Striker situation a step closer to resolution?

In an uncharacteristic drive for efficiency, Forest have taken a young striker on trial from non-league Vauxhall Motors.  His name is Paul Taylor, and he’s been banging in the goals in the Blue Square North league this season.  He featured for our reserves tonight at West Brom, and took a mere 2 minutes to get on the scoresheet, before going on to setup another goal.  We won 5-1 in the end!

Chester City were eyeing him up recently, and had a £50,000 bid rejected for him recently – from the limited amount of information I can find out him on the internet, he’s described as a quick and intelligent striker.  He was released by Manchester City as a youngster, and is known not only for his goalscoring exploits, but his ability to create goals too.

Taking a punt on a non-league player is certainly a gamble, but a relatively cheap one and potentially for large rewards.  Given we released Shaun Wright-Phillips as a youngster and he went on to achieve a huge transfer fee with Manchester City – it would be neat irony if we managed to reverse the situation with this lad.  Of course, it’s more likely not to work out – but I think it’s a gamble worth taking.

Who can think of the last non-league player we gambled on?  I’m struggling to think of anyone more recent than Woany from Runcorn.  So perhaps it’s time we had another bash at it!

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  1. I’m sure Leeds will certainly be pleased they took that gamble with Jermaine Beckford! Paid 50k I believe, and he was recently linked with a £3million move to the sheep.

  2. I believe Gary Crosby was taken from Grantham Town after Forest secured the services of Ian Woan… correct me if I’m wrong.

  3. I’m reasonably sure we already had Meatfly when we picked up Woan… of course, I’m too lazy to look it up!

  4. Wasnt Gary Birtles taken from Long Eaton Town by the Oh Great One?

    And what about Roy Keane from Cobh Ramblers…..perhaps not non League but surely as good as???

    After all the money we’ve pissed up the wall (most of it by Twat Platt admittedly) on shite players then this guy might be worth a punt. However, lets not get too carried away because you can bet your house that all the bigger clubs will have heard about him and not taken up the option.

  5. Why is it that our reserves have been amazing this year. Has anyone seen a reserve game this year?

    The most important thing is how can we transfer this form into our league form!

  6. ”Who can think of the last non-league player we gambled on?”

    Answer – Richard Tait from Curzon Ashton on 5th December 2007! He played at right back for the reserves last night and yes I am a smart arse!

    It looks like we must have a scout in the north West who is making some decent recommendations of non league players.

    I still think we should buy all of Luton Town’s better players as they seem to be better than ours and it may help to save them from going bust!

  7. To N.Ireland red,

    The answer is NO wit hregard to transfering it to the 1st team. Look at the 2 teams over the last 2 seasons since CC took over.

    The reserves walked their way to the title last season, the 1st team collapsed in the play-offs.

    This year, the reserves are 10pts clear of 2nd & a game in hand. The 1st team, well no Christmas collapse this year but inability to win vital games against lower opposition – re Cup games.

    My thought, Pemberton – reserve coach might be moved on if CC doesn’t take us up just like McParland was.

    My hope, CC goes whatever happens & Pemberton takes over. -))

  8. Meatfly already on the books (and skinning Gary Ablett) before Woany sauntered down from oop north.

  9. Something else. Leeds seem to be wrapping deals up, whether on loan or not, us??? what’s the problem?? 8 days and very few new rumours on players coming in.

    Is it CC? or is it the club? It’s not our position, we’re better than Leeds…

  10. yeh whats with the reserves!

  11. Isn’t Gary Bull the last non-league player we took on? Weren’t Barnet outside the league when we got him from there? If I’m right and that is the case, I can only hope that this bloke does somewhat better (not to mention better than the last ‘Taylor’ we had playing upfront!).

  12. I think that Barnet were a league club in those days.

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