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Last January I kept getting in trouble at work due to sneakily checking the newsfeeds for signs of transfers.  I was incredibly well-versed in every rumour, every supposed bid, every bit of ‘inside knowledge’ that numerous characters on the numerous forums posted.  Frankly, I became completely obsessed – even moreso than usual – with every scrap of information that came from the City Ground, or even outside.

It’s perhaps a sad indictment, or maybe a sign that I’m a bit busier this year, but I haven’t really been checking that much at all.  I try to keep tabs on the rumours where I can, and probably check the news feeds a couple of times a day… but it’s not with that mounting sense of anticipation or excitement, it’s with a growing sense of inevitability that such glances will not yield any news whatsoever.

Is this some kind of conditioning?  Even the reassuring “we must strengthen in January” messages that came from Messrs Arthur and Smoulderwood didn’t really enthuse me, after last January – even given the decent business we did in the summer – I guess subconsciously I’ve utterly refused to allow myself to get remotely excited by the prospect of the mid-season transfer window.

Plenty of folk are getting wound up though, a third of the way into the month – we’ve had a couple of bids on players, Best from Coventry (again!), and Edwards from Luton.  We’ve got a player on trial from non-league in Paul Taylor from Vauxhall Motors – we’ve been linked with all manner of players, Neil Danns (shock, horror!) obviously features again – but the list of players being mentioned on the forums is pretty long – Matty Fryatt, Dougie Imrie, Jason Bradley, Zander Diamond, James Coppinger – even Gregor Rasiak and Marlon Harewood on loan!

The fact that Agogo is away at the African Nations Cup is not new news – and frankly, that alone was reason enough to ensure a striker was secured as soon as possible.  Once Tyson was injured in December, then that became all the more pressing.  Unless Dobie is suddenly going to shock us with a run of goals, or Sinclair has returned from his loan spell suddenly ready for first team action, then we are looking rather thin on options up front.  Well, not thin, as it’s Holt – who’s looking anything but thin!

So I can understand the frustrations many fans are voicing around the web – Leeds have signed plenty of players, perhaps not players I would choose for us – but they’ve shown that they’ve identified targets, and done the groundwork prior to the window to ensure they get players in quick.  We don’t seem ever to do that – we seem to waste time chasing targets who’ve already turned us down, it’s very frustrating.

Therefore I’ve opted to not hunt high and low for that elusive “inside information” that has so far eluded me, I can’t be arsed to sift through the pages of crap that some people seem to find a need to post on internet forums regardless of reality.  I’m going to wait for Forest to confirm a signing – or not, and leave it at that.  Make no mistake though, if we don’t strengthen our squad in this transfer window I find it hard to imagine us achieving promotion this season – and that is unacceptable.

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  1. Amen to that.

  2. Still think we’ll sell instead.

  3. Looks like Taylor and Sinclair…..Could do worse..I think…I’ll be glad for the end of the season and confirmation we are up!!! I don’t think my nerves could stand the dreaded play offs again..

  4. I’m always more fearful of players leaving rather than excited by possible signings at this time of year.

    But then, I am a grumpy, miserable old bugger!

  5. Why is it that in all pictures of clocks the time is always 10 past 10?

  6. Im getting slightly worried BUT Smoulders does like to keep his powder dry and conduct his transfer business outside the glare of the media spotlight (if he remains true to form) so maybe we shouldnt all fret just yet.

    I personally dont think the Danns or Best thing have yet run their full course…..

    As for the clocks Dan, its a symetry thing!!

  7. Oh I see we let a defender out on loan again, Moloney to Chesterfield (again them) for a month. Bastinas also on loan, & our reserves thumping the goals in and the fans crying for a striker. Coincidence, nah, just CC’s not willing to put his £ where his mouth is. All this blah blah about youth & so & so & sends them out for experience, they come back & off they go again. Throw them on the bench & take a chance when it’s possible or even not. Now Birmingham have stolen our Coach maybe it’s a sweatener for something or another set-up.

    Oh well, somethings gonna come….

  8. Quote from CC in NEP on 8th Jan…

    ‘Anyone who comes here has to have the desire to come here. They are not going to get a golden pay-off to come here. We want players to have an ambition to play here.’

    Talk about contradicting yourself! Why the f*ck has he bid £1m for Leon Best who chose to go to Coventry instead of us in the Summer? And why persist with chasing Neil Danns who has reportedly turned us down twice already?

    These players didn’t want to play for us then so we don’t want them!

  9. Hmm. I’ve been away for a few days, and haven’t had sky/internet/nep. Am I correct in reading now that we haven’t signed ANYBODY?? No offence to the young lad from non-league, but fucking hell we don’t have a striker worth 2 fucks available tomorrow. Jesus what is our club coming to.
    On a more positive note… I wrote some time ago that Dave Watson (goalie coach) wasn’t worth his wages. The reason being a while ago Smith had a crisis of confidence and refused to throw the ball out to the defenders when he had ample opportunity to do so. It was as though he was told to hoof it high and hard, and as we all know in this division that simply results in a huge centre-half heading it straight back. So although Smudgers distibution has been 100% better recently, I’m not too disappointed to see Watson go. Don’t know much about this new chap from Donny mind you. Personally I would have thought it was worth offering Big Norm the job (good back-up, too) or even Paul Gerrard.
    Ho hum, if we fuck up tomorrow maybe CC will take the Scotland job and we’ll get Allardyce.
    Radgie, we can be miserable old buggers together!

  10. Allardyce? Did you not learn your lesson when we took on Megson? The reason CC struggles to win over our fickle support base is that he is too negative, too defensive. What makes you think Allardyce would be any different?

    Our club has a history in recent seasons of making bids for players we know we aren’t going to get. The cynical side of me wonders whether this is the club’s way of appeasing the supporters (to show they are ‘trying’). Cue another bid for Billy Sharp next week which will be turned down (yawn). There are enough good players in Division One and Two who would jump at the chance of joining us – if the club were really that bothered about making new signings then they would go for them. I see Leeds signed another player today – it can be done!

  11. It was a tongue-in-cheek remark, Barrow. But if CC doesn’t sign a decent striker this month and he fails to get us promoted then we WILL be looking for a new manager. Although there are one or two in these lower leagues who play the ‘football way’, maybe us fickle fans (and yes, I am one, I pay prem prices for this dross) will only be happy if Fergie or Wenger come aboard the good ship Arthur!
    Anyway, chin up, I’m leaving for the City Ground shortly, where I shall sing my heart out for the boys for an hour and a half then grumble about the management on the way back to the car. As usual!

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