so looks like Forest have messed it up again.

  4. I suppose there are three possibilities…

    1. Forest messed it up again (certainly not impossible)
    2. Forest decided he didn’t quite cut the mustard – although suggestions from the Post wouldn’t back that up.
    3. Forest have backed out upon securing another target (or thinking they have).

    Sadly, I know which one I feel is the more likely 😦

  5. This suggests that we were only prepared to stump up 50k for him which is the same as they already rejected from Chester.


    That could be just b*llshit from the Leeds website though as there is no confirmed source of our 50k bid? It seems quite stingy given that we are willing to pay a million for Leon Best – who doesn’t seem particularly bothered about leaving Cov anyway!

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