Increased Best bid knocked back?

After being knocked back by Coventry, we’ve apparently had another increased bid (suggested to be as much as £1m!) for Leon Best rejected.  The Nottingham Evening Post suggesting that the striker is keen on the move, but given the recent injury to Leon Mackenzie it’s likely that the Sky Blues aren’t keen to lose another striker, albeit for what I consider to be a more than fair price.

In the world of former players, Watford have amazingly turned down a £4m bid for Marlon King.  Now this is of interest to us because when we allowed him to leave for peanuts there was a sell-on clause inserted in the conditions of the deal.  This means we’ll be in for a slice of whatever Watford get, which might be why they seem to be rather over-valuing him.  Hopefully Fulham come back with a bigger offer and we get a bit of cash.

The other news of note was that our speculative bid for Edwards from Luton was trumped with aplomb by Wolves; we’re reported to have offered a fairly paltry £175k whereas Wolves offered around £675k to secure his services.  I’m not so concerned about this as some – he’s a decent player, but in a position where we already have depth – so if we could get him for a bargain price, then great – but if we’re talking higher fees, I would rather us be looking at buying strikers.

Of course, as anyone could have predicted, we haven’t signed anybody in time for the game against Leyton Orient tomorrow – so have a frontline consisting of Grant, Dobie or Sinclair to look forward to.  If that doesn’t do enough to whet your appetite, then the most exciting news Forest could muster today is that Julian Bennett is making some exclusive revelations in today’s programme… as if that’s going to make me want to buy the over-priced rag!

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  1. pssst.

    It’s Leon Mackenzie that’s injured. Constantine plays for Leeds.

  2. Duh! Thanks for that – too my Leons for my liking!:lol:

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